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ADVOCACY: The Promotion of the Culture of Peace among the Youth of Kalinga.

Background: Growing up in a province that still has strong ties to its traditional practice
of bravery and hostility which sometimes results to tribal conflicts, I have observed the
negative effects on students. They usually drop out from their schools because they
have to stay safely in their villages during such tribal wars. I feel sad because their
aspirations in life will suddenly be abandoned. Worse, they may even opt to join the
rebel armies when they become disillusioned.

Implementation: Since most of these tribal conflicts usually originate among the youth
because of envy, jealousy, ambitiousness, greed and impatience towards others – I
would like to launch a campaign on Peaceful Co-existence among the Kalinga youth.
The campaign will be done through a series of activities designed to bring together the
young people coming from different tribal affiliations. Sports and the Cultural inclinations
of my fellow youth shall be given an opportunity to shine through friendly competitions. I
would like to take this advocacy from one barangay to another, with a diverse group in
my team to show that it is okay to visit other barangays. This can be scheduled during
barangay fiestas, that’s why I would like to name my advocacy “PEACE TA” which is a
wordplay on the Tagalog word “Pista”. TA in ilocano means “you and I” – so I’m actually
saying “Peace between you and I.”
I hope to being it to our local leaders for support and mobilization, as well as other civic-
spirited citizens.
This may be just a small advocacy but I believe that with one small step at a time, we
can eventually accomplish something big.