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Fullerton Online Teacher Induction Program

Individualized Learning Plan (ILP)

Revised 12.1.17
Directions: The ILP should be completed with Mentor input. Complete blue cells prior to classroom implementation. Complete orange cells after POP Cycle is completed. Cells will expand as
needed. When submitting completed ILP to instructor, please include copies/images of pre/post assessments/directions and the Pre/Post Assessment Data Table.
Section 1: New Teacher Information
New Teacher Email Subject Area Grade Level
Jeff Towning Physical Education 4th grade
Mentor Email School/District Date
Tarbut V’Torah Community Day
Brent Dohling 10/5/18
Section 2: CSTP Areas of Inquiry
Directions: Identify 2-3 CSTP elements for ILP focus. Use most recent CSTP Assessment for Initial Rating. Identify both teacher and student rating for CSTP 1 and 2. See example.
CSTP Element Initial Rating Description Goal Rating Description
T - Guide students to think critically through use of questioning T - Facilitates systematic opportunities for students to apply critical thinking
Promoting critical thinking strategies, posing/solving problems, and reflection on issues in content. by designing structured inquires into complex problems.
T – Applying T – Innovating
1.5 through inquiry, problem S - Students respond to varied questions or tasks designed to promote S - Students pose and answer a wide-range of complex questions and
S – Exploring S - Innovating
solving, and reflection comprehension and critical thinking in single lessons or a sequence of problems, reflect, and communicate understandings based on in depth
lessons. analysis of content learning.

T- Guide students to establish goals to

T- Year by year I will have students build
increase their cardiovascular
Establishing and off of their previous goals to see the
T- strength/endurance by using the proper T-
articulating increase in cardiovascular strength and
Exploring form. Applying
4.2 goals for endurance.
S- S- Establish and articulate realistic, S-
student S- Students will build off of previous goals
Exploring measurable, and appropriate goals for Applying
learning. to see the increase and success they have
cardiovascular strength/endurance
made year by year.
while emphasizing proper form.
T- Guide students to think about how
T- Provides students with opportunities
cardiovascular strength/endurance can
Connecting to think critically about situations in
T- benefit them in everyday life with T-
subject matter everyday life where cardiovascular
Exploring everyday tasks Applying
1.3 to meaningful, strength/endurance is important.
S- S- Students respond to question or task S-
real-life S- Students answer questions and
Exploring and comprehend and think critically Applying
contexts perform tasks that will help in the
about the importance of cardiovascular
application of skills into everyday tasks.
strength/endurance in everyday life.
Section 3: Inquiry Focus and Planning (Attach Pre/Post Assessments and Data Collection Tools)
Inquiry Question Hypothesis Lesson Series Topic Assessments/Data Collection
Pre/Post assessment on
How will the use of technology Students will be able to cardiovascular
in the physical education 1 month unit on physical
improve their form and strength/endurance. Data
setting help to increase fitness components in
improve their cardiovascular collected will be time
student learning outcomes? October and November
strength/endurance. students complete the
half mile.
Focus Students
Directions: Identify three focus students for your inquiry. Identify special characteristics of the students and include performance data. Explain why you have selected them for this inquiry focus.
Do not use actual names of students. (Note: At least one focus student should be an English learner and at least one must have an ILP/504 accommodation. The third is your choice, but please
identify someone that poses an instructional challenge.) Identify expected results for each focus student.
Focus Student 1: English Learner Focus Student 2: Student with ILP/504 Focus Student 3: Your Choice
My English learner is a new student My focus student 2 struggles
who only speaks French. He has no academically and has a hard time
My focus student 3 is an accelerated
aid that comes with him to my class focusing during class. He often
learner and does extremely well in
and he does not understand English. times gets lost because he cannot
my class. While she does extremely
He has actually done quite well with sit for very long and gets distracted
well, I often times find her to be
Performance his fundamental movement concepts, very easily. I typically have to go
more advanced than others and she
but struggles to communicate with his over to him during our activity to
tends to disrupt others at times
peers because no one in the class explain the concepts and learning
because she has already completed
speaks French. With this unit, I plan to goals. He also gets very down on
the assignment, or the learning
use many visuals and the use of apps himself, even when myself or other
goals could be too easy for her.
such as Sworkit kids, and a big timer to student peers encourage him and
help relay to him the proper form of cheer him on.

