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carnivorous plants

Name: Samuel Alejandro Nuncira López

Drosera regia

It can only be found in the wild in South Africa. Its name means "covered with dew",
aspect that has its long leaves of almost two meters. These are full of droplets of sap
that the plant uses to trap insects. It grows from October to April, and its flower is very

Lirio Cobra

t is a plant that has very bright colors and unique characteristics that makes it unique in
the world, as for example happens with its type of forked tongue, a language that springs
from it.
Inside, it has symbiotic bacteria that degrade the insects until they become the necessary
nutrients. All the red areas of your body are those that have that lily capable of attracting

It seems harmless but nothing to see. Its leaves make a cup shape where the plant accumulates
water for the insects to drown. It has very slippery walls that prevent victims from escaping.

Nepenthes bicalcarata

Like other carnivorous plants of the same family, it has a stem that can reach 15 meters
in length. At the end of this stem we find leaves that can measure up to 30 centimeters
and that end up forming a jar or bowl structure, where the trap is located.
Venus atrapamoscas

This plant of the genus Dionaea is probably one of the most beautiful carnivores in the
world. It is a small rosette plant that springs in spring. Its leaves are fast traps that have
marginal bristles.