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CSWIP Plant Inspection - Levels 1,2 and 3

An internationally recognised certification of competence

INTRODUCTION Direct Entry Route Module 1 - Part A

Must hold current ISO 9712 Level 2 NDE approvals
The modular approach of this in 2 methods AND CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspection Rules/Regulations and Duties of a Plant Inspector

internationally recognised qualification 5 Days Inc. examination

VIA Offshore Visual Inspector Course
certification of competence allows NDT Route
• Legislation, rules and regulations
Supplementary S1 Module • An introduction to engineering materials,
for a clearly defined structured NDT, visual examination of welds
career path. Welding Inspector Route NDT Appreciation Course • The Plant Inspector - roles and duties,
works inspection/ISI/FFP, inspection safety,
Supplementary S2 Module
The courses are aimed at plant Mature Candidate Route basic inspection skills, using codes and
standards, inspection reports
Five years’ Plant Inspection experience
engineers, integrity engineers • ITPs
• Inspecting materials
welding/NDT inspectors/ LEVEL 1
practitioners, materials and ENTRY REQUIREMENTS
corrosion engineers, plant (Submit CV for approval) Exam format
Module 1 - Part B
inspectors responsible for Level 1 examination for Module 1 Part A and B consist
of two examination papers. Inspection Methods
managing the safety and integrity of On successfull completion of
ageing process equipment, pipelines, Paper 1 – multiple choice questions 5 Days Inc. examination
Paper 2 – extended case study the CSWIP examination
pressure vessels and storage tanks. • Use of codes and standards
• An introduction to: the inspection of pressure
equipment, vessel, piping, storage tanks,
CSWIP Scheme Document CSWIP-PI-11-01 Plant Inspection
The scheme is designed to suit: ‘Requirements for the Certification of Plant coating and lining
Inspectors (Plant Integrity Management)’ can be Level 1 is awarded • An introduction to: risk-based inspection
• plant inspectors working for • Inspection reports
downloaded from:
manufacturing works (Vendor)
• inspection organisations
• equipment owners and operators
Module 2 Module 3 Module 4 Module 5
• classification societies Damage Mechanism Assessment for RBI and FFS Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) based Fitness-for-Service (FFS) Weld Repair of Pressure Equipment
• insurance companies based on API RP 571 on API and ASME based on API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 - 2007 and Piping

• safety regulators LEVEL 2 and 3 3 days inc. examination 2 days inc. examination 4 days inc. examination 1 day inc. examination
• Common damage mechanisms in oil and • Risk-based inspection in accordance with API RP 581, • Introduction to fitness-for-service (FSS) • Selecting an appropriate repair method

The courses have three goals:

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS gas production, refining and manufacturing API RP 580 and ASME • Material properties and API 579 annexes • Life of weld repair
(Submit CV for approval) processes and where they can be found • Reasons for implementing risk-based inspection • Stress analysis for FFS • Type of equipment and industry
• To ensure inspectors and • Key process parameters affecting • Benefits of using risk-based inspection • Identification of damage mechanisms for FFS • Codes and standards to make weld repairs
damage mechanisms • Practical planning and implementation of RBI • Interaction with other assessment procedures or alterations
engineers responsible for • Prevention and control of damage mechanisms • Preparing inspection plans • Use of weld procedures and welder
assessing plant integrity have the • Most appropriate inspection and qualifications
non-destructive testing methods
essential tools and skills necessary
• To recognise and certify plant Exam format Exam format Exam format Exam format
inspector competence Direct Route Paper 1 – multiple choice questions Paper 1 – multiple choice questions Paper 1 – multiple choice questions Paper 1 – multiple choice questions
Must hold a current CSWIP Plant Paper 2 – essay questions, case studies. Paper 2 – case studies questions (Open book API 579 - provided)
• To provide a structured career (Open book – API RP 571 - provided) (Open book API RP 580/581 - provided)
Inspector Level 1 qualification
path for continuing professional
development of plant integrity Module 6 Module 7 Module 8
Academic Route* On successful completion of FOUR CSWIP
practitioners through formal Pressure Vessel Inspection based on Piping Inspector based on API 570 Aboveground Tank Inspector based modules CSWIP Plant Inspection Level 2
• HNC or above qualification in a API 510 on API Std 653 is awarded
relevant engineering subject
5 days + 1 day examination 5 days + 1 day examination 5 days + 1 day examination
• Must meet CSWIP Plant Inspector • Extensive overview of API 510 • Extensive overview of API 570 • Extensive overview of API Std 653
Level 1 entry requirements “Body of Knowledge” “Body of Knowledge” “Body of Knowledge”
• Pressure vessel materials and fabrication • ASME welding requirements for • Review of ASME welding requirements
• Corrosion allowances, inspection and pressure piping for storage tanks section IX and API 650 On successful completion of six CSWIP modules
Mature Candidate Route* degradation mechanisms • Corrosion allowances, inspection and • AMSE NDT principles of Section V CSWIP Plant Inspection Level 3 is awarded
• HNC or above qualification in • Remaining life calculations degradation mechanisms • Review of API Std 653 inspection, repair,
• Static head pressure calculations • Remaining life calculations alteration and construction of tanks
a relevant engineering subject

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• Minimum of five years’ Plant
Inspector experience Exam format Exam format Exam format Prospective eligibility for Professional
Paper 1 – multiple choice questions Paper 1 – multiple choice questions Paper 1 – multiple choice questions Membership of The Welding Institute
(Open book API 510)** (Open book API 570)** (Open book API 653)** at Technician Level (TechWeldI)
*Must gain CSWIP Plant Inspector Level 1 Part A to – application required
be awarded certification
** Candidates to bring relevant API standard