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Ushering in a new era

2018: Issue 12

Association installs new leadership, recognizes 2018 member achievements

Member of the Year Associate Chaney-Shallenberger Life Member 2019 President

Edmundo Dena Member of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award Sam Shallenberger Sergio Cuartas
Everest Homes Angelique Roman Henry Tinajero Morrison Supply BIC Homes
Sierra Title WestStar Bank

The installation and recognition dinner Presidents Mickey Schwartz and E. H. Dena for his then Randy
was held at the Marriott El Paso on Baeza, Jr. accomplishments during installed the
December 7 with an overflow crowd In the categories of recognition Edgar his second term. “I Executive team of
attending. The installation of 2019 Garcia, Sandra Lucero and Edmundo honestly want to let Edgar Garcia, Sal
President Sergio Cuartas, the Executive Dena were honored for their 100% everyone know that this Masoud, Luis
Leadership and Board was the official attendance at award is not a Mundo Rosas and
reason for the event. The EPAB has board meetings. award, but one of the Edmundo Dena.
also used this Ray Adauto then whole team,” Dena They remained on
event to began with said. “We did a lot of stage as 2019
congratulate announcing the things this year,” he President Sergio
members who Associate concluded. The Cuartas took his
have excelled at Member of the second term was oath. “I want to
volunteering at the Year and that highlighted with the growth of thank everyone but
association. honor went to membership and the giving atmosphere especially family,” Sergio told the
The ceremonies Angelique Dena created. “I think he did a really audience while he mentioned his father,
started with Happy Roman from good job and he will be remembered for a mother, wife and children. “I am grateful
Hour presented by Sierra Title. “I long time,” Sam Shallenberger said. to be in the most
MTI Ready Mix. am so A surprise announcement was made wonderful country in
The bars were busy honored and that long-time member and Associates the world, a place that
from the opening humbled with the award, and totally Chairman Sam Shallenberger would be gave me an
through the event. surprised,” Angelique said after getting inducted into Life Membership, an honor opportunity,” he said in
Diamond partners this year included the award. rarely bestowed. Before Sam there were his acceptance
Sierra Title, Foxworth Galbraith, MTI The Chaney-Shallenberger Life only nine Life Members in the 72-year speech.
Ready Mix, GCC, WestStar, Interceramic Achievement Award was then presented history of the association. “I am so Ray reminded the
and United Site Services. Platinum to Henry Tinajero, WestStar Bank. “I had humbled to be thought of this way, a guest to save the date,
partner was Rocky Mountain Mortgage, this feeling come over me when Sam was really special honor. I know that this is Friday, December 6,
Gold Partner was Western Heritage Bank. describing the winner and it sure sounded the greatest honor I’ve ever been given in 2019 for our next
A year in review video was shown and like he was talking about me,” Tinajero my life,” Shallenberger told the Outlook. installation.
many attendees could be seen chuckling joked later. “Funny how you hear it and Randy Bowling, First Vice President of
and pointing out scenes. The video was then when your name is announced the Texas Association of Builders was More photos Page 8 >
dedicated to those family and members you’re still surprised,” he added. called on to install the new board and
we lost during the year, including Past Member of the Year went to Edmundo leadership. The Board was installed and


2 Builders Outlook 2018 Issue 12

And the winner is...

Please join us for the
first annual

Real TexaS builder AWARDS

El Paso Museum of Art
1 Arts Festival Plaza
Downtown El Paso
Reception 6:00 PM
Awards 7:00 PM



2018 Issue 12 Builders Outlook 3



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Another year draws to a close at EPAB

ediToRial SeRViceS
This is my last editorial as your President. awesome response for Thanksgiving. The
i will enjoy stepping into the duty of association was listened to at the state and
immediate Past President for 2019. national levels, and now i look forward to
i’m very excited at where the leadership working with TaB 2020 President Randy
is and i’m sure that Sergio, edgar, Sal, and Bowling even more closely.
luis, working with a very excited board, will do not forget to engage your association
carry the association to more greatness. and do not forget to help your fellow man.
We have done some great things together When you do that then you will have made
because after all, this is not a one-person a difference. You become engaged.
association, it is all of us coming together. i i am pleased and grateful with everyone
have noticed some things this second time that helped the association along the way
around. associations are quirky because this year. i get goosebumps knowing that
we need it to be many things to many we’re a great association because of who
people. like in home building nothing ever we are.
comes in on schedule or per plan, and this My year was made better by two people
year we didn’t accomplish everything we at the office, Ms. Margaret and everybody’s
set out to do. We did do the major things, uncle, Ray. i will continue to serve as an
like the membership drive, the excellent golf active past president. You have honored Get Creative. Make it Snappy.
tournaments, the little kids playhouse for me more than i can ever repay. 915•820•2800
the children’s Hospital Foundation, and the
Builders Outlook 2018 Issue 12


