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THE STORY OF SIHA SIHA Steering Group. Hermione Elliottt, Latidjah Miller and
Maxwell Fraval (SIHA Coordinator).

At the Innsbruck World Congress an First, Latidjah, can you tell me a little So the idea of SIHA had actually been
historic agreement was signed between about yourself? around for quite some time?
the World Subud Association (WSA)
and the Subud International Health I was opened in Subud in 1965 in Los Yes, so I started out with the feeling that
Association (SIHA). Angeles. Currently, I have a private prac- we were carrying something forward that
tice as a Nutritionist, specializing in Food had been blessed by Bapak. If not for
The agreement provides for WSA to Sensitivities and Detoxification. I am a that, it would have been difficult to con-
encourage that SIHA be invited to at- Registered Nurse and was working at tinue.
tend national, zonal and international Georgetown University Hospital in the
meetings and the appointment of na- Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the time Are there any particular statements of
tional representatives. that I became the SIHA Coordinator at Bapak's that are seen as seminal?
the Spokane World Congress. I had also
The WSA will include SIHA in informa- been working as a Director of a non- We have a favorite quotation of Bapak’s
tion flowing from and to the World on our website at
profit organization called World Medical
Subud Council (WSC), ISC and the af-
Aid. I am married and the mother of six
filiates (like SES, SD and so on) and, "The fact is that God guides man to be
through ISC, will help to disseminate children.
his own doctor, his own teacher, so that
information for SIHA. SIHA is also he does not need to depend on anyone
permitted to fundraise among Subud When did your interest in SIHA begin? else. And once you can do that, once you
members. can be independent of everybody and
My interaction with SIHA began at the stand on your own feet, it will lead you
This was the end of a very long and World Congress in Spokane. During the to a feeling of confidence in yourself."
sometimes painful and difficult process meetings held there (Congress Work
to have SIHA officially recognized by Groups related to SIHA) I met Sjahari But Bapak’s talks are full of statements
the WSA. Hollands. He had organized the first about setting up hospitals and caring for
SIHA group at the Anugraha Congress in our own members as well as the commu-
One of the “prime movers” in SIHA the 1980’s. nity.
since the Spokane World Congress has
been Latidjah, a nurse from the USA. Sjahari Hollands is a medical doctor Continued on page 8.
As the Coordinator of SIHA and a from Canada. There is an old Subud
member of the steering committee which World News (Anugraha era) that has a
also included Maxwell Fraval, Rohanna story about the setting up of SIHA and STOP PRESS
Salom and Hermione Elliott, it was her about the idea of setting up a Subud hos- Ibu Rahayu will attend the Subud
persistence which has been most re- pital. I actually have a copy of it on my
sponsible for SIHA’s final acceptance. Australia Congress to be held in
bookshelf. Perth January 8-14:
The recognition of SIHA is an impor- For details contact Hadrian Fraval
He told me about his experience of orga-
tant milestone in the development of at:
nizing the meetings of doctors at the
Subud and it is an illuminating story Anugraha Congress and conveyed to me
worthy to be told some detail. Reports are that no Subud members
that Bapak had given the name SIHA
were harmed in the recent earth-
(Subud International Health Associa-
Therefore, I recently talked with Latid- quakes in Pakistan. For appeals for
tion). Sjahari felt that Bapak was very
jah to obtain her version of these events. help see and
pleased that the doctors were organizing.
(The interview also incorporates contri- and con-
butions from Hermione Elliott and Bapak also offered to test the Chairman
of SIHA. In addition, there was a hope of tact Harry Rendawa in Pakistan at:
Maxwell Fraval, who is now the Coordi-
nator of SIHA since the Innsbruck Con- setting up a Subud Hospital at that time.
SUBUD VOICE - November 2005 1
World Subud Association Newsletter, preneur. With Samuel, the word
No. 1 - September/October 2005 ‘treasurer’ will take on a new
Welcome to the first World Subud Asso-
ciation Newsletter! This newsletter is pro- ISC Support (of which much is
duced by ISC, which is the executive com- needed) is Julia Hurd, born and
mittee of the WSA. Please feel free to con- living in the United States. Julia
tact us at anytime at: ‘’ just finished her term as Zone 7
TEAM What does this team have in com-
mon? Well, the first five speak at
The international team tested and ap- least three languages each, and
pointed at the 12th Subud World Congress Julia, Osanna, and Maya were all
in Innsbruck this summer is made up of: born on July 30th (Power to
women and Leos!) Osanna Vaughn, first WSA chairlady. But is she also our
charlady? We need a charlady to keep the place tidy,
World Subud Association Presidency: throw out all the rubbish, and clean the windows
WSA Chairlady, Osanna Vaughn, origi- All joking apart, though, Osanna
so we can see out and “all of mankind” can see in.
nally from Jersey Channel Islands (UK), is the first woman to head the
brought up (and opened) in Spain, lives in World Subud Association, there is a nice
balance between these men and women Congress minutes, forum reports, and
Hamburg, Germany. She is currently hav- more may be found at
ing her first book published in German who are all ‘team’ workers, sharing a simi-
lar vision, with a strong desire to really on the
under the title ‘Der Schrei des Falken.’ ISC/WSA page. If you wish to have a
The English original is called ‘Falcon network, communicate, and interact with
all the members around the world. printed copy of the minutes, please send
Sight.’ your request to
Deputy Chair WSA, Frederic Richard is Other ISC Team Members: Leonard van
French and living in Vienna. Frederic stud- Willenswaard continues as the WSA/ISC Websites: ISC is endeavouring to create
ied at Columbia University, in New York. Accountant; the accounts therefore will clarity and synergy among the numerous
He taught at the Ecole Superieure de Com- remain in Holland and this will facilitate Subud websites. Useful sites include
merce de Paris and at the famous ENA continuity in this most important domain.,
school in Paris. For the past 20 years he ,,
has worked for the United Nations Indus- ISC has appointed Rayner Sutherland and
trial Development Organization undertak- (Canada) as the administrator of the Care
ing research on industrial development Support Team (before known as the Inter-
issues and traveling all over the world to national Almoners), taking over from Jim News from Countries: Congratulations to
advise governments and business leaders Williams whom we thank for his dedicated Stephen Gonsalves who has been reap-
on industrialization. work for over fifteen years as Almoning pointed as Chairperson of Subud Britain
helper and coordinator. Within that team and also to Raymond Prescott as the Ex-
International Subud Committee Core Roseanne Naeshagen (Norway) will con- ecutive Chair. And who says that youth
Team: ISC Chairman, Garrett Thomson tinue with Refugee Care Work. ISC hopes aren’t involved?! The new Austria Chair,
is English. He studied at Oxford Univer- to expand the Care Support work. Sharifin Dickie, is 24 and his Deputy
sity, lived for a time in Colombia and now Chair, Oliver Czwiertnia, is 25 years old!
lives in Wooster, Ohio, USA, where he ISC has appointed Amalijah Thompson We send good wishes for the coming term.
teaches philosophy. He is the author of 15 (Australia) the International Archives Co- See Events page of Subud Voice and
books. Garrett’s favourite words in any ordinator. We want to take this occasion to Subud World news for news of forthcom-
meeting or conversation are: ‘Absolutely’ thank Reinier Sillem for the great work he ing congresses. The WSA chair and ISC
and ‘Excellent!’ Garrett’s address is 839 did during the previous term. treasurer will be attending the German and
Arbor St., Wooster, Ohio 44691, USA Spanish National Congresses.
Matthew Weiss (Ireland) is the new Inter-
Deputy ISC Chair, Maya Bernardes, as net Coordinator, replacing Hassan Wings: Subud International Cultural As-
she is the younger twin (by 15 minutes) of Czwiertnia, whom we also wish to thank sociation: Olivia Moyano (Argentina), our
Osanna, she was born and raised in the for his many contributions. new SICA Chairperson, reports that her
same place. She has lived in France for 30 first immediate goal is to establish the new
years and, after joining Osanna for a board of directors of the Subud Interna-
unique experience as a Bluebell Girl danc- tional Cultural Association. She would like
ing at the Lido, in Paris, has mostly Congress Reports: Two beautifully to update the existing websites where
worked in the entertainment and event filmed videos may be found at SICA has a space, create a SICA elec-
management world., as are pre-congress re- tronic newsletter, research and create a
ports, all on the WSC diary pages. calendar of events around the world for
ISC Treasurer is Samuel Simonsson. Few 2006, and publish a paper about SICA
know that he is originally Swedish. He Special thankyous to Harris Smart and listing its aims and projects. Olivia's e-
lived for many years in Germany, for some Bradford Temple of “Subud Voice” for mail address is oliviamoy-
time in California, and is now at home in creating an excellent post-congress issue
Orgiva in the south of Spain. He has been full of information free of charge. You
and still is an active and successful entre- may download this issue and subscribe at Subud Youth Association International: Rhyana Blakeley (UK), SYAI Co-Chair
with Hamilton Manley (US), writes:

