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Q4. What are the possible Brand architecture solutions?

Evaluate the pros and cons of each of the three

options given to Mahindra.

 Monolithic - Mahindra brand to be used by all the businesses, products and services. The
historical drivers of trust, reliability, caring and warmth successfully stretched by the group
across various businesses in India to be stretched in International markets
o Pro – If the same brand is used across all the businesses it would make the brand
recognition easier for business across all the Mahindra businesses. Also, it would help
the company in increasing the brand visibility of ‘Mahindra’ because same name would
be used across many businesses.
o Con – Since different businesses carried different values and had no unified internal
meaning or integration it would not be easy to put all of them under a core brand

 Endorsed - Following a conglomerate approach and creation of a ‘house of brands’ where

Mahindra would be used a corporate/holding brand and ‘rise’ to be used as a corporate position
o Pro – Businesses would have the flexibility to incorporate ‘rise’ in their positioning or
leave it out. This would solve the band stretch problem and allow for flexibility in market
entry and exit
o Con –

 Hybrid - Following a hybrid strategy. Identifying a few strategic businesses where the Mahindra
brand could be used as a ‘master brand’ while in the case of other businesses the use of
corporate brand could be reduced or eliminated
o Pro – A focused approach like this would give Mahindra flexibility of brand architecture
o Con – It would be difficult to decide which businesses would receive greater brand
endorsement and which would get less or none