Ray Adauto,

‘Can do’ attitude caps off succesful year

Vice President

There’s always a way that things told me that it was challenging trying Cuartas and the board. I’d like to December, a website that lets you
get done when you are surrounded to find the right food for the families. thank Margaret Adauto for all that know what public employees and
by doers. So’s the case for our And she praised her mom because she does, sometimes early in the management makes in your
Association and the sometimes as Isabel said, “I always just showed morning or late at night, but always community, the state, and the nation.
impossible made possible. Case in up and ate, never thinking how because she does a great job. I caution you that what you’ll see
point is the work that was done to much time, effort and thought went Recognitions went to Henry may shock you but know that it
help feed families during into that meal my mom made.” Yes, Tinajero, Angelique Roman, Sam comes down to you Mr. and Mrs.
Thanksgiving. You see it starts with it does take time and effort, but Shallenberger, and Edmundo Dena. John Q Public. Do they deserve
Edmundo Dena asking Angelique when all said and done it’s because All of these folks got a well-deserved these salaries? In a lot of cases yes.
Roman to help him feed five we love doing good things. I want to pat on the back and bragging rights. But I think you’ll really open up your
families. She says let’s do ten. point out that other members had You have some outstanding eyes when you get to some of the
Then Brenda Aguirre is asked to already given to other places and examples of what it takes to get positions and what they are paying.
help and all of the sudden some other needy families. I want to these recognitions, all boils down to I don’t malign the workers, but
serious collections start. Dena had salute you also because you did that “engagement”. These members simply want to show you how some
me send out an email and well the with love and thought. And shared went above the role of member and things can get way out of hand.
doers started doing. Over the next the Blessing of the day. into the stratosphere of “engaged Especially from the taxpayers.
few days we were able to collect Our installation and recognition member”, doing what others couldn’t Read it
enough food for 53 baskets, one for were successful, and I want to thank or wouldn’t. You have some and get informed.
each of the 53 families that got help the partners we had help from. All examples in others, but you know
from you. Terrific job to the three, seven Diamonds, a Platinum and a these four. Are you going to be
and terrific job to all who contributed. Gold. Thanks for participating. To next?
As the last of the baskets was Randy Bowling thanks for doing the Finally, I’d like to share something
delivered member Isabel Chacon oath for incoming President Sergio with you. I came across this in mid-
2018 Issue 12 Builders Outlook 5