2 SUBUD VOICE - November 2005

“Hamilton and I have discussed a number
of ideas for our term including the idea of
working together with the wings. Our first
priority is to help create good communica- A PUBLIC INTERFACE
tions and try and find out what young peo-
ple want and need from us. …working
together in harmony means a lot to me, Luqman, Muryati and Sahlan McKing-
and I look forward to working with you all ley, along with other family members and
and getting to know you all and hopefully friends, have purchased a property in
having a dance with you all over the next downtown Sydney at 72 Erskine Street,
four years.” Rhyana invites you to contact Sydney, as a cultural centre and potential
her at: Subud information outpost for Subud
Sydney and Subud Australia. Here are
Subud Books Online: Thanks to Michael some highlights from an introduction
Folta in Hong Kong and Oliver Zielke at handed out by Sahlan to Subud Sydney
“,” as well as the authors or their
members at the presentation of the pro-
heirs for giving permission for their works
to be made available in this way, you may ject on 4th September in Newtown.
now download Subud books from: Luqman and Muryati, and Sahlan
McKingley, and family, had never aban-
ISC ACTIVITIES doned our prayer that one day we might be
First Planning Meeting:The WSA chair given a chance to give Subud and Subud in
persons and the ISC core team will meet in Sydney and Sydney itself, a place owned
Lewes, UK, on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of outright by Subud members, dedicated to
October. Please send comments and sug- Subud and its activities, including the leg-
gestions to: . acy of YM Bapak: a place which, as Bapak 72 Erskine Street, Sydney.
advised us long ago, would preferably be
Translation Teams: To communicate
better, ISC has set up a full Spanish trans- downtown in Sydney, in the heart of busi- After searching and receiving guidance
lation team of 12 people, so that all infor- ness and activity, where the public can the building at 72 Erskine Street was pur-
mation and reports will systematically go come and is welcome. Because, as Bapak chased in August 2005…
out in this language at the same time. Cur- said, Subud is part of the public and the
rently a French team is being set up, and public is welcome to Subud; and one day The building has four floors, including a
soon an Indonesian one as well. this can happen. lower ground for management and other
World Subud Council Meetings: An functions. The main floor is gallery/ ex-
We were not fixed on a format -- whether hibit/cultural centre. The stairwells are
Invitation: The World Subud Council
a theatre or cultural centre or a hotel. But also exhibition areas. The mid-floor is the
meeting, along with Susila Dharma Inter-
national and the Muhammad Subud Foun- the idea was always a place where Subud Subud library/ information space but can
dations’ annual meetings, will take place people's activities in the world could pro- also have Subud exhibits like photographs
around the last ten days of May 2006. ISC vide a contact with and an INTERFACE showing the history of Subud, or it can
has sent out a letter inviting countries to with the public -- thus allowing anyone share some of its wall space with suitable
host these meetings and we hope that a who wished to, to hear about, come into Subud-related art or other exhibits. The
gathering might be organized at the same touch with, Subud. top floor is presently gallery space but
time. may have new uses as decided.
As Sahlan entered his last year or so of
On Protecting the Subud Name: ISC has
created and is currently sending out a sim- university, Sahlan and his friends, Samuel What has been offered to Subud in Sydney
ple Licensing Agreement for the use of the and Ashadi, really felt more and more, that is the rent-free use of a floor in a public-
name “Subud” and the Seven Circles logo. such a place is needed in Sydney's CBD cum-Subud cultural centre in downtown
This will serve to protect us and to right down near Darling Harbour. The Sydney.
strengthen our position for registration of three young people saw it as a kind of
the name Subud in the United States. Subud INFORMATION and ACTIVITY This "Subud" floor is open to the public
OUTPOST -- that is open all the time, like and marked outside on the ground floor
World Latihans: The last point in this
7 days a week, including evenings. entryway with appropriate "Subud" word-
newsletter is to remind everyone of the
very fulfilling World Latihans. These take ing as recently agreed by the chairpeople
place on the first weekend of every month, So Sahlan’s and Samuel’s idea was that of Subud Australia and Subud Syd-
between Saturday and Sunday depending the building could be like a music venue or ney: Subud Information Centre.
on your time zone. The schedules of these a recital space or a gallery or venue which
latihans (GMT and CET) are posted on also has in it an area or floor that is a kind The space offered is offered free of
www.subudworldnews.comm and in of Subud-style "reading room". That area cost, with all electricity and water and
every issue of Subud Voice. In the next could be dedicated to Subud and therefore maintenance costs paid, as well a capacity
newsletter, we will provide a table show- useable by all Subud members any time. to pay minimum hourly wage salaries or
ing times in countries in different time- compensation as needed for any Subud
zones. These intentions of a few years combined people who may be willing or needed to
NEXT MONTH: Presentation of the In- with modest positive developments in en- be present in the facility and be able to
ternational Wing Chairs, MSF and more terprise and work by Luqman, Muryati and greet anyone inquiring, and to hand out
news, and in the following months we will Sahlan. In early 2005, they had indications information pamphlets and referral sheets
present the International Helpers and the that they should be ready to commit some to any one asking.
Zone Representatives. of the funds coming from the enterprises,
to try to realize the purchase of a small but Continued on page 15.
This report from WSA/ISC has been strategic property in downtown Sydney.
slightly edited for reasons of space.

SUBUD VOICE - November 2005 3

All at Bina Cita Utama school send a
special note of gratitude to MSF (the
BINA CITA UTAMA Muhammad Subuh Foundation) for its
generous and most valuable financial

BCU has a scholarship program whereby

children for the nearby Dayak villages
are enabled to attend the school. A
unique opportunity for them. Any indi-
viduals or enterprises who would like to
contribute to our scholarship program
can contact us at the email below.

The school is also putting in place a vol-

unteers program whereby people will be
supported to come and work at the

And Rashidah McDonald, Karim’s wife,


The Government of Central Kalimantan

has been highly supportive of the project,
as it believes that a ”National Plus”
school developed at Rungan Sari could
become a model for schools in the prov-
ince. In our open day earlier this year,
the Mayor praised the efforts of Subud in
starting a high quality bilingual school in
Levana McDonald and Kristi who comes from a nearby Dayak village and Central Kalimantan and also asked that
attends the Bina Cita Utama school on a scholarship. we make every effort to enable talented
but needy children to attend the school.
Muhammad Bachrun Bustillo writes new classrooms was finished, the library We have a Scholarship Program to pro-
from Rungan Sari… was set up, all the new staff and students vide tuition to village children in the area
were there. (currently we have two Dayak children in
Bina Cita Utama (BCU) is the school that this program).
has been established in Rungan Sari, on The office was up and running complete
the Subud land in Central Kalimantan. with a cheerful, helpful office lady (who We also have a Volunteer program to
For more than 2 years parents and resi- now, along with our Indonesian Principal create opportunities for Subud members
dents of Rungan Sari, as well as teachers, and his wife, is an applicant for Subud). to gain experience of working at the
have worked towards the realization of All the planning and preparation had paid school and living in Kalimantan.
this project. off and there was a real school - a real Teacher training courses are currently
school with the most vibrant atmosphere. being conducted with the new teachers
This effort has been made with the firm and we plan to develop this and establish
belief that a school represents one of the The new Indonesian students are so
a teacher-training program so that we can
most meaningful contributions that happy to be there, and eager to learn. The
help other schools improve their teaching
Subud can make to promote human de- expressions on their faces as they come
standards and methodologies.
velopment in Central Kalimantan. out of the bus each morning is really a
sight to behold - bigger smiles and more
enthusiasm than western kids walking Scholarship Program…
On April 30th, 2005, Bina Cita Utama
School held an Open House and presen- through the gates of Disney Land!
An aim in establishing Bina Cita Utama
tation for the public, inviting local people Really! Their excitement and joy is con-
School is to give best quality education
from Palangka Raya and nearby to join tagious and I feel happy whenever I am
for children living in Central Kalimantan.
the bilingual, multicultural school start- with them. There is also an undercurrent
ing the academic year of 2005/2006 in of gratitude with the students. I can sense
Due to extreme poverty of some commu-
July. that they really understand that out of all
nity members in Central Kalimantan and
the thousands of children in Central Kali-
in order for this quality education to
Approximately 80 people, including mantan, they are the few with access to
benefit a larger population a scholarship
many local dignitaries and the Mayor of good quality education.
program has been established. Especially
Palangka Raya, attended the open house. talented and clever children coming from
The Mayor's speech praised the efforts of Here they have access to computers with
encyclopedias, well-trained teachers, a lower socio-economic background will
Subud to start a high-quality bilingual be the beneficiaries of these scholarships.
school in Central Kalimantan. He also sports equipment and a swimming pool.
asked that we make every effort to enable And they really enjoy and appreciate it.
talented but needy local children to at- Their sense of gratitude is contagious.
For more details and information please
tend BCU. contact:
Sometimes I am overwhelmed with a
sense of gratitude to God for allowing me
And Karim MacDonald, one of the Bank details:
to be here and be a part of Subud giving
teachers, writes… Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI)
this gift to the people of Kalimantan. I
really hope we can grow and educate SWIFT code: BNIN IDJA
It was amazing to arrive back from con- Acct Name: Yayasan Bina Cita Utama
more children and teachers, especially
gress and see our little school trans- Acct Number: 278.000.119566.001
the Dayaks, whose homeland we are in-
formed. The construction work on the