Individualized Learning Plan, Fullerton Online Teacher Induction Program (FOTIP), 2017 Page 1 of 8
fitness concepts, and so he can see his
time during the half mile.
I expect that this student will
struggle with attaining the proper
form of fitness concepts and time,
I expect this student to improve upon
and I hope to help him with his
his form and time in fitness concepts I expect this student to be able to
social emotional state and to help
as he always has a good attitude obtain the learning goals quite
him understand that the important
despite not being able to easily, but I want to help her to set
Expected Results thing is the process, and trying your
communicate with myself or his peers. accelerated goals, and through
best. My hope is that through
He always has a smile on his face and technology, be an asset to her
technology, he will be more
works very hard in whatever activity fellow peers and not a disruption.
motivated to see a visual of how the
we are doing.
fitness concept should look and by
seeing the timer, he will be able to
see and note his improvements.
Inquiry Lesson Implementation Plan
Administer Pre-Assessment Deliver Lesson(s) Administer Post-Assessment Analyze Results Discuss Results with Mentor
Identify dates for activities.
11/12 11/13 11/26 11/27 11/28
Students will be introduced to fitness concepts and specifically cardiovascular strength/endurance. Class
will be held on the lower school field where students have plenty of space to learn and perform the skill.
After warm-ups, I will explain that the emphasis will be on proper form and to slowly get a better time for
the half mile each week. The skill will first be displayed electronically on the tv in the weight room before
Provide 1-2 sentence we head outside with the sworkit kids app, and a short youtube clip of the world’s best marathon runners
summary of your lesson plan. so that students can visually see the skill being performed. Students will be instructed to run the half mile,
and I will set up a big timer so they can keep track of their pace. After the first half mile, students will chart
their time after their last lap has been completed, and a goal that they will set for themselves to complete
by the end of the unit. They will track their times each time we run the half mile to see the improvements
they’ve made, or the improvements that they need to make.
The process of administering the pre-assessment will be filled out on a sheet of paper that I’ve provided.
They will chart down the time that they completed their first half mile run, and their goal for the end of the
Summarize process for
unit. The post-assessment will also be on the same paper. They will chart their time of the last half-mile
administering and analyzing
pre- and post-assessments. run, as well as if they reached their goal. If students reached their goal, they will explain what things they
did to help them get there. If students did not meet their goals, they will write down what they can do
differently to reach their goals next time.
Section 4: Inquiry Research and Exploration
Research/Professional Learning (Identify two articles that have informed inquiry focus. Provide title, URL or citation, and statement of what was learned.)
Through this article I learned about different apps that I can implement in
This article discusses how technology can change a physical education
Physical Education class, as this article was specifically directed toward
class in a positive way. An example would be students creating and
technology in the physical education setting. The article also talked about
watching best practice videos for physical training or sports. The article
utilizing student-owned devices and wearable technology such as heart
also talks about reviewing sports mechanics videos from professional
rate monitors and talking about items such as fitbits. While my school
athletes or online trainers, and lastly creating health video projects
doesn’t have access to heart rate monitors, this would be a fantastic idea
demonstrating the proper diet and fitness of a healthy individual.
to help students understand their cardiovascular strength/endurance.
Colleagues (Summarize how two colleagues have addressed this issue in their classroom. Identify grade level, subject, and summary of ideas.)
One middle school colleague has addressed this issue by implementing a Another middle school colleague uses 4 students who wear different
big timer at the finish line of their mile run. Students pass the timer about colored pinnies. These students wear heart rate monitors that keep
4 times so they can track their time each time they pass the timer and see track of pacing. On the back of the pinnies are big numbers that other
if they need to increase their pace, or if they are going at the appropriate students can see that coorelate with the pacing of that runner. For
pace for them. Students also fill out a critical thinking question at the example, a student wearing a green colored pinnie with the number 6
completion of their mile run. They perform this every week. will coorelate with the pace of a 6 minute mile.
Special Emphasis: Instructional Strategy, ISTE Standards, NBPTS Core Propositions
Special Emphasis Focus How Special Emphasis will be Incorporated
The special emphasis will be incorporated through the implementation
The special emphasis on this lesson will be from ISTE standard 1a.
of goal setting for students. After students chart their time on their
Articulating and setting personal learning goals; developing strategies
first half-mile run, they will also set a goal for what time they would like
leveraging technology to achieve them; and reflecting on the learning
to be at by the completion of the unit. Students will be able to see on
process itself to improve learning outcomes.
the post-assessment if they ran a better time then the first run, and will

Individualized Learning Plan, Fullerton Online Teacher Induction Program (FOTIP), 2017 Page 2 of 8
be able to see if they’ve reached their goal. If students reach their goal,
they will write down what things they did to help them reach their goal.
If students do not reach their goal, they will write down what things
they can do differently to reach their goal next time.