Builder News

Most Americans Cite a

Housing Affordability
Crisis Nationwide and
Close to Home
n Nearly three out of four American
households believe that the nation is suffering
a housing affordability crisis, and a majority of
respondents reported this is a problem at
their local and state level as well, according
to a new nationwide survey conducted on
behalf of the National Association of Home
Builders (NAHB).
“These poll results confirm what builders
from across the nation have been warning
about—that housing affordability is an
increasingly serious problem in communities
across America,” said NAHB Chairman
Randy Noel, a custom home builder from
LaPlace, La. “A mix of regulatory barriers, ill-
considered public policy and challenging
market conditions is driving up costs and
making it increasingly difficult for builders to
produce homes that are affordable to low-
and moderate-income families.”
More than 2,200 adults were surveyed
Nov. 27 through Nov. 30 to assess the
public’s attitude on whether a lack of
affordable housing is a problem in their
neighborhoods, cities, states and nationwide.
The poll cut across partisan, regional,
demographic and socio-economic lines.
Among its key findings:
•  73 percent of all respondents believe that
a lack of affordable housing is a problem in
the U.S.
• 68 percent believe this is an issue in
their state and 54 percent cite housing
affordability as a concern in their
•  58 percent said that if they decided to
purchase a home in the near future, they
would have trouble finding a home they could
afford in their city or county.
•  Breaking down by community types, 68
percent reported a dearth of affordable
housing as a problem in urban communities,
64 percent said it was an issue in middle-
class neighborhoods and 56 percent cited a
problem in rural areas.
IIn terms of strategies to improve the lack
of affordable housing, 55 percent believe it
would be effective for their city or county to
lower development and construction fees
builders must pay so that more affordable
units can be built and 53 percent believe it
would be effective to increase government
subsidies to builders to produce more
affordable units.
The poll is also consistent with the latest
findings from NAHB’s Housing Trends Report
for the third quarter of 2018, which finds that
79 percent of buyers say they can afford to
purchase fewer than half of the homes
available in their local markets.
Nearly a third of America’s 119 million
households are cost burdened and pay more
than 30 percent of their income for housing,
according to NAHB analysis of data from the
Census Bureau’s 2017 American Community
Survey. That number includes almost half of
the nation’s renter households and a quarter
of the owner households.
Regulatory requirements alone account for
about 25 percent of the cost of constructing a
single-family home and roughly 30 percent of
the cost of a multifamily unit. And every day,
builders grapple with increasing construction
material costs, a shortage of skilled workers
and a dwindling supply of developed lots.
Restrictive policies that limit or even prohibit
various types of homes and make large areas
off-limits to new construction contribute
significantly to the problem.
“Housing is vital to the economic health of
our nation,” said Noel. “This poll should serve
as a wake-up call to policymakers at all levels
of government to ease regulatory burdens
that needlessly drive up the cost of housing
and to enact policies that will encourage the
production of badly-needed affordable
housing units.”
6 Builders Outlook 2018 Issue12

Mortgage This is what the housing market could look like in 2019
& Banking

finally edged down. In fact, Freddie Association of Home Builders revealed that from 2015 through
Mac revealed mortgage rates Chairman Randy Noel said. 2017, Americans spent $449.5
retreated to 4.75%, according to its Despite these industry billion on home renovation projects.
Primary Mortgage Market Survey. headwinds, Probasco said the This number is likely to increase in
Todd Probasco, Lakeside Bank’s recent decline in rates will create a the upcoming year as well.
vice president mortgage sales competitive and attractive “Mortgage rates have been rising
manager, said this retreat will be landscape for homebuyers. for two years and lots of
impactful.. Interestingly, Redfin reported that homeowners are locked into low
“Interest rates hit 5% a month mortgage rates have driven rates they don’t want to give up by
ago and rates have been going up migration from expensive coastal selling their current home, so
for the last year, so that reduction cities, increasing competition in they’re fixing up instead of moving
is a big move in the market,” he affordable inland markets. up,” NerdWallet mortgage expert
said. Probasco notes that going into Holden Lewis said.
Probasco is not wrong. the new year, housing market Overall, Probasco said going into
Throughout 2018, both pending trends are likely to reflect 2019, homebuyers are likely to see
and home sales have fallen month similarities from 2018. slight increases in mortgage rates,
over month. “For 2019, I expect to see a lot of but the current landscape of the
Furthermore, homebuilder similarities from 2018 into 2019,” housing market is favorable for
In 2018, the housing market confidence continued to decline as Probasco said. “The majority of homebuyers looking for a home.
experienced its fair share of up and interest rates proved to be a transactions in 2019 will be
downs, attributed to many factors, deterrence for many prospective purchase, although there will still
including affordability and inventory homebuyers. be some refinance.”
concerns. But as the year comes to “Builders report that they Interestingly, Probasco said there
an end, homebuyers will be continue to see signs of consumer will also be an uptick in both home
walking into 2019 with more pep in demand for new homes but that renovations and home equity lines
their step customers are taking a pause due of credit.
Last week, amid U.S. stock to concerns over rising interest It’s worth noting that NerdWallet’s
market volatility, mortgage rates rates and home prices,” National latest Home Improvement Report
2018 Issue 12 Builders Outlook 7

