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El Abecedario Personal: rubric Nombre: _________________ Pts Total: _______

Fecha: _________ Hora:_______

Create an ABC book all about an important theme/person
In your life. Put no more than 6 letters on a white page. Each letter should be bold/black is best. The name of the letter and its
fonetic pronunciation should be close by. Write the name of something related to your theme/person that begins with each letter of
 Book has title (ie. Abecedario Personal,) theme that is personal to student (ie. Mis Hermanas,) and proper address
(name, date, period).
 Dictionary is made of clean unlined paper
 No more than 6 letters on a page
 Letter, name of letter, fonetic spelling, and picture are separated from others.
 Letters are clear (bold), have name (ie. Hache), and fonetic description (ie. ah-chay)
 Each letter is illustrated with a word in Spanish that begins with that letter.
 Pictures/Spanish words stay true to theme
 All the letters have a word. (up to 5 letters with no pics. without penalty)
 Booklet is bound together (not falling apart)
 It is colorful, and easy to read.
 Turned in on time
 Book is missing up to 8 letters - 5 pts per bullet
 Pencil was used, but still bold and clear
 No color, but pictures clear, discernable
 No English translation when pictures are vague
 No phonetic description
 Address’ (name date, period) not complete
 Title is missing
 Up to 5 pictures stray from theme
 Lined paper was used
 Turned in one day after deadline

 More than 12 letters missing -10 pts per bullet
 More than 10 pict. Stray from theme
 There is no consistent theme
 Names of letters not provided
 Missing address completely (teacher has to guess at ownership)
 Book is not bound, it falls apart
 Pictures are not clear, hand drawn with pencil
 More than 6 letters illustrated on one page
 Turned in 2 days after deadline

 Less than 10 letters for entire book - 20 pts per bullet
 Less than 10 illustrations
 No title, no theme, no address on the front
 More than 15 letters on a page
 Pictures are messy, stick figures on lined paper- not discernable
 No words, just pictures
 Turned in one week late

 Just the letters and their name in entire book -50 per bullet
 Turned in 2 weeks after deadline

0 -100 pts.
 Not turned in before quarter grade
the alphabet. Illustrate each letter with a picture of the Spanish word that begins with that letter. Use some (crayons ok) color on
each picture. Make sure there is a title page with title, theme name, and your name, date, and class period.