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English class 1--- Second Mid-term (16/10/2018)

 Second midterm is about all the units

o Reported speech:
 reporting verb(suggested recommended) and time expression and modals
where you don’t change anything next Monday-the following, these-that,
day before.
Gerunds and infinitives: how to put two verbs together
Infinitives Gerunds
 Start
 Want  Close
 Beggin
 Mind  Prefer
 Continue  Manage  Enjoy
 Like  Hope  Mind
 Recommend ing  Agree  Keep
general and to  Offer  Admit
someone  Promise  Recommend
 SUGGEST  Need  Paying (forget paying)
 Refuse  Suggest
Four different
 Threatened  Stand
meanings:  Plan, advise  Risk
 Stop, Try,  Arrange 
Forget, Regret,  Long 
remember,  Demand, choose 
 Deserve 
 Mean 
(him to)
 How to join------ I want to close(infinitive); would you mind closing
 Infinitive—because the second verb needs infinitive to be
 Gerund----Second verb needs gerund to be connected
 Look for a Bargain----so lucky to find it.
 Browsing
 Get a Refund
 Afford
 Purchase
 Steal---you don’t feel it
 Gut mug---there is physical aggression
 Shipping time.
 Take back
 Send back
 Be in stock
 Be on sale
 Come out
 Good value for money-----cheep and with a good quality
 Have a guarantee
 Reasonably priced
 Take/send something bac
 Manage---turns out to be easy but at the beginning it seemed impossible;
synonym “get to ” “I don’t know how I got to..”
o Listening:
 Page 95, last time you bought something expensive, how did you decide to
buy it; do you trust online reviews.
o Stop:
 Ing---habit
 Infinitive----second action
o Regret:
 Ing---past
 Infinitive---present or future
o Remember:
 Ing---past (activity)
 Infinitive---present or future
 Object pronoun: (infinitives)
o Let
o Warn
o Invite
 Aske me--- polite request
o Make
 Make me---not polyte.
o Get
 Get me---engañar para que hagas
o Ask
 Plus me----to do it
o Remind
o Tell They are always on infinitive.
o Advise
o Demand
 Prepositions: (ing)
o About
o For
o In
o On
o Up
 Verb to be (infitive)
o Am, is, are, was, were to buy, drink

Classwork Number 2 17/10/2018

 Reporting verbs:
o Admitted
o Advise
o Offered
o Promised
o Refused
o Reminded
o Suggested
o Warned.
 Gerund or Infinitive:
o Infinitive
o Gerunds
o Both:
 Start working or star to work in
o Different meaning:
 Stop
 On working—activity that you just quit
 To work---you have 2 actions, I stop working to get some water
 Stop drinking----never again
 Stop to drink
 Object pronouns---transitive verbs that need an object pronoun to have
 So these verbs like:
o Warn---you, him, her---+Infinitive----not to come whit me
o My mom didn’t let me play
 Preposition----after a preposition you need to put ing (about in)
 I apologize for drinking to much
 I apologize for not coming to your party.
 Question word:
 What, where, when, Why, Who
o I don’t know what to do
 Verb to be:
 It is---she is, he was, they are
 It is important/mandatory/essential TO (INFINITIVE) focusing also
 Subject of a sentence:
 Dancing in the morning
 Speaking english is essential to open doors.
 General specifics----specific reason for the action
 Yesterday I called you to ask you about the homework
 A cellphone is for calling people
 TO---when you have an obligation “I forgot to close the door”
 Remember---to present and future and ING past(I remember working with
you); (I need to remember to do some chores)
 Speaking individual--- One time someone recommended me to buy one kin of computer
which came out to be awfull
o One time someone warned me not to scape English classes.
o One time, I remember I refuse to go on call to the hospital because its was to far
o One time I promised to study buy I didn’t doy cause I am to lazy.
 Vocabulary 98:
o In general
o On the whole
o Normally
o Tends to
o Typically
o Either---2 options you can either go to carolina or to de bicenteranrio……..turn out
(result.—he turned out to be the bad guy)and end up(it ended up me being the
bad guy)
o Whether--- or not 2 options
o Sound vague:
 A couple
 Things
 Sort of
 Love is with both

Classwork 3 (18/10/2018)