Elliot Eisenberg

Dr. Eisenberg’s thoughts about things economic

Economic & Policy

With 155,000 net new and corporate investment Superficially, Great Britain near a decade low. But job
November jobs, the labor collapsing (2000 recession), and looks good despite Brexit. growth remains strong, incomes
market continues to perform there's no mortgage-lending Unemployment is near a record are up, and household formation
well, but may be cooling. The scandal (2008). But exports are low, wages are increasing at is solid. Housing won't cause
unemployment rate held at 3.7% weakening, corporate debt has their fastest pace in a decade, the next recession. It'll be
as folks continued joining the ballooned, and China is and a huge budget deficit has something else.
labor force, which is great, and decelerating. A slowdown, shrunk. However, best estimates And just for grins in 2018, US
wage growth was unchanged guaranteed, but no imminent suggest UK GDP is 2% smaller per capita egg consumption is
from October's solid 3.1%, recession. than had voters chosen to expected to be 279. While some
suggesting wage inflation is in Rates on two-year and three- Remain. Why? Labor force wind up in cakes, souffles and
check. But, employment growth year Treasuries rose above the growth has shrunk from sauces, many are eaten by
over the last three months is rate on the five-year Treasury, 1.2%/year to 0.4%/year, and themselves. The preferred way:
averaging 170,000/month, the which probably lead to investment in the UK has shrunk it's a tie between scrambled and
lowest level in a year as finding substantial algorithmic trading. from 25% of all EU investment fried, both chosen by 23% of
employees becomes tougher. While this isn't a full-fledged to 18%. egg eaters. Next comes
Oil prices aren't spiking (which yield curve inversion (YCI), Builder confidence is at its poached at 22%, soft boiled is
caused the 1973 and 1979 which refers to the yield on the lowest level since 8/16, housing fourth at 11%, then hard boiled
recessions), neither are interest two-year Treasury exceeding starts peaked in 1/18, and at 6%. Egg consumption peaked
rates (1981 and 1983 the ten-year, this mini inversion building permits in 3/18. As for at 420 eggs/person in 1945.
recessions). Better yet, banks isn't to be ignored, as it has existing housing, sales peaked
aren't failing, nor is consumer generally been followed by a in 11/17, pending sales peaked
confidence tanking (collectively YCI. And a YCI has preceded in 4/16, prices are rising
helping cause the 1990 each recession since the late noticeably slower, inventories
recession), nor are equity prices 1960s. are rising, and affordability is

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closer every single day.

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who was crowned the ‘Top Knot’ at the
Rio Grande Cancer Foundation’s Blue
Tie Guy Celebration. Sam was one of 16
men who were chosen to promote
awareness about men’s cancers and
fundraise for the foundation. Sam
proudly wore his blue tie during the
campaign and is commited to continuing
his work on the board of directors at the
Rio Grande Cancer Foundation.
10 Builders Outlook 2018 Issue 12