4 SUBUD VOICE - November 2005

Our youth writer, Maya King from the two Subud parents, but this oppressive with the latihan. It’s true that we are an
UK, talks about some of the issues facing feeling of always being on a lower rung to incredibly talented bunch, but even we
young people in Subud. A very honest the older members really started to get to can’t be good at every single thing we try!
and moving article… me. It became all the more painful and
surprising because I could see that others I nearly walked out of Subud so many
Over the summer, everything in my life my age felt the same. times because I felt that nobody would
has changed (with the possible exception accept me for who I really was. Despite
of my bedroom curtains). Admittedly, They All Seemed Rather Bored Bapak saying constantly that there are no
things have been changing in my life since rules, I always have felt that there is a very
about May, but going to Innsbruck really I have this memory from a few months strong code of conduct I must adhere to.
accelerated the change. after I was officially opened, where I was
trying to explain to an older member about I found my true religion (Goddess-
Just before sitting my exams in June, I had this amazing receiving I’d had, concerning orientated paganism) at the age of 15, but
the sense that I was at the beginning of a a ball of light in the middle of this great was pushed away from it by harsh words
long set of crossroads, which would ulti- garden where all the Gods and Goddesses from “friends of the family” who accused
mately determine who I really am. from every single world religion were just me in turn of Devil Worship and mixing.
sitting around, and I realised they were all
Initially, this article was going to be about part of this great source, but they had to Fearing I’d be kicked out of Subud, I spent
the challenges I faced growing up in vary because we are a varied species and an unhappy four years pretending to be a
Subud. But the words I wanted just would- individuals need a personal interface with Buddhist. It’s only since Innsbruck have I
n’t form. Somehow the only thing that I God. worked with helpers who have allowed me
feel capable of writing about concerns to finally accept that my beliefs come from
finding my place in Subud and Subud deep within me, and that I am following a
Youth. “I’d had this amazing receiv- genuine, positive belief system, and not
ing, concerning a ball of light some just dodgy form of Victorian escap-
I don’t know if it’s connected to the influ- in the middle of this garden ism. Since accepting this, my feelings to-
ence of the first new moon of winter, or if wards myself and my life have dramati-
it’s because today is the first day of Rama- where all the Gods and God- cally improved.
dan, I’m not sure. Maybe neither. desses from every world religion
were just sitting around, and I Be Who You Really Are
Crystallised at World Congress
realised they were all part of My main feeling in writing this article was
My feelings about being “youth” crystal- this great source, but they had to call to all Subud youth - no matter what
lised at World Congress, where I had great to vary because we are a varied happens, please just be who you really are,
difficulty being honest about my surname. deep inside. Don’t try and be something
For many years, at every single Subud species and individuals need a you’re not.
event I’ve attended, I’ve had random personal interface with God.
strangers look at my name tag and murmur I was trying to explain this to Obviously, this is true for all youth any-
noises of either appreciation or derision, where in the world, but even more so for
and proceed in telling me unknown stories several people at a regional Subud youth. It sounds so obvious, but it
about how they know my father. meeting, and they all seemed took me four years to accept that - four
rather bored…” years in which I wasn’t really moving for-
This sounds fair enough, but it has been ward in my latihan as well as I should be-
negative at times. This time, I wanted to cause of it.
make my own way in the world. So I I was trying to explain this to several peo-
changed my name-tag surname from Hor- ple at a regional meeting, and they all Ultimately, we are the ones who will in-
ton to King, and went off to make my own seemed rather bored. I kept being told that herit the responsibilities of Subud and, and
friends in the safety of relative anonymity. many people had received something simi- we’re going to need all our strength to take
lar. I can laugh at it now, but at the time I the latihan to the place it needs to go.
The main issue is that I felt I had no iden- felt so utterly ignored - as if my own reve-
tity in Subud, that I was just “the daugh- lations counted for nothing because I was- I sometimes feel that we’re on a cruise
ter,” and nobody would accept me for who n’t the first person to receive it, and as ship with no specific direction. We’re not
I really was. I am proud of my parents and such nobody really cared! in danger and we have plenty of supplies.
love both of them very much despite eve- We’re surrounded by friends and loved
rything, yet I had a strong sense of want- I’ve had great difficulty coming to terms ones, and we’re having a great time.
ing to make friends on my own. with my own individuality, and it’s really
only very, very recently that I’ve been able But we’re going to reach land eventually,
I spoke to many second and even some to be proud of who I am, even though I’m and when we do, each and every one of us
third generation Subud youth at Congress far from perfect and only at an arbitrary is going to be uniquely important and vital
who all expressed the same feelings. I point along my personal spiritual journey. to allow us to do what we have to do,
found this very, very challenging and up- whatever that may be. Until then, let’s just
setting, and I couldn’t help but wonder This sudden ability to accept myself for relax a bit and enjoy the scenery...
why a whole generation has to feel so who I am has hit me like a thunderbolt - I
squashed at times. sense that Subud parents often believe that Maya can be contacted at:
the youth can (and must) be brilliant at
There have been so many benefits of absolutely everything because we’re gifted
growing up in Subud and being born of
SUBUD VOICE - November 2005 5
Ibu Rahayu’s 2nd Talk to Members, 12th Subud World Congress, Innsbruck, 31st July 2005,
Recording 05 INN 5, Final Translation by Raymond Lee

Brothers and sisters whom I respect and hope for, but when you come to leave the Power of God. As a result you can only
love; tonight I will continue with my ex- low forces that you use, they will not be sense the movement of your soul to a
planation about the latihan. left stranded in a place they do not want to small extent.
be, but they can return to their rightful
I will explain to you why we need to do worlds. So, in this second phase, after you have
latihan. After an opening, after someone is gone through purification and you have a
opened in Subud, they have to continue During this process, we are often aware of greater ability to let go, little by little you
the process of their development by doing how these different forces work within us. will develop the ability to fill that space
latihan. Why? By doing latihan that person Sometimes we feel strong in that we have within you where the life of your soul can
will go through different processes – all of full possession of our human soul, but at develop and grow freely. Then your soul
us develop our latihan by going through a other times we are overcome by some can proceed to touch one part after another
step by step process. This is because our pleasure, or something that makes us for- of your being, and when many parts of you
progress in the latihan does not just de- get – and then our true self, our human have been penetrated, your soul will be
pend on how diligently we do the latihan, soul forgets itself. Then your lower forces free to move within them.
but it is also closely connected to the way occupy the master’s position within you –
we live our lives. this happens to you all the time in every- You can experience and witness your pro-
day life. gress for yourself. When you test for ex-
Brothers and sisters, from our common ample, “Where are your feet?” If your
experience, as we do latihan we initially feet are alive, if they have been penetrated
experience a growth or coming to life of “All of us develop our by your soul, you will feel something in
the soul that we have within us. During latihan by going through a your feet and they will move by them-
this process we become very sensitive be- step by step process. This is selves, even though this not what you in-
cause we are introduced for the first time tended. The same is true for the other parts
to the equipment we use that we have in- because our progress in the of your body, and this process will also
side us, our inner feelings, and the devel- latihan does not just depend extend to your emotions and your mind.
opment of our true self. This process can
have a big impact on the person con-
on how diligently we do the
If you ask, “How is that possible?” Why is
cerned, and usually we will go through latihan, but it is also closely it that when I test, “Where are your feet?”
what we call purification. connected to the way we live your feet can receive and experience the
our lives.” test? This is not because of me; it is not
A Test of our Commitment due to my power. It happens because of
the unity of the power that is present in all
If we look at this process of purification, it Just Think about it… of us, that exists between all Subud mem-
doesn't just take the form of an illness, or bers who have been opened. The way it
feeling unwell, but we are tempted or Just think about it, we live in this world works is this, I surrender to God and God
tested by many things that are like a test of and we do all kinds of things in everyday accepts my surrender and then it spreads to
our commitment to do latihan. life, and in doing so we forget who it is you. It is not my power that touches you, it
that should be our boss. In fact, we don’t is God’s Power. This is why you don’t
This happens because the contact we ex- just forget, or make room for our lower need to be physically close to me to ex-
perience in our soul that comes from the forces; we are defeated by them, because perience this; anyone who does latihan can
Power of God does not just touch our hu- we are not strong enough to control these feel this.
man soul, it also touches the lower forces forces within us.
that have helped us live our life. These Receiving...
forces receive this touch so that, as the This is why you need to do latihan, be-
master of your being, you will become cause when you do latihan you face in This is closely connected to helpers’ work,
their boss or master. At the same time, only one direction - toward Almighty God. as they test with the members. When we
because these forces come to life, they also In that way, you can be routinely helped, test as a helper, we have to be completely
grow. And as a result, when they help you, or you can help yourself. This is just an empty; we have to be completely free of
they will be more effective, or stronger, example. But, in our daily lives we have to self-interest, so that the soul of the person
than the lower forces of someone who has face all kinds of difficulties and problems. being tested will be touched by what they
not been opened. As such, these forces This is why the first stage of the latihan need through the working of God's Will.
inside you can be likened to people, or takes a long time. A year may not be
powers, that work for you. enough, two years may not be enough, Closely connected with testing are the ex-
even 10 years may not be enough time for periences you have in latihan that we call
Why do we say they work for us? It is be- you to get to know yourself and how you receiving. Sometimes you do not under-
cause these forces have an expectation or should be in yourself. stand what your receiving means. The rea-
hope, in the same way we do. As human son for this is that your receiving goes
beings we hope that when we die we will The second process we go through is through a step-by-step process too, so the
return to God with a human soul. Our called preparation. Why do we say we are question is what level can you receive at?
lower forces have similar hopes – they prepared in this second stage? Due to the
have their own worlds and they hope that influences of this world there is no room Take your feet; for example, if you move
when they die they will return to those inside you, you are full, or there is only a your feet in a test it is a receiving, because
worlds. So, doing latihan means that you little space where you can feel a vibration, the movement was unintentional, your feet
won’t be the only one to get what you where you can feel this touch from the moved because they were touched by