Section 5: Results and Reflection

Directions: Record Pre- and post- assessment data into Pre/Post Assessment Data Table (see end of document). Include copies/images of pre/post assessments/directions and the Pre/Post
Assessment Data Table with submission.
Pre/Post Assessment Data Analysis Findings for Whole Class Pre/Post Assessment Data Analysis Findings for Three Focus Students
Focus Student 1: This student improved upon his time from the
first run to the last run. The student has been really improving
with his EL learning including writing. His one on one aid has
Every student was different, but I found out through the data and been very helpful in explaining to him what the task is, and
assessments that 7 students were able to improve from their first helps him with his English while writing.
run to the last run, and 6 students did not improve upon their Focus Student 2: This student did not improve upon their time
time. In reading through the reflections, students at least had an from the first to the last run, but this student did do a good job
awareness of some of the reasons that could contribute to their of filling out the reflection sheet and writing down a clear
slower time. Many of the times were not much slower, and my response. I focused on having this student try his best to
goal was for them to understand that what they do outside of maintain a positive attitude and to just complete the run, which
school and how they take care of their bodies has a direct effect on he did.
their cardiovascular endurance and how they can run. Focus Student 3: This student did a great job of improving from
her first time to the last time. She did a good job of staying on
task and accomplishing the run and the worksheet. She is a good
athlete so I was not concerned with her run
Initial Evidence/Rational for Rating
CSTP Element Revised Rating Suggestions for Moving Forward
Rating (Summarize from POP Section 3)
Promoting critical To move to INNOVATING level: Consider how to increase
Teacher asked questions of analysis and evaluation.
thinking through T – Applying T – Integrating complexity of task beyond a single lesson so that there are
1.5 Students answered questions that included all levels of Bloom’s.
inquiry, problem S – Exploring S - Integrating continuing opportunities for students to engage in inquiry in
Students created their own math problems.
solving, and reflection complex problem. How could you extend lesson into PBL?

I think that the students

understood what was expected of
For the next time that I do this unit,
them, and they did a good job of
I think that I would like to come up
writing a S.M.A.R.T. goal. I also
with more engaging activities other
think that throughout this unit, I
then just running a half-mile. There
was able to do a pretty good job of
Establishing are a lot of different activities that
articulating my goals for students
and T- incorporate running, heart function
by the end of the unit. I would
articulating Applying T- Integrating and health, and the muscular
4.2 constantly stress these learning
goals for S- S- Applying system that aren’t just having
goals every class and would provide
student Exploring students run a half-mile. I thought
a variety of strategies for students
learning. students at this level would be a
to obtain the learning goals. I
little more motivated to beat their
thought that the videos and
own times, but I think some of
worksheets about the heart and
them got a little tired of doing the
muscular system tied in well to the
same run more than once.
half-mile goal setting that the
students were taking part in.
I think that I did a good job in I really think that I did a good job to
connecting subject matter to incorporate this unit very close to
meaningful, real-life contexts as our school’s Turkey Trot 5K run in
our schools big Thanksgiving event order for students to get some
Connecting 5K run was the culminating activity training in before the run, and to
subject T- at the end of the unit. I wanted also see how many people get
matter to Applying T- Integrating students to see that a lot of people together to run! I think students
meaningful, S- S- Applying run for fun, clear stress and to keep were a little more motivated on the
real-life Exploring themselves healthy. We had a turn morning of the 5K run because they
contexts out of about 500+ runners saw how many people were there
including many students. I think (500+ people) and it wasn’t just
they were able to take the running at school with their
knowledge of what their bodies are classmates. The only thing that I
doing during physical activity and would do differently next time is
Individualized Learning Plan, Fullerton Online Teacher Induction Program (FOTIP), 2017 Page 3 of 8
specifically running and use it as a incorporate a more engaging
little added motivation to run a running activity where they can still
great 5K run. set a goal, and possibly keep time,
but make it a little more engaging.