#Real Texas

The El Paso Association of Builders encourages you to work with our members.
Builder members Millennium Homes Barraza Drywall Corp. Eagle Custom Cabinets
as of September 1, 2018 Dan Ruth Ignacio Barraza Juan Benabidez
Bain Construction Pacifica Homes, Inc. Barrett Airworks Eagle Roofing Products
Scott Bain Juan Jose Vasquez Alexandro Castro Scott Aguilar
Althon Investments, LLC Padilla Homes Bassett Woodworks Edgar's Flooring
Jose Luis Martin Misael Navarrete Danny Murillo Edgar Enriquez
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Blue Star Construction R.C. Baeza & Associates Big A Construction El Paso Building Materials
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Bowling Construction R.E. Welch Contractor BMC Select El Paso Disposal
Randy Bowling Gordon Welch David Quintana Irma Parsons
Carefree Homes Rassette Homes, Inc. Boise Cascade El Paso Mortgage Bankers Association
Richard Aguilar Donald Rassette Mike Flores Gilbert Pedregon
Casas De Leon, LLC Rosewood Design and Build Border Construction Specialties El Paso Times
Nick Bombach Brianna Barnes Ricardo Yvellez Sal Hernandez, Justin Riley
Cisco Homes LLC Santana Custom Homes Border Solar El Paso Truss
Francisco Arroyos III Fernando Santana Javier Ruiz Luis Mendiola
Classic American Homes Southwest Land Development Serv. Bordertown Carpets El Paso Winnelson
Priscilla Hernandez Doug Schwartz Brian M. Abraham Rene Goldfien
Crown Heritage Homes Spanish Oaks Custom Homes Builders Source Appliance Gallery Electrolux NA
Lydia Mlouhi Juan R. Saenz Sandra Lucero Adger Colley
Cullers & Caldwell Builders The Heritage Group Bukaty Financial Companies Group Elizardo Garcia Electric
John Cullers David Bingham Ruth Rivera Elizardo Garcia
Cullers Homes Trejo Construction Co. C. D. Lee/Britton Insurance & Bonding ERA Sellers & Buyers
Jason R. Cullers Juan Trejo Anthony Landavazo/Lisa Daniels Karla Reyes
D B Innovations LLC Tropicana Building Corp. Cabinet Masters ESS Environmental and Safety Solutions
Dan Berry Bobby Bowling IV Mike Robles Jose L. Garcia Ramirez
Dawco Home Builders Tropicana Development Carpet Warehouse EZE-R-DESIGNS
Walter O. Lujan Greg Bowling Erez Belkin Leticia Mata
Deal 2 Deal Custom Homes Tropicana Homes Casa Ford & Casa Nissan Farmers Ins.-Mercedes Ruiz
Delton Deal Randy Bowling Luke Lowenfield Mercedes Ruiz
Del Rio Engineering, Inc. Tropicana Properties Castillo Electric Felipe Rocha Construction
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Diamond Homes, LLC Vallance Construction LLC CEA Engineering Group Ferguson Enterprises Inc.
Valerie Baquera Oswaldo Prieto Jorge L. Azcarate Albert Holguin
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E. Valencia Land Development LLC Vista del Sol Archetectural Design Centricity First American Bank
Eddie Valencia Luis J. Lopez Brent R. Morgan Louis Sauceda
Eclat Homes & Designs Will Harvey Development Century 21 The Edge First Light Federal Credit Union
Veronica Guerra Will S. Harvey Scott Kesner Lorenzo Revelez
Edward's Homes, Inc. Winton/Flair/Accent Homes Citizens Loan Center First National 1870
Eduardo Fernandez Herschel Stringfield Jim Easley Haley Merritt
EPT Bella Custom Dream Homes City Bank Texas Firth, Johnston, Bunn & Kerr
Leti & Javier Navarette Associate members Bob Kotarski Jay Kerr
EPT Land Communities as of September 1, 2018 City Lights Forge Factory Strength & Conditioning
David Bogas Thomas Brown Edmundo Portillo
Everest Homes 150 Sunset CMF Foxworth Galbraith Lumber
Edmundo Dena, Jr. Danny Heredia Carlos Munoz Dan Villarreal
Fortune Custom Homes 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Cognent, Inc. Franklin Building Materials
Javier Andrade James Hebert Martin Paredes Ricardo Aguilar or Cristina Sheldon
Gaddy Construction 4 Tech A/C Service Commercial Insurance Brokers, Inc. G & G Enterprises Gen. Contractor
Charles Gaddy Enrique Hernandez Ken Foster Juan F. Garcia
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Frank Torres Ernie Chavez Conrad Conde Luis Cano
Guel Construction 915 Siteworks, LLC Copenhagen Imports GCC Sun City Materials,LLC
Rudy Guel Hugo Jasso Flemming Carlsen Antonio "Tony" Chavez
Hakes Brothers, LLC A C Refrigeration, LLC CQC Testing and Engineering,LLC GE Appliances
Chris Hakes Angel Cabrera Jaime Rojas Christine R. Villanueva
Hanson Asset Management, LP A Plus Remodeling & Repairs David Hernandez Cabinets GECU- Greater El Paso Credit Union
Russell Hanson Martin Arroyos David Hernandez Danny Galindo
Homes by Design ABC Supply Co., Inc. David J. Ellis Fee Office for Sierra Title GEPAR-Greater El Paso Assoc. of Realtors
Leslie Driggers Hoard Larry Eck David J. Ellis Jason Sanchez
Hunt Communities, LLC Acme Brick Company De La Torre Iron Works Go Pro Refrigeration
