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A: Hi Miriam, I have some good options that you can choose for what is the cake and the


M: Hi Angie, yes you can tell me which ones.

A: I have three different cakes, in which the three are vanilla, only one has chocolate, the other
strawberry, and this peach, in which you can also see the decoration.

M: very well all are pretty, but I'm more interested in the chocolate cake with bow

A: Good and in the morsels, I have different options that are these small glasses that are oreo
and chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, coffee and vanilla, chocolate and pieces of nuts and
vanilla with pineapple.

A: in this other one I have sticks with fruits that have grapes, kiwi, pineapple, peach and

A: Here we have what is chicken, chips, garlic bread, sandwiches and pizza.

M: everything looks very rich and I would like something very elegant for adults that would
be the option of glasses and for teenagers and children I would like the bites that the chicken
and the chips have.

A: Very well then, I will send the chocolate cake with the decoration of the bow and the snacks
you chose.

M: Thank you very much, Angie.

A: You're welcome, Miriam.