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Tamarind St. Clarkview Subd,

Malabanias Angeles City 2009
S.Y. 2018 – 2019


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I – Read each sentence carefully. Write the letter of the appropriate answer on each blank.

_____1.It is an example of formal English.

A. Come on
. B . Hi guys
C How are you
D What’s up
_____2.It is an example of informal English.
A .Have you eaten already?
B. Hey, I wanna eat some french fries.
C. Let us eat
D. Let us have some snacks.
_____3. President Duterte is ready to sacrifice his life for his countryman.
A. Fact
B. Fantasy
C .Opinion
D .Reality
_____4. I think the Philippines will soon rise again.
B. Fantasy
C. Opinion
D. Reality
_____5.The Ten Commandments in the Bible
A. Fact
B. Fantasy
C. Opinion
D. Reality
_____6. The Story of Cinderella.
A .Fact
B. Fantasy
C. Opinion
D. Reality
_____7. The Avengers are my favorite superheroes.
A. Fact
B. Fantasy
C. Opinion
D. Reality
_____ 8. The clipped word for information is
A. Impo
B. Into
C. Info
D. inform
_____ 9. The school memorandum was given to the teachers. The cliffed word is
A. Mamo
B. Memo
C. Mimo
_____10. Astronauts travel to outer space.
B. Memo
C. Mumo
D. Memom
_____11. You and I ----- best of friends.
A. Are
B. Or
C. Was
D. Were
_____12. We sail on ------- we will swim.
A. And
B. But
C. If
D. Or
_____13. Matthew tried again --------- he succeeded.
A And
D Or
_____14. We want to plant more ___ there is no more space.
A. And
B. But
C. If
D. Or
_____15. President Duterte declared war on drugs ___ he is ready to sacrifice his life.

III – Choose the right synonyms of the underlined words.

_____16. Rita feels secure when she is with her parents.( a. proud b. timid c. confident d.
_____17. When a mother caresses her child she (a. breaks b.curse c. whip d. reprimand )
_____18. ( a. brunch b. branch c. bronch d. branc) is a late meal combining breakfast and
_____19. ( a. smug b. smog c. smogg c. smag ) is a smoke and a fog.
_____20. Jennylaine took a deep breath and muttered to the winds. (a. shouted b. cried c.
whispered d. smiled )

IV. Read the sentences carefully. Choose the letter of the word that means almost the same
as the italicized word.

_____21. Ramon was confident that he had plenty of time to walk to school.
( a. serious b. certain c. expecting d. worried )
_____ 22. When the teacher asked the question, Maria raised her hand and responded.
a. asked b. listened c. looked d. answered
______23. Earthworms burrow into the soil and make it more fertile.
a. lend b. open c. dig d. eat
______24. Our books are cheap when we first bought them.
a. expensive b. extraordinary c. special d. inexpensive
VI. Read the sentences carefully. Choose the letter of the appropriate answer
______25. Jack and Jill went up the hill. ( assonance, alliteration, onamotopoiea, tone)

______26. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper. ( assonance, alliteration,

______27. Emy closed the door with a bang! ( alliteration, assonance, onomatopoeia,

V11- Choose the meaning of the underlined words.

______28. Mark holds a grudge against his friend ( a. happy b. bitter c. disappointed d.
discouraged )
______29. The firemen looked through the debris (a. flames b. remains c. rocks d.steel)
______30. The head nurse has many obligations in the hospital. (a. duties b. patients c.
arrears d. uniform)

V111 – Give the mood, tone, purpose suggested by the expressions.

______31. I saw a thick smoke, red flames, and firemen’s truck arriving. (a. excited b. anger
c. confuse d. worry )
______32.My brother was awarded with high honors. (a. funny b.enjoyed c.rejoicing d. tired)

______33. The water in the Atlantic Ocean does not mix up with the Pacific Ocean water(a,
sad b.worried c. serious d. amaze)
______34. The students failed in their exams ( a. hopeless b. regret c. forgive d. anger)
______35. Rudy was recognized for being honest and for his outstanding performance in the
company. (a. excited b. happy c. informed d. relaxed )
______36. The whale lives in the deep- blue sea. (denotation b.connotation c.simile
______37. Miners are searching for gold. (a.denotation b. simile c.connotation d. metaphor)
______38. Time is gold. (a. denotation b. connotation c. hyperbole d. metaphor)
______39. The teachers should wear blue t-shirt on Friday.( a. denotation b. connotation
______40. Why are you feeling blue?( connotation b. denptation c. simile d. metaphor)
lX- Identify the figure of speech. Write a. metaphor b. simile c..hyperbole , d. personification
______41. The tall trees danced to the music of the wind.(a.metaphor b.simile c.hyperbole d.
personification )
______42.. The sun peeps behind gray curtains. .(a.metaphor b.simile c.hyperbole d.
personification )
______ 43. The eyes are windows of the soul. .( a.metaphor b.simile c.hyperbole d. ______
44. Your eyes are as black as the night. a.metaphor b.simile c.hyperbole d.
personification )
______4 5. The skin of Lorna is as soft as the baby.( a.metaphor b.simile c.hyperbole d.
personification )
______ 46. The boy wishes to eat the stars. .( a.metaphor b.simile c.hyperbole d.
personification )
______47. Jay is so hungry that he could eat a whole zebra. .(a.metaphor b.simile
c.hyperbole d. personification )
______48. We must be the light and salt of the earth .(a.metaphor b.simile c.hyperbole d.
personification )
______ 49. My tears fell like heavy rain( a.metaphor b.simile c.hyperbole d.personification)
______50. Tim’s muscles are hard as stone.( metaphor b.simile c.hyperbole d personification)


Region III
Division of City Schools
West District
Angeles City

TOS - 1st Periodical Test in ENGLISH 5

Table of Specification

. No. of Item Placement %

Use formal and informal English appropriately. 1,2 4

Determine fact and opinion.
Distinguish reality and fantasy. 3,4,5,6,7,8 12

Define the unfamiliar words. 2 9,10 4

Connect the conjunctions to their 11,12,13,14,36,

correspondent sentences. 9 37,38,39,40 18

Recognize word cliff. 1 1 2

Give the synonyms of the italicized words 12 12 24

Identify the figure of speech used in each

sentence. 10 41-50 20

Give the mood, tone suggested by the

expression. 9 32-40 18

50 100