Kathy Parry Steve Bush Alfredo de la Torre Humberto Diaz
ICON Custom Builder, LLC. Adams Moulding & Lumber Delek US dba 7 Eleven Goodman Mfg.
Carlos Garcia Tom Swahlen Sonja Scanlan Jorge Guajardo
Industrial Realty Group Incorporated Agustin Favela Concrete Demcon Disposal Management, LLC Great American Insurance Group
Brent D. Harris Agustin Favela Maria Elena (Nena) Gomez Julie Tomlinson
JER Custom Homes, LLC Alden R & R Services, LLC Desert Quest Plumbing Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce
Jorge E. Rodriguez Alejandro Dena Hector Gonzalez David Michael Jerome
Kayton Lee Residential, Inc. Allbrite Electrical Designer's Mart H P Roofing & Construction
Brianna Barnes Carlos Nunez Valerie Edmiston Heriberto Prieto
Lloyd Hamilton Contruction Alvarado Plastering & Stucco, LLC Diaz Services, Inc. Harris Real Estate Group
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Mustafa Ali Ricardo Bocardo Jr. John Dorney Hector Phillips
Maravilla Homes Bank of Texas Dunn-Edwards Paints Hercules Industries
Victor Robles Ray Owen Nathan Gordon John Chaney
Medlock Commercial Contractors LLC Baron Supply DWS Building Supply Hernandez Roofing
Steve Medlock David Trammell Sabrina Voorhies Concepcion Hernandez
Metro Homes, Inc. Barragan & Associates E.F. Building Materials, Inc Home of Texas
Judith Arrunada, Fernando Torres Benito Barragan Efren Fraire Amanda Eason
2018 Issue 12 Builders Outlook 11
Home Pros Real Estate Group MAK Roofing & Construction Randall Smith, CPA Stone City Rocks
Penny Moore Felix Vizarreta Randall Smith Chris Baca
Homes of El Paso Marlo Building Services Rebath of El Paso/Las Cruces StrucSure Home Warranty
Riley Stephens Roberto Martinez Lisa Walling Scott Whisenant
HUB International Masco Contract Serv dba Gale Insul Remcon Self Storage Su Casa Magazine
Luis Rosas William Homan Will Harvey Bob Skolnick
Imperial Construction Massey Johnson Rey Construction Supreme Lending
Alexandro Garcia Josie Ledesma Manuel Reyes Lisa Wren
Inter National Bank McCoy's Building Supplies RGR Roofing, LLC Sun City International Doors
Natalie Ojeda Doug Danner Marco Rodriguez Jorge Carmona
Interceramic Tile & Stone Gallery Merrill Lynch Richman Group Affordable Housing Corp. Sun City Spray Foam
David Holguin Thomas Gabriel Kevin Hoffman Fred Reynolds
J & H Concrete & Post Tension Miguel Sanchez Cano Rito Magallanes Sun City Winnelson
Jorge Herrera Miguel Sanchez Cano Rito Magallanes Dean Moore
J. B. Laminates Minerva Al-Tabbaa Realtor Rocky Mountain Mortgage Company Sun West Windows and Glass
Gina Rodriguez Minerva Al-Tabbaa Dean Inniss Ernie Hernandez
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Cruz Balcorta Joe Soto Bradley Roe Mica Short
J. F. Plastering Moen Rudolph Chevrolet Texas Title Company
Juan Florez Frank Graf Mike Ruffin Steve Raney
Jack White Building Specialties Monster Link Marketing S & J Drywall, LLC TFCU
Claudia Lardizabal Raul Mendoza Yair Jalil & Sergio Jalil Yolie Melendez-Estrada
James L. Ellis, CPA, PC Moreno Cardenas, Inc. Saldivar Electric, Inc. The Dorian Group/Ocean Gallery USA
Jim Ellis Roberto Moreno Martin A. Saldivar Miguel Angel Mercado
JFM Enterprises, Inc. Morrison Supply Sarabias Blue Sanitation The Home Systems Heating & Cooling, Inc.
Jaime Flores Sam Shallenberger Monica Brown Jesus Chain
Jimmy Garza Emergency Water Removal MTI Ready Mix, Inc. SBNG, P.C. The Iron Snail Inc.
Jimmy Garza Tony Mullen Tyler Smith David Zuniga
Jobe Materials, LP New American Funding Segura Framing Trane Residential Solutions
Charlie Tellez Tania Guzman Erika Segura Robert Meske/ Kathleen Chacon
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Susan Flores Randy Bowling Cruz Lopez Kelly Sorenson
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LCR Resource, Inc. Performance Glass & Aluminum Simpson Strong-Tie Company, Inc. W.W. Sales
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requirements such as: • TAB’s Model Construction Safety Program & Jobsite Safety Standards
Package© that includes a User Guide and the Model Safety Plan.
Permit Required Confined • Access to a new webinar that will train you and your employees on the use
Spaces of the Model Safety Plan.
• Upon completion of the webinar, a Certificate of Completion stating that you
Crystalline Silica Standards have completed the webinar that provided you with detailed information on
Access to the previous version of the Model developing your company’s safety plan using TAB’s OSHA-reviewed Model
Safety Plan is no longer available. To purchase Safety Plan. Please watch to the end of the webinar for instructions on
the new online Model Safety Plan Version
obtaining your certificate.
4.0, visit
12 Builders Outlook 2018 Issue 11