6 SUBUD VOICE - November 2005

God’s Power. But, can you tell whether Bapak received this way, the prophets has placed inside you the Ruh Ilafi. This
the movement you received was 100% also received this way. And there may power observes your life; it is the law of
the movement of your human soul’s feet, also be Subud members who have ex- life that is in each one of us. So, every-
or was there also a lower force present perienced leaving this world and who thing you do is recorded. If you think
that lent its power to the movement of received something when their soul was you are advanced because you can use
your feet? This is why your receiving called to the presence of God. computers to see this or that, to compute
often turns out wrong, because your re- anything, God has computers that are a
ceiving is still faulty. This is not fiction - during that receiving thousand times more powerful than any-
Bapak did not sleep for 1000 days. If you thing human beings make.
It is faulty because you are still far from say, “Well, how can a human being do
being able to meet the requirements of a that?” It could happen because of God's So, for Subud members, if a Subud mem-
pure receiving, particularly if your lati- Will; God provided everything that was ber is someone with the qualities of
han is not alive yet. For this reason, it is needed. susila, budhi and dharma, they must take
wrong to say that a test must be right. greater care than someone who has not
However, we still need this kind of test- So, brothers and sisters, Bapak’s receiv- been opened yet. If we ask, “Is it possi-
ing as we develop our soul. But we can- ing was no ordinary receiving, the proof ble for a human being to become sub-
not say that the result of a test is right or of that Bapak’s receiving has spread to human?” Yes, if it is God's Will, it is!
wrong until the outcome is known. That all of you. And Bapak didn't want Subud
is why it is said that only God possesses just for Bapak. Bapak passed it to anyone But, provided a human being maintains
the truth. who wanted to worship God by doing his or her faith, God will protect them
latihan. and they will become a human on the
When we test we try to get close to the rohani level. There are even rohani hu-
truth. We try to approach the truth with If you read Susila Budhi Dharma, it con- man beings who still live in this world –
our being that has been touched by God. tains everything that Bapak received. such a person is free of the lower forces
It is only an attempt and it is not the case and the influence of their heart and their
that every test has to turn out right. Even Understanding and Awareness mind.
my testing can be wrong, because I am a
human being and I live in this world. This is what I have to say about receiv- So, although we say we are human be-
ing. Now I want to talk about the proc- ings, we must remember that as long as
So, for now you have to be satisfied with esses of understanding and awareness. we live in this world, we must limit the
what you can receive. Suppose you test Once you start to receive understanding action and the working of our lower
with a helper, but the result turns out to in your latihan and you have been able to forces, so that we can be free of tempta-
be wrong, so you blame the helper. experience the proof of your latihan you tions that may cause us to lose our hu-
That's not right! That helper is still a hu- will become aware. What I mean by that manity.
man being. is you become aware by yourself without
anyone telling you. Now, once you have But, brothers and sisters, God is All-
How Can We Tell When a Receiving is this understanding and awareness, you Loving and All-Giving, and now that
Truly God’s Will? will never leave Subud, you will never your soul is alive, your life and latihan
stop doing latihan. will not be limited to this world, but your
But how can we know? How can we tell soul will live on after you die. Subud is
when a receiving is truly God’s Will? So, for example, many people join not something you just do when you
When you hear God say something to Subud, but many people leave Subud. think you are about to die.
you it will only be true if you are not in This shows that they don’t have this un-
this world. Can any of you do that? I derstanding and they are not aware of Subud is the knowledge you need for
don’t think so, because you can only their inner need to do latihan. Of course, your life in the next world after you die,
have that kind of receiving if it is God’s this cannot be imposed on them as every when you can no longer use your heart or
Will. It is impossible for us to go there individual has a choice; everyone has mind, which you have to leave behind.
just because we want to. If God wants to free will. God is All Knowing, so if you But your soul will live on, and how it
tell you something, or explain something don't want Subud it doesn't matter if you will live will depend on the preparation
to you, it won't happen here, you will be leave, it does not mean that something you make in this world. This is why it is
taken from this world. bad will happen to you as a result. Subud not enough just to do latihan here; we
cannot be forced on anyone, it must arise will keep doing latihan in the next world.
God will not call you physically; God from a person’s own will, because your
will not take your physical body, but spiritual development starts and ends This is the end of my explanation about
your soul. This was shown by Bapak with you. the latihan and the life of our soul. I will
who passed his receiving to all of you. stop now, and I hope that you can absorb
Bapak received this contact and every- As your soul continues to grow, after it this explanation.
thing that Subud needs. And, according has spread to every part of you, your in-
to Bapak’s own account, Bapak’s receiv- dividuality will manifest - this is your
ing did not happen once or twice. It took true human self. But, even after we gain
Bapak 1000 days to receive this. Bapak our individuality, we can still be tempted
received Subud when Bapak was not in by desires that reside in our heart and
this world, when Bapak’s soul was sum- mind. This is why, even after we have
moned to receive everything that was become a true human being, if we are not
necessary for Subud. firm in our faith we can still be tempted
by our own lower forces. That is why
Some people say that now that Bapak is there are many stories of, for example, a
no longer with us, we don't need to read demigod being tempted by a woman.
Bapak’s talks, or Bapak's explanations The truth is that human beings are weak
anymore, because we will understand in their faith. So, to strengthen your faith,
everything for ourselves. Well, God will- you cannot afford to forget for even a
ing you will be able to understand for second the awareness that God is always
yourself. But the fact is, Bapak had this with you, that God is always present in
receiving, and I am sure that not only you. God is always there because God

