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Who can avail of the produc vity toolbox?

Recognition and Incentives The productivity toolbox can be availed

of by micro small and medium enterprises
Companies that have completed the particularly those engaged in the following
series of trainings offered in produc vity sectors: agribusiness, manufacturing and services.
toolbox are then encouraged to join the The primary objective of this program is to
help boost the productivity of MSMEs which
Produc vity Olympics being conducted
comprises the 99.4% of the total establishments
by NWPC. in the Philippines, so they can transition to
bigger and globally-competitive enterprises.
• Productivity Olympics - a biennial
national competition to give due How to avail of the program?
recognition for best productivity
improvement programs of micro, Interested companies may apply to
small and medium enterprises. NWPC or the nearest RTWPB in their area or
Nominees, are evaluated based on region. To know more about the program or
given criteria that measure the best the whole produc vity toolbox, please visit
produc vity improvement program our official website
of an enterprise. Specifically,
nominees shall be evaluated based What are the requirements?
on the impact on its resource
management, business excellence To be eligible of this program,
and adop on on green workplace companies should:
prac ces.
a. be 100% Filipino-owned;
b. have basic systems in place such as
recruitment of workers, produc on
and maintenance; and,
c. be interested to avail and willing
to implement productivity
Produc vity
improvement programs in their

As of May 2017
The National Wages and Productivity
Commission, through the 16 Regional Tripartite
Wages and Productivity Boards (RTWPBs), is offering
a package of training programs and technical assistance in a
ladderized system to ensure that they transition to a more Advanced Training
viable and competitive enterprises and comply Intermediate Training
with labor laws. These more advanced courses are designed for
To con nue the learning process, companies can avail companies that have gone through the first two ladders.
of the following training programs/technical assistance: The trainings available under this stage are:
Productivity Training Promotion
In this stage, the produc vity toolbox is introduced to • ISTIV Plus (Succeeding in Business) - combines
poten al company-beneficiaries. Topics to be discussed during productivity values and productivity techniques • SQ Plus (Value Chain) - for the tourism supply chain
the promo on will revolve on the possible benefits and gains from using a knowledge dialogue mechanism that makes which covers a network of tourism organiza ons
embarking into the training programs as well as the requirements for improved communica on between labor and engaged in different activities ranging from the
they need to be submi ed once they decided to avail of NWPC/ management common produc on objec ves. supply of different components of tourism products/
RTWPB assistance. • Green ME - is a training and consul ng program for services such as air transport, land transport, hotels,
sustainable growth and environment protec on that resto/bars, tour operators/guides, souvenir shops,
Basic Training etc. and involves a wide range of par cipants in both
recognizes the workforce as the driver of change in
The companies who chose to enrol in produc vity toolbox the private and public sectors.
the enterprise
may go through any of the following applicable training programs: • Incentivizing Performance - design to promote
• Service Quality (enterprise level) - is a quality
• Produc vity 101-Labor Rela ons, Human Rela ons and Produc vity management intervention which makes use of sharing of gains brought about by improved
(LHP) - is a basic orienta on on produc vity concepts, measures, prescribed tools and techniques in developing productivity and/or business outcomes and to
tools and techniques. familiarize pax on the different gainsharing schemes
crea ve solu ons to deliver error-free service.
• ISTIV Program Awareness Program (PAP) - is a values-driven human including actual prac ces.
resource for quality and produc vity improvement that is rooted • Time and Mo on Study - is a technical assistance
to establish piece rate/produc on standards and to • Green ME for Hotel Industry - training program which
in the five ideal a ributes of a produc ve individual. I stands for
Industrious, S for Systema c, T for Time-conscious, I for Innova ve, develop efficient and effec ve work methods. promotes environmentally sound practices and
and V for strong Value for work • Lean Management - is a training program on crea ng technologies in hotel/accommoda on/restaurant
• 5S of Good Housekeeping - is an integrated concept of ac ons, more value for customers while minimizing resources establishments.
condi on and culture aimed at boos ng produc vity through basic through elimina on of different types of wastes
housekeeping prac ces which will help to improve enterprises’ produc vity,
• ISTIV Bayanihan - a training program and networking interven on cost reduc on, quality, and meliness on delivery of PIP Ac on Plan
for Baranggay Micro Business Enterprises/Micro Enterprises
goods and/or services. • covers en re company or supply chain
that supports the growth of micro enterprises by enhancing the
entreprenuers’ way of managing the enterprises. • shows more innova ve ways
• Produc vity Enahncement Program for DOLE Livelihood Program • with gainsharing plan
Beneficiaries - a capacity building interven on to provide DOLE PIP Ac on Plan
livelihood beneficiaries with basic skills on produc vity and quality • shows further improvement
that will enable them to manage their businesses for sustainability
• ini a ves involved more investment
and compe veness.
PIP Ac on Plan
• low cost, prac cal improvements
• offers quick return on investment

Succeeding in Business