The El Paso Association of Builders proudly announces

our 2018 Award Winners and 2019 President

Member of the Year Associate Chaney- Life Member 2019 President

Edmundo Dena Member of the Year Shallenberger Sam Shallenberger Sergio Cuartas
Everest Homes Angelique Roman Lifetime Morrison Supply BIC Homes
Sierra Title Achievement Award
Henry Tinajero
WestStar Bank

The El Paso Association of Builders has served as the collective

voice for the home building industry in El Paso since 1946.

Our members are home builders, land developers and associate

members who work to advance the home building industry at
the local, state and national levels.

For more information visit:

El Paso Association of Builders • 6046 Surety Drive • El Paso • Texas • 79902 • 915-778-5387
2018 Issue 12 Builders Outlook 13

6046 Surety Dr. El Paso, TX 79905

915-778-5387 • Fax: 915-772-3038

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14 Builders Outlook 2018 Issue 12

Multifamily Builder, Developer Confidence Weakens

In the Nation

Index (MVI), which rose two points to measuring market rate rental units fell apartments for the ‘middle-income’
47 compared to the previous quarter. four points to 46 and the component market where housing is greatly
The MPI measures builder and measuring for-sale units dropped needed.”
developer sentiment about current seven points to 39. “The drop in the MPI is consistent
conditions in the apartment and condo The MVI measures the multifamily with affordability concerns that have
market on a scale of 0 to 100. The housing industry's perception of emerged in the single-family market.
index and all of its components are vacancies. It is a weighted average of Both sectors of the housing market
scaled so that a number above 50 current occupancy indexes for class A, face similar challenges, such as
indicates that more respondents report B, and C multifamily units, and can shortages of labor and increased
conditions are improving than report vary from 0 to 100, where any number regulatory costs,” said NAHB Chief
conditions are getting worse. over 50 indicates more property Economist Robert Dietz. “This
The MPI is a weighted average of managers report more vacant quarter’s MPI is yet another signal to
Confidence in the multifamily three key elements of the multifamily apartments. A reading of 47 is the policymakers that they should be
housing market weakened in the third housing market: construction of low- highest since the first quarter of 2010. paying more attention to housing
quarter, according to results from the rent units—apartments that are “We are starting to see an increase market conditions as interest rates
Multifamily Market Survey (MMS) supported by low-income tax credits or in vacancy rates, which may indicate a increase.”
released today by the National other government subsidy programs; saturation in the luxury apartment Historically, the MPI and MVI have
Association of Home Builders (NAHB). market-rate rental units—apartments market” said Steve Lawson, president performed well as leading indicators of
The MMS produces two separate that are built to be rented at the price of The Lawson Companies in Virginia U.S. Census figures for multifamily
indices: The Multifamily Production the market will hold; and for-sale Beach, Va., and chairman of NAHB’s starts and vacancy rates, providing
Index (MPI), which dropped three units—condominiums. The component Multifamily Council. “Rising regulatory information on likely movement in the
points to 48 compared to the previous measuring low-rent units increased two and construction costs are also Census figures one to three quarters in
quarter; and the Multifamily Vacancy points to 59, while the component affecting developers’ ability to build advance.