SUBUD VOICE - November 2005 7

Continued from page 1. ple months after the Spokane Congress. in a hospital environment and felt how
We asked to meet with Sharif Horthy intensely stressful that kind of work is.
There were those pioneering efforts who was the new WSA Chair. He in-
such Brookhurst Grange, the hospital in vited us to come to his house in Lewes. Also, there was a need for the expertise
England in the early days of Subud. Together we discussed the formation of of health professionals to aid various
SIHA. Subud projects already going. We had
There is an article about the history of discussed this with SDI Chair, Rosanna
Brookhurst Grange written by Hermione We were in hopes that WSC would grant Hille. SDI often found that they needed
Elliott on the SIHA website. She did us some seed money. At that time, a group to turn to that could provide
some research on Brookhurst Grange, Sharif mentioned that he remembered health expertise.
hoping to capture some of the stories be- that Bapak had given the name SIHA.
fore the history gets lost. You can look at That was important to me. As time has gone by, we've explored all
it under the Resonance section. kinds of possibilities. The SIHA Week-
It seemed that there was no hope of any end Retreats have been amazing and
When you say “difficult to continue” we seed money from WSC, but Sharif gave have provided a space for personal de-
receive a hint that the story of SIHA has us a suggestion that I took to heart. He velopment.
not all been plain sailing and easy ac- suggested that we fund SIHA by asking
ceptance. But first, a little about Spo- the doctors for the money as doctors We also explored a medical aid project.
kane. Who were the main people inter- were among the highest paid profession- We set up a relationship with an NGO
ested in SIHA at that time? Did you als. In this way, SIHA would become associated with US AID and were able to
have some meetings? Did you try to for- self-funding. It seemed like a good idea, obtain medicines (complete with all the
mulate a concept and a development so we devised the pledge system that we necessary paper work to bring medicines
plan? are currently using. into a given country). We distributed
about $40,000 worth of medicines, to
We had several working group meetings SIHA had to start from scratch with Africa and Cuba, and to Indonesia.
at Spokane Congress in 1997. These nothing but ourselves to bring about an
were originally organized by Richard international association of health profes- We also participated heavily in the be-
Salisbury, a psychologist from California, sionals. Fortunately, we found that ordi- ginning of the Hospital Pavilion project
and some others under the SHAPA nary Subud members were also inter- in Kalimantan.
(Subud Healing Arts Professional Asso- ested in health and wanted to support us.
ciation) umbrella. At one of the early Who were the leading lights at this
meetings, the name issue came up and we So we incorporated a dual membership stage?
went forward with the name SIHA. base - professional members and associ-
ate members - meaning that anyone can The original team was Maxwell Fraval,
The meetings were productive and a pro- participate in SIHA. Hermione Elliott, Hedley Bennett, Rich-
posal was drawn up to be submitted to the ard Salisbury, and myself. Rohanna
WSC. It was presented as the very last What were some of the main ideas in Salom joined later after Hedley stepped
item of the WSC agenda at Congress. SIHA? Is there a document spelling out down. Also Robyn Burke was a big sup-
its principles? porter as the Treasurer, before she passed
Then there was an interesting little twist away.
of fate. The principles you can get off the web-
site too. There is a mission statement… The first idea from Sharif was that SIHA
By the time the SIHA Proposal was made would come under SICA as part of the
to WSC, the budget had already been The mission of the Subud International plan to use SICA as a large umbrella for
closed and the Council members were Health Association (SIHA) is to promote the activity of Subud members.
two hours or more past lunch trying to the attainment of true human health by
finish up the remaining business. They providing opportunities to share our ex- We negotiated extensively with Bachtiar
actually approved the SIHA proposal but perience and together receive a way for Lorot, then SICA Chair, but never found
strange as it seems, it was not recorded in the content of healthcare to be touched, a satisfactory working relationship with
the minutes. guided, and enlightened by the Power of SICA due to the structure of the Board of
Almighty God through the latihan keji- Directors. The way SICA was set up or
So, the SIHA members who presented the waan of Subud. In furtherance of this envisioned at that time meant that no one
proposal and witnessed the approval were mission, SIHA aims to: from SIHA could sit on SICA Board.
under the impression that it was all • Promote mutual support, co-operation, We felt the position of being under the
agreed upon by WSC with the exception networking, and intra-and cross- SICA Board would not give us the auton-
that no funds were allocated as the budget disciplinary communication, omy that would empower our forward
was already passed and was a closed among Subud members who are ac- momentum.
item. tive healthcare practitioners.
• Make healthcare information and ex- We felt we would be able to move faster
But later, as there was no mention in the pertise available to Subud members if we stayed on our own feet: And we
minutes, and of course the members of and others. seemed to move pretty fast. Soon after
the World Council change after Congress, • Promote and co-ordinate medical aid Spokane, we set up the periodical Reso-
the new Council members weren't aware and other health related projects. nance as our publication.
of what had happened. It seems there • Provide mentoring services.
was a memory failure. • Provide a resource directory Resonance was developed by Hermione
• Encourage self-reliance in health and myself. Then after a point, Hermione
How disconcerting and confusing. through education. took over the production and has done a
superb job. We wanted to see a publica-
Several of the new SIHA Steering Com- There was certainly a need to support tion about health where we could include
mittee members, including myself, ar- health care professionals as well as mem- latihan experiences.
ranged to meet together in England a cou- bers in need. At the time, I was working
Continued on page 9.

8 SUBUD VOICE - November 2005

Continued from page 8. only allowed a few minutes to give my
little talk on SIHA.
That was the main point - include the
latihan and be free to talk about health Some discussion followed and I was ba-
sically told that it was recommended that
from the perspective of the latihan. Reso- SIHA not be allowed to be part of WSC
nance has always been very well re- as we could potentially bring criminal
ceived and has helped us to raise money charges against WSA due to our field of
for SIHA as well as to build our profile. work (healthcare). This was something
that I had never expected to hear. The
During that period of time, we also set up working party Chair wisely pulled the
two bank accounts, one in the USA and proposal off the table in Brazil. Some-
one in England. We established a mem- time later they must have officially voted
bership base and created a membership to reject us, maybe in the next WSC
directory. We set up a website. We held meeting in Kalimantan. I’m not sure of
weekend retreats in England and the the details because no one was informing
USA. We funded ourselves and our pro- me of the developments after that.
jects. We asked for nothing and only
brought our service to congresses in the So the WSC voted not to accept the
form of workshops and healthcare. SIHA proposal. At that point I nearly
gave up. I just said to myself – “well, if
How did things develop? they don't want SIHA, that's the decision.
Latidjah entertained the crowd with a hula We have to abide by their decisions. The
while waiting for the WSA/SIHA agreement to
Somewhere around the 3rd year, Sharif only thing is to surrender it all to Al-
be signed.
agreed that we could stand on our own mighty God. So, now, I will just go and
and report directly to WSC. entertain myself with some fun to relieve
Then, I do believe some individuals also the stress”.
But then came the World Congress in had a strong fear of, or prejudice against,
Bali. We had done extensive work for the alternative therapies – regarding it as Actually, I took up the Hawaiian Hula
World Congress which was planned for “mixing”, - and resisted SIHA for that which turns out to be an excellent form
Kalimantan, putting together a health reason because SIHA has a very inclu- of exercise and has been very good for
care team, working on the Hospital Pavil- sive membership base. my health. The SIHA Steering Commit-
ion, working with the local healthcare tee continued to work on our various
community in Palangkaraya. Personally, I felt that the fear that many projects and to prepare for our activities
groups would request recognition by at the coming World Congress in Aus-
When the Congress moved to Bali, for WSA was unfounded. In 8 years no one tria.
various reasons at the last minute several has asked to join WSA but SIHA.
members of our team were unable to at- What changed before Innsbruck?
tend the Bali World Congress. It hap- The one step forward in Spink Hill was
pened that Rohanna Salom was the only that the WSC appointed a working party Suddenly about 6 months before Inns-
SIHA Steering Committee member able to look into the situation over the coming bruck, I got an email from Laurencio
to go. With no team present, we didn't year. But that also became difficult. We Young, the ISC Chair, saying that the
make any progress there. were so eager. And the Working Party WSC had reversed their decision. There
experienced large communication gaps. was no explanation given.
The following year, there was a WSC After five years of working to establish
meeting at Spink Hill in England. And our formal link with WSA, it was becom- Here's another strange twist. He sent me
the SIHA Steering Committee regrouped ing difficult for us to remain patient. a copy of the proposal between SIHA
and made a presentation to the new WSC and WSC. He told me to print it out and
asking to be officially recognized and After Spink Hill was the WSC meeting bring 3 copies to Innsbruck for the sign-
approved – essentially to correct the error Brazil. What happened there? ing of the agreement. So I did. I saw that
of omission in the minutes of the Spo- it was the same proposal that we had
kane Congress. The new members of the Suddenly just before the Brazil meeting - originally submitted to WSC. But this is
Council knew nothing of what had gone as there was a need to make a report to what he sent to me. “Oh, joy!”, I
before so it was like starting from scratch the WSC – the Working Party stirred. So, thought.
to get them to be aware of our existence. I went to Brazil to give another presenta-
tion about SIHA to the World Subud In Innsbruck, Laurencio was supposed to
There seemed to be no interest in SIHA. Council. sign the proposal on behalf of ISC/WSA
Worse - there was a great resistance and ISC had done all the work to sched-
This was truly one of the most difficult ule the signing event. But then, Lauren-
Why do you think? moments for me. I was the only SIHA cio did not turn up for the signing. So I
Steering Committee member present. ended up giving the copies of the SIHA
One reason was a fear of “if we let you Upon arriving in Brazil, I was told that proposal I had brought to Daniel
in, we’ll have to let in everyone. The there was much opposition to SIHA on Cheifetz, WSA Chair, who graciously
plumbers, the golfers, the musicians, etc. the Council. It took courage to give my stepped in to represent WSA. Daniel
Everyone will want a place and the WSC presentation which was actually just temporarily leaves the room to go and try
will get overwhelmed. It can’t be done”. scheduled to be a part of the Working
Group report. The official title of the to find Laurencio, taking the proposal
Then some individuals had a fear that if Working Group referred to supporting copies with him, but when he comes
SIHA was part of WSA, WSA might be Special Interest Groups. It just happened back (without Laurencio) - he says to
exposed to law suits for malpractice or that SIHA was the only Special Interest
something like that. Group that wanted consideration. I was Continued on page 10.

SUBUD VOICE - November 2005 9

Continued from page 9.
Mairi Store, UK, recalls the history of ISC have also continuously supported us
me – “this is not the proposal that WSC the International Almoners and writes and any shortfall has come from Subud
agreed to”. about the changes at World Congress Britain’s Almoners fund.
where the name was changed to the
That must have been a shock! In 2002 Jim Williams (International Al-
Care Support Panel and Rayner Suther-
land of Canada was appointed as the moner Co-ordinator) and I met with
I said, “You mean there is another pro
posal? If so, I've never seen it. Nor has administrator with Garrett Thomson as WSC, the upshot of which was that a
anyone on the SIHA Steering Commit- the chair… working party was set up by WSC to look
tee!” into the whole matter of caring for our
Subud Britain Almoners must be one of members.
But he suggested we have a signing any- the oldest “organizations” still going in
way. His idea was that we would sign the Subud as they were formed in 1960 to The working party was chaired by Julia
papers I brought with the understanding help our members suffering from extreme Hurd (then Zone 7 – N.America Zone
that it was not the real agreement. financial hardship. Rep and now ISC Secretary) and included
Peter Filippelli (then Chair of MSF),
I said, “I want to have a genuine signing. In 1973 they decided to extend their work Rosanna Hille (then Executive Chair of
I can't possibly sign something I've never to our members overseas and so the Inter- SDI), Hamid da Silva (then Zone 3 –
read.” national Almoners were born. Western Europe Rep) and Jim Williams.

