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1 Processing of Bill (without GRN)

Objective of the Process: For the payment of CBM gas, water and electricity supply
charge etc.

Input of the process:

 Bill from supplier
 Contract/agreement
 Consumption Certificate from concerned Department

Output of the process:

 Pay order voucher

AS-IS Process:
Step Step Description Type of Remarks
1 Docketing Section receives the supplier’s bill and Manual , Docketing
does the Bill Registration process Legacy Section

2 Docketing section sends the bill to MB section on Manual Docketing

daily basis Section
3 MB Section checks the bill with order and other Manual , MB section
norms. Legacy

MB Section does the entry. On VALIDATE and

SAVE, ISR number is generated against the bill.

MB Section does the Bill Detail entry. If

applicable, MB Section deducts the LD, recovery
against sub-standard supply and/or penalty with
GST as applicable and invoice is generated for the
same etc.
On the request of supplier a credit note can be
generated . Which is known as Barter deal
MB Section prepares POV.

MB section select the particular passed POVs to

be send to cash section to generate a scroll .
MB section sends passed POV along with scroll
to Cash Section to make the payment