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News roundup script

Hello and welcome to the news roundup, I’m your host Bartek Krupa.
So firstly let’s head over to Australia were more than 500 Australians have
called for emergency assistance after storms lashed Sydney and nearby
regions, causing floods, power cuts and flight delays. On Wednesday Sydney
had its average monthly rainfall in just 2 hours. Australia’s bureau of
meteorology said it was the wettest November day since 1984. According to
sources in Sydney at least 11 people had been rescued from vehicles trapped
in floods and one man unfortunately died in a car accident. Fire and rescue
NSW have tweeted telling everyone in the area to take care and not to enter
the flood water. From everyone here in the studio if you are in the Sydney area
we hope you stay safe and take care of yourself.

So what if I told you that humans could be landing on Mars very soon. NASA
has confirmed the InSight probe has successfully landed on Mars and has sent
back its first pictures. The probe withstood temperatures of 1,500ᵒC upon
entering Mars’ atmosphere.

In other news Kellogg’s have finally agreed to put traffic light labels on most of
its cereal packs sold in the UK from January having previously refused to do so.
The traffic light system labels food’s green, amber or red, to help consumers
easily identify products that have low, medium or high levels of salt, fat and
sugar. Overall just under 80% of Kellogg’s cereal packs sold in the UK and
Ireland will carry the new label.

Now if you are a regular commuter and take the train then you’ll be angry to
hear that the rail fares are to rise by 3.1% on January the 2nd. The rise which
was announced by industry body the Rail Delivery Group, follows a year of
disruption on some lines. Rail Delivery Group chief executive Paul Plummer
admitted that no one wanted to pay more to travel “especially those who
experienced significant disruption earlier this year”.
Four senior figures are behind efforts to limit climate change have warned that
the planet “is at a crossroads” as key talks opened a day early in Poland.
Experts say that drastic cuts in emissions will be needed if the world is to reach
targets agreed in Paris. The IPCC stated that to keep to the 1.5°C, governments
would have to slash emissions of greenhouse gases by 45% by 2030. UN
secretary-general Antonio Guterres said climate change was already “a matter
of life or death” for many countries.

Real Madrid and Croatia midfielder Luka Modric has won the 2018 Ballon d’Or
becoming the first player other than Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo to claim
the reward in more than a decade. Ronaldo, who joined Juventus from Real
Madrid in the summer, came second. Barcelona forward Messi finished fifth,
with Atletico Madrid frontman Antoine Griezmann and PSG attacker Kylian
Mbappe, both of whom won the World Cup with France finished third and
fourth respectively. Staying with the Ballon D’or ceremony Martin Solveig has
apologised after asking Lyon and Norway defender Ana Hegerberg if she knew
how to twerk. Hegerberg told BBC Sport she “Didn’t consider it sexual
harassment” Solveig was widely criticised on social media, including by two-
time Wimbledon tennis champion Andy Murray, who said on Instagram: “
Another example of the ridiculous sexism that still exists in sport” On Tuesday,
women in Sport said it was “extremely disappointed” at the comments made
by Solveig. In a video message, he added: “I am a little bit amazed as to what I
am reading on the internet. I, of course, didn’t want to offend anyone”

Now tensions are building up in Eastern Europe as Ukrainian President says

Ukraine is on the brink of war against Russia after the recent Kerch strait
incident. The whole situation has worsened significantly since the Ukrainian
ships illegally crossed the Russian maritime border. Just recently Ukrainian
president Petro Poroshenko has urged NATO to send ships to the Sea of Azov
following a naval confrontation with Russia off Crimea. He told Germany’s Bild
newspaper he hoped the ships could be relocated “to assist Ukraine and
provide security” NATO has expressed “full support” for Ukraine, which is not a
member state. The recent seizure of the two Ukrainian gunboats and a tug has
brought security in the black sea to the forefront on NATO’s agenda at their
meeting in Brussels on Tuesday. For the Russian’s the Black Sea has always
been seen as a “back yard”. And the end of the Cold War and the break-up of
the Soviet Union greatly complicated relationships. Russia is alarmed at what it
sees as NATO’s growing incursion into the region. Three nearby states, Turkey,
Romania and Bulgaria, are members of the alliance. NATO conducts air policing
operations out of Romania, helping them to defend their territory by
intercepting Russian jets approaching their air space. Similarly, NATO warships
have stepped up patrols in the Black Sea. Romania is hosting a US built ballistic
missile defence site. And NATO along with individual Alliance members is
developing military ties with its partner countries Georgia and Ukraine. But
NATO also has another problem, Warfare is always changing. Indeed, the once-
clear boundary between war and peace is dissolving. We hear a lot about
military demonstrations, exercises, cyber-attacks and information operations.
Traditionally these have been seen as a prelude to conflict. This then is NATO’s
dilemma: how does it reassure friends and allies in the Black Sea region
without simply making matters worse.

Anyway in other news Piers Morgan has clashed with a woman who believes
veganism should become a religion, culminating in a bet the presenter will
outlive her on the planet. Asked why veganism should be a religion, Liz said:
“it’s a deeply held belief, it’s a passion I believe in not making others suffer. I
believe in the most vulnerable members of our society. Which is farm animals,
should be treated with respect”

Now Robbie Williams returned back to his Take that roots for the X Factor
final. The Angels singer couldn’t help but join his former bandmates on stage
for one of their best hits – Everything changes but you

And finally a teenager has been pictured waving around a machete in

Huddersfield. Postman Andrew Green said it happened on Wellington Street
in Huddersfield on Wednesday, November 7th. He says drug-taking teenagers
have been trying to intimidate him for months. West Yorkshire Police have
now confirmed their investigation into the incident remains ongoing and that
no-one has been charged
Thank you so much for listening and ill now pass it over to Owen Saunders for
the Sports news Roundup.