So, Oliver Haitzmann, the Zone 4 Repre- For the first 20 years of its life, the Inter- In 2003 they proposed that WSC should
sentative, comes to save the moment. He national Almoning work was very little, be responsible for caring for our members
gets his lap top up and running and probably because our brothers and sisters worldwide. This proposal was accepted
checks if he has a copy of the new pro- overseas didn’t know of its existence. by WSC at their meeting in Brazil in
posal that WSC wrote. 2003.
Therefore it was easy to fund the Interna-
Drama! tional Almoning work from the British The working party then went on to pro-
Almoning fund. pose to World Congress in Innsbruck this
He finds it, and I start reading fast be- year that a Care Support Panel become a
cause by now the people who came to the However, by the early 1990s the Interna- new sub-committee of ISC under which
signing have been sitting in chairs wait- tional Almoners existence was becoming the International Almoners renamed the
ing for over an hour and it's late for din- more widely known and the international International Assistance Group would
ner time. work was growing until it reached 50% operate.
or more of the Almoners work.
And nothing is more important than This proposal was also accepted. It was
dinner. At this point the Subud Britain Almoners realized by the working party that our
felt that the funding of the International members sometimes need other more
While Daniel had been out of the room, Almoning work should not be funded by practical help then what the helpers pro-
the audience was getting restless so they British members alone, but the opportu- vide spiritually and the almoners provide
asked for a Hula demonstration as some nity to fund them should be open to all financially and, for example, if sometime
of them had seen the Hula performance Subud members worldwide. in the future a group was set up to care
that my daughter, Laura, and I gave at for our elderly members somewhere in
our National Subud USA Congress. Therefore as Subud Britain Almoners is a the world, that too would come under the
sub-committee of Susila Dharma Britain, Care Support Panel.
Thank God you had been studying it. who have in the past supported fund rais-
ing efforts for us, we appealed to Susila So now the new Care Support Panel is
Yes. So we had a Hula demonstration
Dharma International to fund the Interna- being set up. Its first Chairperson will be
while waiting for everything to come
together. Crazy, or what? tional Almoning work. Garrett Thompson and its first Adminis-
trator will be Rayner Sutherland of Van-
Just as well you had your grass skirt This they did for about four years until couver, Canada, who is replacing Jim
with you. they discovered their constitution did not Williams.
allow them to use funds for projects that
So in the end, I thought that the docu- only supported Subud members. It is proposed that when possible the In-
ment looked reasonable and I agreed to ternational Assistance Group will be
sign. Oliver said he would deliver a copy At this point a meeting was set up be- transferred to Canada.
in print ASAP and we met shortly after tween the then WSA and SDI chairs and
the signing so that the entire SIHA Steer- the Almoners and it was agreed that an The Subud Britain Almoners will remain
ing Committee could read it. appeal for a capital fund of US $200,000 just as they have always been, except that
should be launched as one of Bapak’s I will be handing over the Secretary’s job
The Subud way is to read things centenary projects, and in the meantime to Katherine Ahmad from the middle of
AFTER you’ve signed them. MSF and ISC should be approached for November to the end of the year.
I guess I missed that in the code book. I have held the job for over 20 years
Anyway the signing got photographed. The appeal was launched at Subud Brit- which has been a huge privilege for me,
And that seems to have said more to the ain’s National Congress in 2000 and by but now I feel it is the right time to hand
general membership than anything else. the time the same event rolled round in over and I wish Katherine and all the Al-
2001 approximately US $10,000 had moners, both British and International all
Continued on page 13. been raised, 95% from Subud Britain the very best for the future.
members. Since 1998 MSF have con-
tinuously supported us and since 2003.

10 SUBUD VOICE - November 2005

Mardijah Simpson, an international The work of some of the
helper in the last dewan, is now a director national Susila Dharma
of Susila Dharma. She writes from her organisations is awe in-
home in remote Alice Springs, Australia, spiring. They have long
with two ideas for supporting SD… established links with
sources of funding and are
Every Drop Counts able to act as a channel to
bring much needed mate-
Ramadan has just started and I write look- rial resources to many of
ing out onto the beautiful arid country of the projects to which
Central Australia. Susila Dharma contributes.

Reflecting on my time at the World Con- This philanthropic tradi-

gress – I recall long days as the outgoing tion seems to flourish in
dewan of international helpers completed well established western
their four year term and through the grace democracies with a large,
of testing were able to hand on this duty to committed, well organised
a new dewan of eighteen helpers from Subud membership.
around the world.
Supporting Susila
It has been an amazing experience to travel Dharma
to so many Subud groups in Australasia Small acts of kindness—the spirit of Susila Dharma.
and be part of the World Subud Council. Many Subud members live
The special gift I received was being part in countries where life is
of the team that produced the new book for hard. Members themselves have a struggle So this small steady trickle of dollars is a
Subud members – a real experience of the to live and raise their families, as well as practical solution. I know many of us
latihan working in the world. get to latihan. I have seen this in my travels struggle with our material existence, chil-
over the past four years. Yet they still as- dren’s shoes, car repairs – it never ends.
Outside, despite the rising heat and lack of pire to improve things, for themselves,
rain, the country still flowers: yellow but- their families and the wider community. Yet, surprisingly, a small amount, once
ton daisies and bluebells. Last night a committed, does not seem so hard and can
flock of iridescent green budgerigars I gaze out at the cloudless blue sky and make a big difference. Maybe a whole
flashed by on their way to roost. wonder how best I can serve on the Susila family could share the cost, or a cluster of
Dharma Board. I lead a simple life, a long members in a group. It is surprisingly
There are three grape vines growing in the way from a large group. How can I sup- painless, especially if you use a credit
shade of my veranda, nourished by a sim- port Susila Dharma and help make a differ- card.
ple dripper system, which gives them a ence for the better?
few minutes of water every day. The vine The other night, I woke in the heat, to the
leaves are springing up everywhere, new So far I have two ideas about how I could sound of rain drops drumming on my tin
and green. do this… roof.

Among my new green vine leaves, despite One idea is to encourage you to write to At first I thought I was dreaming, but it
the hot winds and hungry birds, small me and share news about Susila Dharma was true. It rained in the desert. Only a few
sprays of budding grapes are bursting out. projects. Not just the ‘official’ sponsored drops but they were wonderful. Next
I have counted over twenty already. or funded projects, but news about activi- morning the zebra finches started building
ties and experiences that you may have nests under my eaves.
A New Job been involved in – at home, in your com-
munity and in your group. I have woven this story together – I hope
Now I have a new Subud job – towards the you feel to send me your stories of susila
end of Congress I went to the Susila Small acts of kindness, unexpected mira- and dharma, so we can create a regular
Dharma International Annual General cles, bright ideas that you brought to real- page to share. Send your writing to me at
Meeting and was elected to the board. My ity. How does that Australian song go -
particular responsibility is to liaise with ‘From little things, big things grow’. Then
the members, groups and projects in this I am happy to weave this news into a regu-
part of the world (Zone1/ Area 1/ Austral- lar Susila Dharma news exchange and get
If you feel to find out about contributing
asia). it published regularly.
to the ‘Dollar a day club’ – go to the
Susila Dharma International website at
As a new member of the board, with a The second idea is to encourage and re-
background in community work, I am mind everyone of the Susila Dharma
ub.html . It is very easy to join up on line
spending time learning all I can about ‘Dollar a Day Club’. (In Australian values,
and there are no bank charges! Or con-
Susila Dharma International. Refreshing about two cups of cappuccino or one ham-
tact Susila Dharma International at
my memory about projects I have visited a burger a week!). I often day dream about as to how best
while ago, renewing my knowledge, en- ‘when I win the lottery’ – then I could af-
send money orders or transfer funds.
quiring into fresh projects and initiatives. ford to donate to charity. But time goes by
So much is happening in so many places and I don’t win (well, I don’t usually buy
around the world. lottery tickets!)

SUBUD VOICE - November 2005 11

Murray Clapham, who recently retired as an
international helper, is the chairman of Kalimantan
Gold Corporation. I talked to him about the latest at

Recently you announced a “Private Placement”, an

opportunity for people to invest in KGC. Has it been

We have actually had two private placements within the

last six months. In the first we raised approximately
C$500,000 and in the second just over C$1.5 million for a
grand total of C$2,000,000, of which more than three
quarters came from Subud members. In the last placement
there were 77 investors, an interesting number.

