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Lesson Planning Template Year 2, Sem 1

Date: Day: 20 Month: OCT Year: 2018 Name of Marwa Ahmed Al Ansari/ H00353691
Time: from: 10:25 Name of Al Qarayen school
length of class: 15
to: 10:55 School:
Name of Miss. Lila Husain Grade: KG2/2 No. Ss: 28
Details about the book that Name of book: Unit: page(s)
the MST uses: Shapes

PURPOSE – Why am I teaching this lesson? What do I want the students to know/to be able to do by the end of the
lesson that they could not do before?


Students will be able to ….

- Identify shapes like: square, triangle, rectangle, circle

Identify the angles of each shape
LANGUAGE – What is the language I hope to teach? Specifically – what do I want the students to be able to say or write
or read or listen to? Is it new language, or am I revising something I or my MST has already presented and practiced, or
is it a mixture?

- English language.
- The teacher will use the vocabulary like : square, triangle, rectangle, circle
- When the child doesn’t know the Shapes he will ask his teacher “what shape is this?” and the
teacher will give him a help and tell him “ it’s a circle”

SKILLS – Which skill(s) am I teaching and what aspect of that / those skill(s) will I focus on?

- Develop their thinking skills

RESOURCES –– What resources do I need to create the context and provide practice so the students can do what they
need to do to develop? - Include realia, books, handouts, multimedia, songs, games, etc.

- PowerPoint (Flash cards)

- Songs
- Worksheet
- Objects ( square, triangle, rectangle, circle)
- Online game

ACTIVITIES – What activities can I design that use the resources and are appropriate in the context? Are my activities
authentic and purposeful?

1- There will be a Worksheet about shapes and the students should color each shape with different colors
2- There will be different color papers and each paper has a shape and the students should take the ear
cleaning and design their shapes with it
3- There will be a Worksheet about shapes that it has a shape in the middle and the student should color
the pictures that it is similar to the shape
There will be a worksheet about circle and the students will count the circles in the picture of the
truck and color it with specific color
Purpose / objective of the

Activity Time Interaction Teacher (activity + exact Student (what they do + language MCT comments
instructions you intend to give) you expect them to use) activity

2 T-S T welcome the students S set properly in the circle To make it authentic
Engage minutes and ask them about the time and answers the
S-S day and the weather and teachers question and raise To make them know the
she will take the their hand if they are here. Shapes
Pre-Listening attendance S will sing the Shapes
T will play a song about song with the played
Shapes music.
2 T will ring the bell to S will listen carefully and To obey the teacher rules
Transition minutes T-S attract the student’s prepare to go to the area’s
attention and to
announce that it’s time
to move from the carpet
to the Area’s based on
the color of the group
3 T-S T will start teaching the S will lesson and sing with To make sure they can
Building minutes lesson by showing the the song identify the shapes
Knowledge students a song about
S-T Shapes
S will focus on what the To check if they
T will bring many teacher is having and they understand the lesson
During Listening objects and she will put will raise their hand and
in front of them, for answer they will say “ it is
example: the book and rectangle ”
she will say “what shape
is this?”.
2 T will sing a song to S will sit in the small group To check their
Transition minutes T-S attract the students according to their group understand
attention and to color and they will solve To share things like
announce that it’s time the worksheet when they pencils and colors
to return back the stuff finish they put in their
and move to another paper closet.
T will tell the students to S will sit in theirs disks and To make sure they can in
Transformation 2 sit in small group and they will bring pencils depend on their self in
minutes S-S give them the worksheet colors and they will color solving the worksheet by
to solve and it includes the shapes according to their own
Post Listening shapes and the students which color they choose
should color each shape for each shape.
with different colors.

T will sit the students in S will see the teacher how To practice more
the small group and give did the teacher build the independently without
the students different first shape and then they asking the teacher for a
color papers and each will try to build their shape help
paper has a Two shape with their selves by
and the students should sticking ear cleaning using
take the ear cleaning and the glue.
design their shapes with
T will give the students a S will bring the pencil To make sure that the
worksheet about shapes colors and they will choose students are able to
that it has a shape in the one color and they will identify the different
middle and the student color the picture that color shapes
should color the pictures the pictures that it is
that it is similar to the similar to the shapes

T will give the students a

S will identify the circle To make sure that the
worksheet that contains
shape and will count how students understand the
a picture of a truck and
many is the circles then lesson and know the
the students will count
they will color the circle’s positions
the circles and color it
with specific color

Transition 2 T will Sing a song to S will tidy up and clean the To obey the teacher’s
minutes T-S attract the student’s classroom for the closure. rules
attention and to
announce that it’s time
to take the stuff and tidy
up and set on the circle
Reflection 2 T-S T will bring the objects S will answer and say that To check the
minutes and put it in front of the “it is triangle” understanding
children and ask them
Wrap Up S-S “what shape is it?” S will think and will say “ To check if they
T will ask the student to the clock is circle” or “ the understand the lesson
think about the shapes door is rectangle well
and they should her an
example for each shape