 Remove., make., focus, speak., de-stress., practice., relieve., draw out., create.,
 Vocabulary
o Stop
o Prevent
o Trick the person into…gerund
o Persuade to---future she persuaded me to give the test tomorrow; persuade
from---past she persuaded me from buying that magazine
o Boat, ship
o Row—remar
 Police find missing girl.
o Andrea C a 15 years old girl who has been missing since September, was found
yesterday while police were making a raid in nightclub in Riobamba; some of
the workers there called them to inform about some girl with the same
factions that was there with her boyfriend. So they ended up stopping her
from leaving.
 Writing skills:
o Apparently
o Amazingly
o Fortunately
o It seems that
o Incredibly
o Unfortunaly
 Listening: Report the listening:
o Notes: comenting oline 11 from manchester year old boy flew to run on his
own he was shopping with his mother ant the shopping center near
Manchester airport while his mother was seeing something he walked into the
airport he had no money followed a family who was going on hollidaay and
none notice him managed to pass security no one notice he didn’t had a
bording pass and manage to enter with out a ticket let him on he found an
empty sit the crew dindt make the passengers count and the plain took of and
flew too rome and they find him without a passport so he was sent to
Manchester the mother complained and they offered a free ticket and
promised to check their security
o Aparently and 11 year old boy from Manchester flown to Rome all by himself.
Apparently the boy had been shopping whit his mother at the shopping center
near Manchester Airport. It seems that his mother had been seeing something
and the boy had walked away and had entered the airport
o Stiling---had stolen didn’t stop---hadn’t stolen deber: writing don’t report use
ypur own words to make a news shorter 2 pieces of news on each face
o In or on
 In phot
 On flat things
 On tv
 In printed
 In medium, small in black

B: Hello Anita, you know I´ve recently discovered that I NEED TO study the new BLS courses
and that sort of things because I cant RISK losing my internship. I went to my faculty and the
secretary REFUSED TO GIVE ME any information; Would you MIND TELLING me something
about these courses.

A: Yeah sure, I´ve heard about a lot of places that teaches you about BLS, BUT ON THE WHOLE
I RECOMMEND YOU TO VISIT SERCA, which TENDS TO be more organized, updated and they
OFFER TO GIVE you a degree which Is approved by the AHA and a COUPLE OF extra things
which TYPICALLY are very usefull.

B: Thanks. By the way I´ve also heard about a COUPLE OF extra courses they give. Like ATLS,
ACLS and THINGS LIKE THAT. Do you remember the prices?

A: Yes, NORMALLY each course costs 300 dollars or maybe more, but I believe that ON THE
WHOLE is worth it.

English Classwork 4 (23/10/2018)

 Passive voice: is the use of verb to be (was/were)which is simple, the continuous is the
verb to be+ been.
Verb in participle…..object + verb+ complement
o You have an active voice where you have subject+verb+complement(object).
o To switch places you have to respect the tense, if the active voice is in present so
does the passive voice.
o “Carlos finished the book two days ago”---The book was finished two weeks ago by
Carlos.(by is optional just if it is important to the doer to be mentioned).
o Continuous:
 Ex:
 The mechanic is fixing my car.(present continuous)
o My car is being fixed(verb in participle
 Grammar—Relative Clauses:
o Refers to extra information which we give to the sentence, either to decorate the
subject or to define it, they are:
 Which--S
 That--Ob Beginning of these extra information.
 Who--S
 When--S
 Where---Ob
 How—method
 In which---same as where “Loja, in which I was born, is beautiful”---Ob
 Whose—possession.
 Whom--Ob
Can be subject or object
o Can be defining and non-defining---punctuation
 Quito, which is the capital of Ecuador, is my city---because is non-defining
(the use of comas is telling me in the writing that this is non-defining)
 Defining---you don’t use comas, because is important information.


Maria is the girl who I told you about.

-Object---there are two participants---Maria is the one I told you about (he is
the subjet)

 Only then you can omit the presence of relative clause and it doesn´t
affect the meaning.
 Maria is the girl I told you about—Maria is the girl who I told…

Maria who lives next door is the president.

-Subject---there is only one participant

 Impossible to prescind relative clause.

 Examples: 1) give as many relative clauses as you need. 2) Omit the relative
clauses you can. 3) Punctuation where is needed.
o My father is an engineer works in Cuenca:
 My father, who is an engineer, works in Cuenca.
o Cristobal Colon is the person who discovered America died in 1305.
 Cristobal Colon, who is the person who discovered America, died
in 1305.
o The turkey we ate in Christmas was bought in Pronaca
 The turkey we ate in Christmas was bought in Pronaca.
 The turkey that we ate in Christmas was bought in Pronaca.
o María Pérez is in my class is I take to the party.
 María Pérez, who is in my class, is who I´ll take to the party. (is the
person I take to the party )
o Carmita works with my sister is will dance with me.
 Carmita who works with my sister is who will dance with me.