Home Builders
Mourn the Passing
of President Bush
Randy Noel, chairman of the
National Association of Home
Builders (NAHB) and a custom
builder from LaPlace, La., issued the
following statement on the passing of
President George H. W. Bush:
“On behalf of all the members of
NAHB, I wish to extend my deepest
condolences to the Bush family.
President Bush was an American war
hero, a great statesman and an
American patriot who embodied the
ideals of our nation.
“He was also a true believer in
housing. President Bush hosted the
NAHB Board of Directors on the
South Lawn of the White House to
commemorate the association’s 50th
anniversary. He said that ‘strong
housing can help a strong economy’
and ‘the dream of homeownership
keeps the American dream alive.’
“To make these words a reality,
President Bush pushed vigorously for
policies to ensure that housing would
help boost the economy. He
championed a $5,000 tax credit for
first-time home buyers, called for
penalty-free withdrawals from IRAs
for the purchase of a first home,
urged changes in the passive loss tax
rules to spur real estate and housing
development, and called for an
extension of mortgage revenue bonds
and the low-income housing tax
“President Bush summed up the
importance of a strong housing
industry to America when he said:
‘The old adage is coming true: As
housing goes, so goes the economy.
Owning a home helps America,
makes it better, and more caring.’
“The nation’s home builders salute
his legacy of a lifetime of servic
Builders Outlook 2018 Issue 12 El Paso Disposal
6046 Surety Dr. El Paso, TX 79905
915-778-5387 • Fax: 915-772-3038
■ ExEcutivE OFFicERS
Edmundo Dena
Luis Rosas, HUB International
Brenda Aguirre, Rocky Mountain Mortgage
Sandra Lucero, Builders Source
vicE PRESiDENt Ted Escobedo, Snappy Publishing
Sergio Cuartas Jorge Herrera, J&H Post Concrete & Post Tension
SEcREtARY Angelique Roman, Sierra Title
Edgar Garcia Patrick Tuttle, Legacy Real Estate
Sam Shallenberger Patricia Martinez, Stewart Title
ExEcutivE vicE PRESiDENt Randall Smith, Randall Smith, CPA
Ray Adauto
Don Rassette Randy Bowling - Life Director
Sam Shallenberger
■ cOMMittEE cHAiRS Edmundo Dena
Ted Escobedo ■ NAtiONAL DiREctORS
Patrick Tuttle Bobby Bowling, III
Demetrio Jimenez
Finance committee Leslie Driggers Hoard -Alternate
Kathy Carrillo/Treasurer Antonio Cervantes - Alternate
Henry Tinajero
Honorary Life Members
Community Outreach Mark Dyer
Angelique Roman

For All Your Electrical Needs

Wayne Grinnell
Brenda Aguirre Don Henderson
Patricia Martinez Anna Gill
Brad Roe
Land Use Council Rudy Guel
Sal Masoud

Residential Specialists
Past Presidents
Education committed to Serve
Kelly Sorenson Edmundo Dena

Tract Homes • Custom Homes

Delton Deal Edgar Montiel
Frank Torres
■ ADviSORY tO tHE BOARD Frank Arroyos
Jay Kerr, Firth, Johnston, Bunn & Kerr Greg Bowling
Randy Bowling
■ BOARD OF DiREctORS Bobby Bowling IV
Builders: Doug Schwartz
Delton Deal, Deal 2 Deal John Cullers
J.J. Vasquez, Pacifica Homes Robert Baeza
Leti Navarrete, Bella Custom Dream Homes Mark Dyer
Bud Foster, Southwest Land Development Kelly Sorenson
Kathy Parry, HUNT Communities Rudy Guel
Lee Gillett, Classic American Brad Roe

Laura Loy, Loyalty Homes Herschel Stringfield
Walter Lujan, Dawco Homes Bob Bowling III

Total Customer
Fernando Torres, Metro Homes Pat Woods

Leslie Driggers Hoard, Homes by Design Carlos Villalobos
Carlos Garcia, ICON Custom

EPAB Mission Statement:
Sal Masoud, Del Rio Development The El Paso Association of Builders is a federated professional
Fernando Santana, Santana Custom Homes organization representing the home building industry,
committed to enhancing the quality of life in our community by
Associates: providing affordable homes of excellence and value.
Joe Bernal, Joe Bernal Insurance The El Paso Association of Builders is a 501C(6) trade
Henry Tinajero, WestStar Bank organization.
Kathy Carillo, Pioneer Bank © 2018 Builder’s Outlook is published and distributed for
John Chaney, Hercules Industries the El Paso Association of Builders
by Ted Escobedo, Snappy Publishing, LLC


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than ever. As an authorized member of Builder Agent Network©, we’re
dedicated to providing builders and contractors with the best-in-class
insurance programs, pricing, underwriting, resources and service.
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