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PowDLL (converter and .

NET assembly)

(PowDLL Converter.exe - version 2.76)

A program for the interconversion procedure between variable formats of Powder X-
Ray files. Multiple file formats, both binary and ASCII, are supported.

For info about public methods exposed check the webpage:

Installation: Run the Setup! To update just run the setup w/o uninstalling the old

Minimal Requirements: Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0

PowDLL is written in Visual Basic.NET.

PowDLL is freely available for academic or commercial use @
Please use this web address only!

For support email me at:

Thank you.

Nikolaos Kourkoumelis, PhD

Assistant Prof.
Medical Physics - Biophysics
School of Health Sciences
University of Ioannina

Important Note: PowDLL and PowDLL Converter are distributed in the hope that they
will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY of being free of internal errors. The
author is not responsible for erroneous results obtained with the program.