 Vocabulary:
o Audience
o Choir
o Dj
o Play Live
o Festival
o Orchesta
o Perform
o Indoor-outdoor
English Classwork Number 5 (24/10/2018)
 Practice passive voice: find active or passive voice:
o Were manufactured
o Was invented
o Be manufactured
o Invented
o Were built
o be processed
o was called
o was excited
o was used
o were interested (other countries, were interested)
 Active: d
 Passive: By is a key word, in (preposition)
 When to use would--- a lot of times ---I would visit my grandma twice a :
week. (habit in past)
 Error correction: with relative clauses or punctuation and write the sentence son the line
o The Glastonbury Festival, which is held every June, is the largest music festival in
the world.
o I always get on well with people who love animals.
o Let´s go to the coffee where/in which the sell pizza. (which)
o Queensland and Victoria which are Australian states are named after Queen
o I´ve got to text that boy who I was telling you about.---you can omit.. I’ve got to
text that boy I was telling you about.
o That´s the restaurant in which my father met my mother.
o I´ve got a message from Thomas whose skis I´m going to borrow.
o At midnight when the fireworks start the band is going to start playing.
 Vocabulary:
o Meeting-----
o Reunion---once a year formal
o Getting together---caida
o A meal in a restaurant
o A horror film
o A meal at a friends house}
o Outdoor
o Held
o Stage
o Performers
o Organizers
o Takes place
o Performances, audience
 Group Speaking: its meant to be excellent, its supposed to be good(2 respuestas
negativas) how about; what do you think about going
o A: Hey anita, you know, I was thinking about going to see an exhibition of modern
 See--
 Look at—pay attention to something because of its appearance
 Watch---movements, activities

Classwork Number 6 (25/10/2018)

Academic Writing



Pro: full of the singers’ feelings you can see what they are feeling and experience the music
much more, music comes to live when the performer connects with the audience.

Cons: performers always make mistakes, hear everything more clearly, the quality is better,
and you don’t have crowds around you.

1. Start sentence---Listening to music on computer is better,

a. you hear the music more clearly.. (In what aspect?)
i. the quality is better
1. you don´t have crowds around you
1. Format: A body of writing that is broken down into different paragraphs, period and skip.
INTRO a. Hook---- purpose that it could be a sentence a question or a fact(99,9% of the
population with side APA).
i. Sentence(oposite side of my side), sentece(USE transitions—my side).
Sentence Thesis statement(concluding) “that is why I don’t enjoy going to
the cinema anymore”---you state the ideas that you are going to talk
about in the next 2 paragraphs.
b. Body Number one—good way to star is “First, to begin, to start,”
i. My idea with the main aspect(audience) You also start with the opposite
side of yours. However, your point of view. 1st supporting ideas it should
be 2…and finish with your concluding “Repeating the first sentence in
different words”
c. Final paragraph:
i. In conclusion
1. First sentence…thesis statement.
2. Second---first concluding sentence.
3. 3rt---second concluding sentence
4. Last sentence—personal opinion or recommendation

English Classwork Number 7(30/10/2018)

Unit 10

 Vocabulary:
o Fun
o Dangerous.
o Exciting.
o Difficult
o Extreme
o Workout
o Points.
o Misses.
o Have a go---try, give a chance
o Training
o Table tennis.
o Volleyball.
o Wrestling.
o Snowboarding.
o Diving.
o Wintes or water sport
o Competitor, court, net, opponents, referee, track. Team sports, misses the ball
 Grammar: 5 conditionals ----
 Cero: True+ present (simple present+ simple present)—general truth
o If I study hard, I pass the level.
o If you boil the water, it burns down.
o If you don’t study for the test, you fail it.
 One: True + present
o If I don’t study, I won´t pass
o Simple present (if clause) and the use of will in the main clause
 Second Conditional: consequence in present, it’s an imaginary option.
o To talk about things that are not so probably to happen in the future. It could
be the unreal present or the unlikely future.
 Talk about imagined events or states and their consequences.
o Form: verb in past + would “If I had money, I would travel more”

Main Clause
o If you don’t start with if, you don’t need to use coma, only if we start with the
result sentence. “I would be thin if I ate less”.

o If I didn´t had 7, I would pass the level.

o Wish: I wish I could have a girl who would be able to talk about al chapters.

