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AMiCUS - WPU Chapter

Constitution and By - Laws


We the members of the Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) youth belong non-SDA school community,
through the Divine Guidance, seek to foster unity among us in order to minister to the institution we
are by promoting the goals, ideals and standards if the SDA Church, by restoring the lost image of the
Almighty God, and by reflecting His character, do hereby establish and the promulgate this

Article I - Name and Logo

Section 1. The name of this organization shall be Adventist Ministry to College and University
Students - Western Philippines University Chapter, acronym as AMiCUS-WPU Chapter.

Section 2. The logo shall be the AMiCUS logo of the General Conference shown below.

Article II – Office

Section 1. the office of AMiCUS-WPU Chapter shall be at the AMiCUS Area.

Article III – Organization Structure

Section 1. the Chapter is composed of officers and the general assembly.

Article IV – Objective

Section 1. the porpuse of the AMiCUS-WPU Chapter is to unify the members in order to:

1.1 train the individual members for the enhancement of spiritual, physical, mental and social
1.2 create and implement programs and activities for the [romotion of the goals, ideals and
standards of the SDA Church; and
1.3 represent the students in the AMiCUS association, local church, and school.

Article V – Membership
Section 1. Membership shall be open to all students, faculty and staff of the Western Philippines
University, classified asfollows;

1.1 Members – whose acquaintance and familiarity with the ministerial organizationhas
extended at least one year, and who had pledged commoitment service and induction.

Section 5. treasurer – it shall be the duty and responsibility of the treasurer to;

5.1 be responsible for the collection, custody, and distribution of the pertinent fees.

5.2 keep the financial records of the chapter

5.3 give financial reports during the regular meeting and when called to do so

5.4 be in-charge of the strategic plan for the finance department

5.5 head the finance Committee

Section 6. auditor - it shall be the duty and responsibility of the auditor to;

6.1 audit all the financial records of the organization

6.2 assist the treasurer concerning with the fund raising and projects of the organization

6.3 head the Audit Committee

Section 7. Representatives - it shall be the duty and responsibility of the representative to;

7.1 announce meetings and activities in the absence of the vice president for External Affairs

7.2 investigate violations done by members as stated in Article XIII osf this constitution

Section 8. All officers are entitled to attend the regular meeting of the Executive Committee.

Section 9. All officers shall perform other function as deemed necessary by the majority of the
Executive Committee.

Article VIII – Committees and their Functios

Section 1. Executive Committee

1.1 the executive committee shall be composed of the officers as stated in Article VI of this
1.2 The said committee shall
1.2.1 have a number of regular meetings as deemed by the committee itself
1.2.2 have special meeting if needed
1.2.3 serve as the governing, coordinating, and implementing body for the plans,
programs, and activitiesof the chapter
1.2.4 finalize all programs, decisions, and actions needed by the chapter
1.2.5 shall appoint replacement for vacant affice/s in the chapter, appointees should
serve only the remaining term of the vacated office/s

Section 2. Internal Affairs Committee

2.1 the internal affairs committee shall be composed of the vice-presidendt for internal affairs
and the appointed representatives

2.2 the internal affairs committee shall be composed of three (3) subcommittees namely;

Biblical research committee, in reach committee and membership committee

2.3 the biblical research committee shall

2.3.1 review the doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

2.3.2 conduct doctrinal review during the General Assembly Meeting and other events that
they are told to do so.

2.3.3 be in charge of the interfaith relation

2.4 the In reach Committee

2.4.1 assigned the schedule, venue and participants of the worship such as Morning and
Sundown Worships, Midweek Services and Vesper Services

2.4.2 assigned the schedule, venue and participants of the church visitations