Special Emphasis (Skills, Themes, ISTE Standards·Teachers, NBPTS Core Propositions (if applicable)
Results of Incorporation into Lesson Key Learnings and New Skills/Knowledge Developed by Teacher
The theme of this unit was to incorporate how our heart and our
muscular system work so that students can make a connection
between what their bodies are doing when they are taking part in I thought that I would have more students be a little more
physical activity. I used a few pieces of technology including motivated to beat their own times, but I found that while
YouTube videos, a timer for students to track their time, and students did complete the run, they were not as motivated to
quizlet to discuss academic language. I also incorporated beat their previous time as I thought they would be. I think in
worksheets for students to fill out that coorelated with the video the future, instead of having students track their time, that I can
that they were watching in order for them to obtain the learning incorporate teaching about the heart and muscular system with
goals. I thought that it went really well, and students were able to a more entertaining and engaging activity. I wanted students to
make the connection between what their bodies are doing during learn how to set a S.M.A.R.T. goal which they did, but I think
physical activity. Students were very engaged in the video’s, that I could use this with something more engaging then just
worksheets, and the activity time. This unit tied in perfectly with running a half-mile.
our TVT 5K Turkey Trot and 1K Fun Run that took place on
Thanksgiving morning.
Action Items
I incorporated two videos from YouTube that talked about the function and anatomy of the heart including
the four chambers, and why our hearts pump oxygenated blood throughout our bodies. The muscular
For curriculum design, lesson
system video talked about the three types of muscles including the smooth, cardiac, and skeletal muscles. I
planning, assessment
planning created my own lesson plan with these videos, worksheets, collaboration time, quizlet vocabulary games,
etc. The assessment planning was for students to write their reflections from their run on the same sheet
as well as the same sheet that they wrote down their goals for the half-mile.
I use my “galaxies” which is the students seating chart wherever class takes place (outside, gym, weight
room, dance room, etc.) so that students know exactly where to sit every day they come to P.E. I also have
For classroom practice certain cues that I use to get the kids attention when they start to become a little off task. This cue helps to
engrain our school-wide behavioral plan of R.O.A.R.S. which stand for respect, ownership, attitude,
responsibility, sportsmanship/safety.
For the focus students, and specifically my EL learner and student with special needs, I am sure to use their
For teaching English learners, one on one aids to help them acquire the learning goals, but I also use visual aids, videos, and collaboration
students with special needs,
and students with other
time with peers in an effort to help them acquire the learning goals. The student who is an accelerated
instructional challenges learner has a special task of helping those around her and I often give her the title of “assistant coach” so
that she feels she has an important job to help others.
I plan on going to more conferences to help in my pedagogy and specifically go to more conferences that
are Physical education related because it will help me to learn more effective classroom strategies that are
For future professional
tailored specifically to physical education. I also plan to continue to collaborate with students homeroom
teachers to maintain that we are all on the same page in an effort to help struggling students who struggle
academically or social-emotionally.
In the future, I want to plan on implementing a more rigorous classroom environment where I can really
push students to learn more about their bodies and overall health. It is often a challenge when
For future inquiry/ILP incorporating some more rigor because students are so used to getting out and being active as soon as the
class starts, so when we fill out worksheets or talk more academic stuff, they sometimes complain because
it is not as “fun”.
The next POP cycle, I want to see if I can incorporate the same amount of technology into my unit, but with
more engaging activities then having students run a half-mile. I thought it would be a good way for them to
For next POP cycle set a goal through running and connecting it with our heart health, muscular system, and turkey trot.
Students did do a good job with the unit, but I think next time I can be more creative in thinking about how
to incorporate goal setting in P.E.


Other Notes

Individualized Learning Plan, Fullerton Online Teacher Induction Program (FOTIP), 2017 Page 4 of 8
Few examples of Student Work:

Individualized Learning Plan, Fullerton Online Teacher Induction Program (FOTIP), 2017 Page 5 of 8
Pre-/Post- Assessment Data Table follows this document.
Include copies/images of pre-/post- assessments/directions and the Pre/Post Assessment Data Table with submission.

Individualized Learning Plan, Fullerton Online Teacher Induction Program (FOTIP), 2017 Page 6 of 8
Fullerton Online Teacher Induction Program
Individualized Learning Plan (ILP)
Revised 5.1.17
Directions: Record student pre and post scores in this table. Do not use student’s actual names.
New Teacher Email Subject Area Grade Level
Jeff Towning Physical Education 4 Grade
Pre-Assessment Data Range and Average Post-Assessment Data Range and Average
100% of the students were able to set a goal for themselves for
their half mile run, finish the run, and to improve on their time.
9 students did improve their time/ 8 students did not improve
5= students set an appropriate goal and finish the run their time.
4= students set an appropriate goal and almost finished the run
3= students set a semi-appropriate goal and finished the run 5= students improved upon their time
2= students did not set an appropriate goal but finished the run 4= students did not improve their time
1= students did not set an appropriate goal and did not complete
the run
Student Pre-Assessment Score Post-Assessment Score Comments
1. Focus Student: EL 5 5
2. Focus Student: 504/IEP 5 4
3. Focus Student: Teacher Choice 5 5
4. A.P 5 5
5. A.V 5 5
6. M.D 5 5
7. K.B 5 5
8. B.G 5 5
9. D.K 5 5
10. J.Z 5 5
11. T.N 5 4
12. M.Z 5 4
13. E.P 5 4
14. J.G 5 4
15. S.C 5 4
16. S.G 5 4
17. M.R 5 4
Individualized Learning Plan, Fullerton Online Teacher Induction Program (FOTIP), 2017 Page 7 of 8
910111 21314 1516

Individualized Learning Plan, Fullerton Online Teacher Induction Program (FOTIP), 2017 Page 8 of 8