 Third: fake, past

o Imaginary option but it is in the past. To Regret something.
o Past perfect+ would have
o Yesterday, Gaby was drunk and he run into a guy and now he is in prison. If Gaby
had not been drunk, he wouldn´t have (past participle)run into a guy.
o degrees of certainty--- must, can, should, may, might—use HAVE to go from
present to past and vice versa.
 Mixed: past and present
o Yesterday, Gaby was drunk and she run over a guy and now he is in prison.
 Mixed: condition same in past, so present consequence + second
 If he hadn´t run into that guy(third conditional), now he
wouldn´t be in prison.
 Real context—Analise which conditional to use
o Carlos is unemployed now. He has a big family, his wife and his 3 kids. He
obtained a big loan from a bank to buy his house. Nowadays, he is going thru
serious financial issues(hardships). He is desperate because he doesn’t have a
possible solution and he is about to go into a bankrupt and lose everything.
o If carlos weren’t unemployed now, he wouldn’t be about to go into bankrupt
and lose everything. “2”
o If he pays that big loan he obtained from the bank, he stays with his big
o If he doesn´t find a job, He won´t be able to get over his financial issues. “1”
o If Carlos hadn´t had a big family, He wouldn´t have obtained a big loan to buy a
house. “3”.
o If he hadn´t been unemployed, now he wouldn’t have financial issues. “mixed”

Classwork Number 8 (31/10/2018)

 Compare:
o To
o With
 Make the most---positive aspect
 Two year ago I was awarded by my faculty with an scholarship, It was one of the best
experiences because of the economic and the academic meaning of that scholarship
and also because I found out when mi father was going through one of his
quemotherapy sessions and he was very ill, so when he heard about it he got so happy
and proud. Obviously I have already been studying pretty hard and it got paid off, so, If
I hadn’t studied so hard, I wouldn’t have these scholarship.
 Why they are lucky:
o He or she was locking for a job on the internet and he or she got haired, so one
of them moved to NY and then they found each other, If he/she hadn´t found
a new job, they wouldn´t be in a relationship by now.
 Do: not create
 Make: when you create something new
 Take:
 Expressions:
o Chicken down--ahuevarse
o Give up---rendirse; surrender
o Back out---retirarse
o Turning back---there’s no turning back
 Questions with 3er or mixed conditional:
o Think of a situation when something good happened
o You are going to tell the story of a pass event that made your life better.
o How can you make your own luck?
o Current consequences---mixed and past third conditional
 Pushing off, away, forward
 Third conditional: lost 5/1, hurt arm wasn’t hard; cant start de engine bought if if I
known it was is such a bad condition; if you hadn’t pushed me that car would have hit
me; I woudnt have discovered the truth if I hadn’t read the letters,
Finish plataform unit 9-109, chapter 4, speaking, unit test 10, chapter 4 also
 If you are late again for training again today, I wont let you play inn
tomorrows match.
 I would spend all August In Thailand If I had the time and the money.
 I would be angry if you didn’t eat.—Im going to be angry if you don’t eat
my chocolate.
 If just one person had remembered my birthday, today I wouldt be sad.
 You wouldn’t be sorry if you had revised for your exams.
 I wouldn’t open that umbrella inside the house if I were you.
 We will eat outside if there is no food at home.
 The holidays would be great if the weather were better.
 I would go out with him even if he paid me
 If you have told me about the concert I would have go.

Group speaking:

A: Hey Anita I´ve been meaning to tell you about a trip to brazil that Im going to take.

B: Hey Nicole that’s very cool, but I also wanted to tell you about this big presentation I have
to give next week.

A: So, anyway as I was saying, I´m a bit scared of airplanes, what if it falls or crashes?

B: You´ve got nothing to worry about, airplanes crashes represents 0,3% of death in the entire
year. Stay calm. So speaking about my presentation, is about foreign languages and is use on

A: Do you think so? Mmm OK I´ll try not to think about it. You will make and excellent
presentation, that is a perfect theme for you to explain. Speaking of languages, Im still worried
that I wont be able to communicate with natives, what if I fall ill and I don’t know how to
express it?

B: You are definitely going to be able to communicate, some natives do speak English, so rest
assured everything will be just fine.

You think? Yeah I started my presentation yesterday, is going fine

A: You must show me when its done. You know, I´ve heard the they serve you very spicy food,
You don´t think is going to make me ill?

B: Not at all I´m sure you will love the food and its spiciness. That remembers me, I have an
appointment with my gastroenterologist, I must go. See you, have an excellent trip.

Intro 1 body and the concluding(thesis statement, 1 concluding + personal opinion) topic: the
effect of tv on children negative.

Job small hospital the a friend told him about nowvolunteert, he went to Africa after rasing
500$ two hospitals sponsored him, he set up a program, basic ways to improve higyne, how to
avoid catching infections, he learn a juge amount of thing, a lot of culture that changed the
way he sees the word, made great friends, got accepted in the best hospital okland

Group speaking’s:

A: hello anita, how are you? I heard you had an extreme weekend, tell me what happened?

B: Hello Nicole, yesterday I went to Quito fest, it was amazing, you should have come with me

A: I wish I could have gone with you. Tell me, with who did you go?

B: I went with my best friend and her parents,