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Republic of the Philippines

Batangas State University

National Service Training Program

Batangas City

Project Proposal

I. Title of the Project: CRANKS

Unfolding the Secrets of Arts Through Crafts; Applying 4R,s Using
II. Location:
III. Duration:
 12 Weeks/12 Sessions/60 Hours
Time of Implementation:
 March 2, 2019 to May 25, 2019
IV. Type of Community Extension Services:
 Environmental/Ecological Program; Waste Management
V. Department Involved/College involved:
 Mrs. Sarah Jane M. Fragada
 NSTP Department, Batangas State University
 First Year Civil Engineering Students, CEAFA Department
VI. Project Leader and Coordinates:
 Instructor: Mrs. Sarah Jane M. Fragada
 Leader: Grabhen Limbo
 Assistant: Gerald L. Bagayawa 09305188749
 Secretary: Mary Rose Azucena
 Treasurer: Angelica Reign Arnoco

Our roup estimated and created a ratio of 1 NSTP students for every 3 participants of the said project.
This pairing will be effective for the entire project to ensure progress in learning, applying and monitoring
of the participants. Our group will also create committee for market, materials preparation and
distribution, documentation, and cleaning. Mwe will have a distribution of tasks every week.

VII. Cooperating Agencies/Partners

 National Service Training Program, Batangas State University

VIII. Beneficiaries
 Out of School Youth
 Parents
 Students
 Community
IX. Total Cost of the Project:
 The estimated project cost will be Php 8,400.00

X. Rationale of the Project

There is now a scierntific evidence showing that global warming maybe irreversible within 15
years and one of the ways to help on this problem is by using the 4R’s(Reuse, Reduce, Recycle and
Repair) concept application. This will create a big benefit to protect the environment. On the other
hand, by using junks and solid trashes can create products which will lead to less pollution and less
decimation of our natural world. Thus, these program activities will help to show the significance of
the application of 4R’s and by using the creativity of art by forming this junks and trashes into a
masterpiece crafts. This will not only help the environment but also will enhance and discover the
skills of people in craft making.

XI. Objectives

XII. Description of the Project, Strategies and Methods/Plan of Action