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FOR MORE EXCLUSIVE CIVIL ENGINEERING E-TEXTBOOKS AND GATE MATERIALS, NOTES VISIT www.CivitEnccForALL.cOoM AN EXCLUSIVE WEBSITE BY AND FOR CIVIL ENGINEERING STUDENTS AND GRADUATES Aug, aa Georgennscar Enginegring (12 marks) — Origin oF Sois 1 Bol wa akunally occuring wnton tolid ated earth reakeniah present above the bed nock. — Terzaghy Kavl: Terzaghy — Father of Soil Mechomice Oniginy ob olla i dus. t Dee. ‘ ANeathoring. of mocks omporition of ongonic, Gisintegatton) , < tk matte Coosa soil) Grganic soils’ or Sarat &: gnovel sand, dome Eg: Drm un, reek, poet ape. ob silts 5 clas > “Weathering of ‘Rocke Phasicak weathering, Chemical weath ont due to Prysical effects —due +0 chemical adions a) temperature Change 2) ovadatcon, by Alnosion. (4 grindion ackion b) Canbonatron. Blowing, ook B wind) 2 Uy oration bP CO Splitting action due to > 4 — / ; ice,nait, perutrabtom of, plant noste Beye: = Produces toils like grewel, Band, — produces veils lke ley, Non plastic silt: plaatic ite > Geological Cycle: Pedoganesis : Ft te a procews of formation of aoil > Tnanspontation of Foil : ge we dua to a Wind — Aeolian Soil + tramsported & depesital by wind. by Woden — Alluvial Soil : tromported, ra) water & depasitel ale or Glacier — Glacier deposit : tnomoporbad glacier niven a Gromitay _ Colluvial Soil : tnonropertal & depostol by Grant Lacustrine Soil r= tnomepo rte ly) wet & deporte im lakes Mavine Soil :- tnorsportel by caten & depot al rs toa, % Clarvificakton of oils a) Reriducl Soils.t— gol whidh remains ox or mean th (Sedentary Soil.) parent rock. by Tnamporcted. Boil t- tromaporctal envoy from ponent nook 5 Forces acting on the Soil Panticles : dy Gromstaktonal Foe on Bory Force. Gi Bonhoce force Rody Force. Girface Force Gade & proportional to mare GF te proportional to Soxhact uh By weight 00 &] r cdhetion, electrodhemical te is predorninant in growel Band Gir Ft te predominant wm cl (Hay bérarour ie main’ controlled by Surtpce force) cia