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Feed The Birds (Tuppence A Bag) Words and Music by RICHARD M. SHERMAN h feeling and ROBERT B. SHERMAN —, >. VERSE mpEn An aim. An Em Ear- ly each da to the steps of Saint Pauls The lit - tle old ———— Se ae ene In her own spe-cial way ee Edin. Am Em By Em peo-ple she calls, “Come, buy my bags full of crumbs: {© 1963 WONDERLAND MUSIC COMPANY. INC. ‘This arvangement © 1979 WONDERLAND MUSIC COMPANY, INC. 96 Intemational Copyright Secured Made in U.S.A. ‘All Rights Reserved ‘Used by Permission of the Copyright Owner Se ___ mf 7 G Dy Come feed the lit-tle birds, show them you care And youll be =~ ee G By mp Em An glad if you do; Their young ones are hun-gry, their — = Edim. An Em Bz Em pall. D7 . __ nests are so bare; All it takes is tup-pence from you. CHORUS mf ¢ atempo = the birds, tup-pence____a_—rbag, Tup - pence , — 37 G Ay D7 6 tup-pence, tup-pence__ a_ bag. Ror the. bina? eee Tif only chorus is sung) tite that's what she o - ver-head, her birds fill the bird wom - an Slightly faster En By Em B7 G By+s, skies. All a round the ca- the-dral the saints and a - pos-tles Look En By Em G Ds G ‘as she sells her wares. ___ Al - though you can't en ie, rn