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Our Commitment to You!

The founders of Rocket Steel Buildings

have been serving the building needs
of homeowners, hobbyists, business
professionals, truckers and farmers for
many years. We’ve learned that by making
North America’s best steel buildings our real
business is that of making dreams come true.
Should you need room to grow, room to
work or room to play, Rocket Steel Buildings
has the perfect building for you.

With Rocket Steel Buildings you can be

confident your building is backed by the best
25-year guarantee in the business. Whether Today, tomorrow or even 10 years from
you’re purchasing a garage, a workshop now, we’re here to provide the prompt,
or even a municipal arena, our friendly, professional support you deserve. You can
experienced building experts and customer rest assured knowing that Rocket Steel
service staff guide you through the buying Buildings stands behind our fine products. We
process from beginning to end, ASSURING are here to serve your needs.

Economical Quality & Durability
Our corrugated arch construction means
strength and durability that virtually
withstands the harshest weather conditions.
Every Rocket steel building is engineered to
stand up to a variety of weather conditions.
Additionally, since they are comprised
entirely of AZ55 (metric = AZ180) Galvalume®
coated steel, the finest grade steel available
that is seven times more rust resistant than
galvanized steel, they are sold with a 25-year,
6 month limited steel-mill-backed perforation
resistance guarantee.

Available in sizes that range from 20 ft. (6m) as four people in as little as three days. All
all the way up to 100 ft. (30m) wide with Q-Model buildings are shipped with an easy-
unlimited lengths, the Q-Model buildings are to-follow assembly manual. If a problem does
so versatile they are used for industrial shops arise, direct factory assistance is only a phone
and warehousing, for retail store fronts, as call away.
skating rinks, indoor softball stadiums and
even as a paint-ball arena. Every building is custom made to customer
specifications and is easily expandable to
They are easy to erect by simply bolting the any length. A Rocket steel building provides
panels together and can be built without the maximum usable space for a minimal financial
need for special tools or equipment by as few investment.

Need Shelter For Your
Livestock, Hay Or Equipment?
When it’s essential to your business that your out-buildings offer maximum protection, with
the most usable space anywhere, you can turn with confidence to Rocket Steel Buildings.
Manufactured exclusively in North America, these all-steel buildings are ideal for storing and
protecting grain, livestock, hay, machinery and equipment with plenty of room leftover for a
workshop. They are many times stronger than I-beam buildings or old-fashioned pole barns
and are easily expandable to any length. Rocket Steel Buildings…the Farmer’s Friend.

“Made in North
America” is a statement
that is used proudly by
Rocket Steel Buildings
in describing the
company’s commitment
to traditional North
American excellence
in manufacturing.
That commitment is
best illustrated by
Rocket Steel Buildings’
utilization of only
equipment operated
by skilled technicians
to manufacture its
Q-Model steel buildings.

Computer Engineering With

Old-World Attention To Detail
Each Q-Model building is very affordable due in part to a high technology manufacturing
process and its unique design requiring less labour to produce. At Rocket Steel Buildings,
our advanced computerized engineering and manufacturing systems DID NOT REPLACE our
seasoned draftsmen and fabricators. Our modern systems were designed by our respected
workers to help them serve you with greater speed and precision. The latest technology
combined with old-world attention to detail make our modern factories the envy of the steel
building industry - thanks to one simple guiding principle - we are here to serve your needs!

“We use this building for storage for

our implements. It has very nice access
with doors on both ends and we can
drive through, if we have something
like a wagon. We don’t have to back it
in and out every time, we can just drive
through with the tractor and unhook
it, if we need to.

We had a 110 foot pole building east

of us and a tornado came and blew it
right over the top of this [Rocket Steel]
building. The only thing the Rocket
building got out of it were two little
dents. They gotta be pretty tough.”
to see video testimonials from
our customers.

Why Steel?
At the heart of every great modern building, from schools to skyscrapers, is a frame of steel.
Rocket Steel Buildings’ technology moves the phenomenal structural strength of steel to the
building’s exterior, providing a super-durable, cost-saving and labour-saving alternative to
more common construction techniques.

Solid – Secure –­ Weatherproof

Designed to withstand high winds and heavy snow conditions, Rocket steel buildings
have been facing the weather throughout North America for decades – without a glitch.
Furthermore, Rocket steel buildings are famous for standing up to a variety of weather
conditions. What does that mean for you? Peace of mind ‑ knowing your property is safe.

Rocket Steel Buildings Go Up Fast!

Pour a simple Bolt arches together Raise the arches into place Install doors and endwalls
floating foundation on the ground

Turbine Vents Skylights Overhead Doors Sliding Doors

Removes condensation and Heavy duty fiberglass Heavy duty industrial Heavy duty double sliding
keeps building dry offers good lighting overhead doors doors, sealed at top, bottom
and sides

3’x7’ (1m x 2.25m) JS Clear Coat commercial

Heavy duty commercial door 5/16 (7.9375mm) hexagon head bolt

Totally insulated
with keyed lock

Nylon washer,
no leaks

JS Clear Coat, five times more rust resistant

Heavy Duty Commercial GALVALUME® Coated Steel

Seven Times More Rust Resistant Than Galvanized Steel

The last 9” (230mm) of

each end panel is flat so 7” (178mm) large
the two panels fit tight corrugation for
when bolted together strength
making it easy to
assemble. The bolts set A full
on a flat surface, not a 9” (230mm)
corrugated one giving a overlap with
tight seal with no leaks. a double row of
bolts for strength

All metric dimensions are nominal imperial conversions.

What Makes Rocket #1

• Computer aided design and manufacturing • Voted superior to similar style buildings
 very building is custom made to customer •M
 ade only from the highest quality,
specifications heaviest gauge commercial steel available
 teel is a sustainable construction material • Simple bolt-together construction
and 100% recyclable • Easily expandable to any length
 orld’s most durable pre-engineered • Completely maintenance-free
building designed to withstand a variety
• Fire resistant
of weather conditions
 ighly versatile, perfect for virtually any
 anufactured exclusively in North
commercial, industrial, farm or consumer
 aximum usable space for minimum
financial investment
 5-year, 6 month limited steel-mill-backed
perforation resistance guarantee.
 esigned by the best engineering
professionals in North America
• Remarkably affordable

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