We in the mining team are most appreciative of this re-

markable response and show of support for the work in
Kalimantan. Prior to launching the two private place-
ments, I had written to a number of Subud supporters of
the exploration project explaining our view that we were
reaching an exciting and challenging stage. An unfolding roadmap based on Bapak’s vision of a just
and sustainable mine benefiting all of mankind.
I pointed out that the geology was looking good and some
of the external factors which might enable us to do the
development stages of the project in a beneficial way were in I am asking for this responsibility because I personally believe
place. Also our share price was, in spite of these factors, ex- that any success we have in discovering the mineral wealth we
tremely low. World Congress followed and gave us an opportu- know from Bapak is to be found in Kalimantan is dependant on
nity to present all this to a wider audience. many factors. Not least of which is the absence of greed in our
motivation at both the corporate and individual levels. As indi-
This injection of money has increased Subud people’s equity viduals we need to be conscious of the needs of charities, of
position and control at this juncture. If indeed we are fortunate Subud, and especially the people of Kalimantan.
enough to make a major discovery in the next few months, our
hand will be much enhanced in negotiating the larger finance Hopefully we are now more mature in handling the material force.
packages or joint ventures we anticipate will be required. This maturity within us seems to coincide with external changes,
such as certain new regulatory modifications within Indonesia,
This is important to us in seeking to ensure the project proceeds and changes at the World Bank and other aid agencies which have
according to an unfolding roadmap based on Bapak’s vision of a a new philosophy of investment in extractive industries. Now they
just and sustainable mine benefiting all of mankind . So thanks only support investment in this area if it also relieves poverty and
to you all for this support. is sensitive to environmental issues.

What was the purpose of the private placements? What will All this in turn may point to our project moving toward the sort of
you do with the money? sustainable mining operation we desire. Also be aware there are
many hurdles to be overcome and stiff challenges ahead.
The prime purpose of the new funding is to drill deep holes in
the Baroi area of the concession. This will be the first time we What is happening with the community development side of the
have ourselves drilled holes to depths of 500 and 600 meters. project?

The smaller rigs we have used in the past were not capable of This continues. Right now we are seeking to revise our memoran-
this depth. We are hoping to prove the existence of a large cop- dum of understanding with the new Regional Government of
per porphyry deposit which might also contain silver, lead, zinc Central Kalimantan and UNCTAD.
and gold. Some of our earlier shallow holes and other explora-
tion techniques indicate the likelihood of this deposit at depth. We are also working with UNIDO on the mercury problem
amongst people and miners is the province.
We will also drill more shallow holes and spend money on more
staff, stock promotion on the back of results, preparation for an On the bigger picture, we have moved away from direct aid and
alternative listing of the stock probably in London, environ- are focusing on empowering people in the villages near our min-
mental studies and an improved web site. ing concessions so they can forge relationships with the govern-
ment agencies and aid organizations that have the means to assist
Do you have any messages for the Subud investors? them.

Yes I would like to say a few things. I wish them luck with the I would like to finish by thanking all those who work in the pro-
investment, and without telling anyone what to do with their ject itself. We have had a wonderful, difficult, harmonious couple
money, I would like to ask them to act responsibly in the event of years and the inclusion of Rahman Connelly and Bardolf Paul
we are lucky and there is a chance to make a profit. alongside Mansur Geiger and his field team has been a bless-
ing. There are many unsung heroes in our local staff not known to
If we do make a good strike it opens the prospect of profit not Subud members so I would like to list just a few here: Didi, chief
for the company, because it will be many more years and many geologist and now a Subud member; Anton our camp boss
more stages before the company KGC can produce a profit, but /builder par excellence for 15 years; Selamat who is our logistical
individual shareholders can sell shares and profit. support manager.

12 SUBUD VOICE - November 2005

Continued from page 10.
Alfathah Kerner wrote these reminis-
cences at a time when it was planned to Of course the new proposal was terribly
publish a little book of memoirs of flawed with a clause at the end that ne-
Mbakju after her death on January 23rd gated the whole agreement. Again Oliver
(Idulfitri) 1966. Bapak said “No” to the came to the rescue, promising to get the
book, but gave permission for Alfathah to the flawed clause removed.
write about Mbakju, because she had
At that point I was in a state of bewilder-
been very near to her...
ment. Then a day or so later I had an
amazing and delightful latihan in which I
Mbakju Rochanawati was one of the most was assured that I had completed my task
understanding, dearest, sweetest and love- to link SIHA with WSA. What a relief!
liest persons I have met. I have many
happy memories of her. Most of all I re- Truly - without the latihan and the help
member her laughter, her joy, her humour from God, it would surely be completely
and always her prayers – her constant hopeless, but somehow, by the Grace of
prayers – “God – God – God”. God, things progress.

She told me : “You must always pray – So we moved on to retest the SIHA Steer-
“God have mercy, God forgive me’ all the ing Committee and choose a new Coordi-
time. When you are talking to people, in- nator who is Maxwell Fraval.
side you must pray – ‘God – God – God’.
You cannot do this now, but later you will. ters to the many members who wrote to As I said in the beginning - all the credit
I am always inside praying”. her, she said – “Now I must write this – I goes to Bapak. If not for a sense of serv-
must make her happy”. ing his work and feeling that he would be
happy to see SIHA in existence, I would
She was so friendly and generous and gave
When I was going through a difficult pe- have died along the way easily.
of herself without reservation. She never
let me leave without having a most deli- riod she wrote “You must thank God for
And also to Ibu Rahayu - because she also
cious Indonesian meal, sometimes even all the suffering and difficulties you have
told me that SIHA was “OK”. And gave us
cooking it herself – especially what I most gone through. I know you will become
this message of encouragement…
enjoyed. (I was made to feel completely at happier and happier – more and more
home – as if I was one of her family). patient, more and more humble. You will Dear Sisters and Brothers,
surrender with joy and become more and
She gave me much advice – but most of all more understanding of the needs of other Your work is similar to an enterprise. Yet
my memories are of her joy and laughter people”. What a legacy she left me and all this group is in the field of health, in har-
and teasing and making jokes with me of us in Subud. mony with the talent and capability of each
about my ‘little worries and troubles’!. one, and is dedicated to alleviate the suf-
She made me sing and dance with her chil- When I first met Mbakju she told me “you fering of mankind.
dren and I remember with thankfulness have a good heart and a good soul, only
and gratitude the happy times I spent in you must get stronger” and she would take I hope that your talents, through sincerity,
her home. She was sister and mother and me by the hand to where Bapak was and may bear fruit. May God shower His
sit with me awhile. Blessings through the work, and may it
friend – all in one to me.
eventually be able to ease the suffering of
Always the night before I leave Cilandak mankind.
The last time I visited Cilandak was a few
months before she left us – she was differ- Mbakju would come to my room and sit
The SIHA web site contains much inter-
ent then – more serious and quieter. She on my bed and talk to me and give me ad-
esting information at www.subud-health.
said “You must not love Mbakju too much vice and comfort – because it was always org
– you must not love Bapak too much”. I so difficult to leave Bapak and Ibu.
did not understand then, but I do now. There is an active SIHA listserver - on-
The last group latihan I had with Mbakju going forum for discussion about health -
She said once “First love God, then your- was in Cilandak. There were just a few of through, under
self, then your husband and then your fam- us and it was late in the evening. The lati- "important links"
ily. Even if you don’t like somebody in- han was quiet and only Mbakju was sing-
side, you must like them outside”. ing – so beautifully, and then there were Latidjah Miller may be contacted at 1300
hundreds of stars falling all around me – Browns Mill Court, Herndon, VA 20170,
“Do not be sorry for other people, because and when I related this experience to USA. Email:
then you are blaming God for their situa- Mbakju, she said simply, “There is a King
and there is a Queen”. Maxwell Fraval, current SIHA Coordina-
tor, may be contacted at :
About the time of Mbakju’s death, I had a
“Before 12 midnight you must pray ‘God
forgive me for any sins I have committed dream/experience about her. I saw her
You can join SIHA by going to the SIHA
today – for any sins committed in the past lying on her bed in her room and her fam-
web site and log on to “Registration” and
– and for any sins I may commit in the ily was around her. The door opened and follow the prompts.
future”. Bapak entered the room. As Bapak ap-
proached her, she sat up in her bed. Bapak You may subscribe to Resonance by
She always wanted to make people happy. kissed her on her forehead and Mbakju contacting:
On one occasion while answering her let- leaned back and passed away, peacefully.

SUBUD VOICE - November 2005 13

Sylvia des Tombe continues her series of We talked, and he spoke to my husband Was there anything in your childhood,
articles about Subud members in Mos- and me about Subud. Again, the things in your early years, which might have
cow. She writes... that he said were very simple, nothing predisposed you to a more spiritual life
spectacular, nothing miraculous, but I was than was common in the Soviet Union?
Adeliya Raevich is one of the members of completely convinced and aware that this
the Subud group in Moscow who has was the right thing, what I had been wait- Yes, I think there were a couple of
been opened the longest. I have known ing for for many, many years. things.
her since 1992, when I first came to Rus-
sia with my Russian Club from the Ja- That very year my husband was working One of my grandmothers was a Russian
karta International School. Adeliya is one at the Embassy of Britain as an interpreter, Orthodox believer. She went to church
of the mainstays of the Moscow Subud and this was the first year ever that Em- and practiced her religion as the church
group… bassy employees were allowed to go to advised people to do. I don’t know any-
England with their spouses for a holiday thing about her inner attitude to God or
How is it that you came to join Subud, that lasted a week. her faith.
and how is it that you were ready when
the time came? We went to London around Christmas The family story is like this: Grand-
time (1990), and of course Natasha gave mother had me baptized without my par-
Since I was twelve (in 1973), I knew that us phone numbers of Subud people in ents knowing about it; since my father
there was a man on this planet who had London. We called them. We met a Subud was a diplomat, he might have had prob-
something for me. I thought that he would brother who spent a whole day with us, lems at work if it had been found out.
live in India, that he was somewhere in taking us around the city. Even as a child, I had poor health.
that region. My belief in that was so strong
that I never doubted it; I never even asked Then, on the 23rd of December, I was Almost immediately, when I was bap-
myself HOW this idea came into my mind opened in the Subud House in central Lon-
or why. tized, I became violently ill; I was vomit-
don. This is where I met Istafiah Is’harc. ing, and had an upset stomach and a high
She was one of the women who opened temperature. Of course my mom sus-
Whenever I came across a practice, I al- me, and later we became friends.
ways compared what the practice was with pected that, in her absence, her mother
my inner knowledge of what this person had taken me some place. My grand-
My opening was actually very strong. I felt mother confessed that she had had me
was to give me. If this didn’t coincide, if the latihan from the very first words that
there was no inner response to whatever I baptized in the church. My parents were
the helper who was opening me said. I very angry with her.
came across, I said to myself: It’s not for think she was surprised, because, no
me. sooner had she opened her mouth than my Then, when I was about five or six, my
head lifted, which I now know means I am grandmother took me to church with her
Then, somewhere in 1990, I think it was in standing in front of, facing the power of
the spring, my husband’s friends came again. There, she took Communion,
God, and I am here to worship. something which she did from time to
back from England. When they were
showing us photographs of pictures taken time, and she made me do it, for the first
In my first latihan, during my opening, I time in my life. I remember being very
in London, they showed us a picture of
asked God to free me of some emotional scared, almost frozen with fright.
some people, and they said, “These are our
conflicts I was feeling at the time. In the
Subud friends.”
course of the latihan, I felt as if a bubble in When we came back home, I was com-
front of my chest burst open, and some- pletely ill again—vomiting, with an up-
Of course, my husband and I asked, “What
thing left me. set stomach, a very high temperature—
is ‘Subud?” because the word sounded
strange and interesting. Natasha explained exactly the same symptoms. The story
After the latihan, Istafiah came up to me repeated itself: Grandmother told my
in a very simple way: “This is a group of
and said, “In your latihan, you spoke to mum, and my parents were not at all
people who worship God.” Somehow, I
God and asked for something, and He ful- pleased.
immediately knew: This is it! The feeling
was as if something promised had been filled your wish.” I said, “Yes, that’s true.”
completed and fulfilled. In a way, this was the proof for me that my This was my early experience with the
choice had been right and that Subud was Church. My attitude after that was that it
Natasha didn’t really say much to me exactly what I had been waiting for. was something very powerful and very
about Subud, and her explanations were dangerous for me.
very simple, but she said that, if I was still Some people wait for miracles to happen
interested, she would let me know if some- to them for years and years. Miracles like My faith originated in spite of these
one from Subud came to Moscow. that started in my first latihan. That was negative experiences and my father’s
the beginning. being a non-believer.
One day she called me and said that a real
Subud person was in Moscow, on a busi- Then, when I heard about Bapak (because, My father has always been interested in
ness trip. If I wanted to meet him, I could in her explanations, Natasha hadn’t men- philosophy and questions like how life
come to their place for tea in the evening. I tioned him), I knew he was the man about originated on Earth, why people are here,
remember that it was quite late when I whom I had been thinking when I was how come this world is so well organized
went there, and my husband suggested that twelve. Though I never met him in the and functions almost perfectly, what
he should accompany me for safety rea- physical world, I always had a feeling that death is, and what life is. I had heard him
sons. So the two of us arrived at Natasha’s there was a connection with him, since, in talking about these matters all my life,
place, and there was Georges Ivanoff, the a way, I had known about him for such a for as long as I could remember.
first Subud member from the West whom I long time.
had met.

SUBUD VOICE - May 2004

14 SUBUD VOICE - November 2005

Continued from page 3.

The little company that has purchased the

building has also established The Sydney
International Cultural Centre for its
"trading as" name, and the venue it-
self has a business name -- 72 Erskine --
with a tagline, Exhibitions and Events.

For more information contact:

Sahlan McKingley, Executive Diretor,
Telephone: (02) 96600740
Telephone at 72 Erskine: (02) 92999779
Monday-Friday and sometimes on week-

(Edited from a document distributed by

the 72 Erskine team, at Subud Sydney
Newtown gathering 4th September 2005.)

Adeliyah Raevich—one of the first Moscow Subud members.

Since I loved him dearly, I tried to find the The interesting thing is that, before I THE PASSING
answers to these questions to ease his bur- joined Subud, I tried to go to church many
den. times, first as a teen-ager, and then as an OF
adult. But I never understood a word in the
Therefore, as a child, I was already think- service because it is conducted in Old HAMID CAMP
ing about these things. He and I discussed Church Slavonic, and I never knew when
them for hours and hours. Of course I lis- to cross myself. I always looked at the old
tened more than I talked, but I think the ladies and simply copied their movements. Hamid’s son, Raymard writes…
“soil” was ready because of this. My going to church at that time was just
the shell, just the outer behavior; it didn’t Hamid Hamilton Camp passed away at
My father worked for the United Nations have any inner content. around 9:30 PM on Oct 2nd 2005 at his
as a diplomat, and, when we were in New home. The doctors were not 100% sure but
York, where we lived for several years, I was opened at the end of December, it looks like a heart attack.
some of his American friends presented 1990. I remember that I went to church in
him with a Bible in Russian. February, 1991, and I spent three hours The family is taking a few days to decide
there. In the church, I was in the state of the next steps and then a notice will be
In those years, this was forbidden in Rus- latihan. I understood every word of the sent out. I know he is happy now as he is
sia. You couldn’t find it, and you couldn’t service. I crossed myself seconds before back with his true love and soul mate my
buy it. So, this present was really a treas- the old ladies, and I knew exactly what mother Rasjadah. God bless him and them
ure, and I was very interested in the book. was going on; the whole service had ac- both.”
quired a deep inner meaning.
I read the four gospels, and I was very Messages of condolence have been flood-
impressed. I found so many answers to so Since that day, the Church is for me truly a ing in from all around the world.
many of my questions that I became a be- house of God. I am convinced and I am
liever, myself, on a very basic level. absolutely sure that my awareness of this
is because I joined Subud. Before, I was Ibu Rahayu writes…
When I read a book, I have a tendency to just going through the motions in church,
identify with what I read, and, when I was but now, thanks to Subud, I feel the spirit Dear Hamid’s family and Sisters and
reading about the life of Jesus, I actually of the Church when I am there. Brothers,
‘lived’ there with Him: I cried, I felt the
pain, the joy; His life became part of my It is like a paradox: on the one hand, The family of Bapak mourn the death of
own life experience. Now I know that eve- Subud gave me the form for individual Hamid, who will be remembered by many
rything that can happen to a person in life worship, but on the other, my being part of as a true Subud brother.
is there, in the Gospels. Subud planted spirit into my church ex-
periences, so it has become alive for me. We pray that his soul goes swiftly to his
That’s how I became a believer. Jesus was rightful place….
alive, for me. When you have such experi- Subud has broadened my life: I can go to
ences, it changes you. You go through church now and feel the presence of God He was a funny, friendly man and he
some sort of transformation. there, and I can also do the latihan. My wrote the best songs yet about Subud.
spiritual life has finally acquired unity of
And then, when I learned about Subud, I form and spirit.
knew I had found the way I could worship

SUBUD VOICE - November 2005 15

"Subud®" and the seven circle symbol are registered marks of the World Subud Association.

15-18: Enterprise Meeting at Hilltop MUSIC BY SUBUD ARTISTS

EVENTS Farm Conference Centre, Perth, West-
Yamba Yamba Orchestra - ‘Rainstorm’ £11.00
ern Australia. For details contact Ha-
drian Michell at Robert Millard ‘Piano Recital 2 (Chopin)’ £11.00
NOVEMBER Adrienne Thomas ‘Speaking In Tongues’ £11.00
3-4: Idul Fitri. Ref: Harlan Cockburn ‘Ship Without Rudder’ £11.00 Susila Dharma International Leonard Paice ‘The Ashgrove’ £11.00
will collect donations for our Emer- Prices include postage anywhere.
3: Join Subud USA and Subud UK for gency Relief Fund to be disbursed to (Credit Card option on website)
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and fundraising campaign for landmine ate NGOs assisting earthquake survi- 104 Constitution Hill,
accident survivors in Southeast Asia. For vors in Pakistan. We are working in Norwich, NR34 BB UK.
more info. contact Melinda collaboration with the Chair of Subud Pakistan, Sohail Kiani.
4-6: Kejiwaan Gathering at the Oslo Emergency funds can be electroni-
Subud House, Norway. For details, cally transferred via credit card on WORLD LATIHANS
please contact Hustein Lorentzen at the SDI website: NOVEMBER
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16 SUBUD VOICE - November 2005