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COPY — SUMMONS _Seseair use aia (CITACION JUDICIALy: eens NOTICE'TO DEFENDANT: “Mea” ¥ | Sy ae | (AVISO AL DEMANDADO) EAN PANARO, an individual; KAZARIAN/MEASURESIRUSKIN & ASSOCIATES, INC., a California Corporation and DOES 1-10 OCT 22 2018 YOU ARE BEING SUED BY PLAINTIFF: (LO ESTA DEMANDANDO EL DEMANDANTE); ‘Short R. Carter, Executive Ofcer/Ciork | ABRAMS ARTISTS AGENCY, a California corporation 8y: Onis ic Calera, Dopuy, | [NOTIGEI Vai hava been ged The cout may deeds epainal you wou yout being Feard unless you respend win 80 days, Read the Hfommaioh ca "Sinn mc monn Vr nc oe nfo na eu snmp ‘served on the plainti, Jeera poe cal wil nt protect ol, Your written tesponse must be in prover legal form iFyou want the court to hear your: Scene Sec aerate eon rr ar cleanin iar tan eae ee an me conan ee as gh nage Wy acca macy Pn, acon mam rata eer | eed ty cicero encima ih ae, tetova mere za ayenaatr ay | aden teres a rns ty eee acer aera” | sees oe ree erreur aoe reese eet Ste (Sess eect ne stay cea are ena rk tes ea Site fect te saat onens te Rut nme oa ice fee wae Se i esSoben eee Se heey Nose oe ei ea cece me Te Sep cuchonno sma sc'g nnn ttn es ena omer rc Pee rsa ence lea a a ae are Sepa gt otis eatin: wie Usaceau raraiomcts won ly ito Racca ee taceaes Carey cucpemeis ses eN teas Coat end naa Soccer eae nar eer ee creche cae eee Brae Saige ie ae eas filer acne SID eres ay tae eo igi eet ete Pane Ce seme, cea pt ot eee satan Sees netic eae tartans Se tae bet ema Ah SSE ae a cot apne exec ts cea nr Feetel tions nathie te Gartesrike Weide ontana gf teetete cncene eon (Sree tReet ncn canons Sl carta Sh cee ats ARS Pa ete ese ear cea raat a Soe mar eat ercb mi ea eer eeea hans =a ‘nom scion de la carte as): — fermen tant {ssrcvo2zi12 incerigien o ee nn 1 yourwages, money, ahd Proper | “The nani ere4s, ad telephone numberof pantie ator or plant without en atomey. is: (Elnamtes, fe srecién ol nimero de teiéono dal abogado del domandante, 0 del demandante que fene abogadb, es): Martin D: Kate, Dylan J Price RY Sheppard, ulin leer & Hampton LP, 1601 Avenue othe Stars, Site 1800, Loe Angels aia 60087 310.228.3700 DATE: October: 22, 2018 SHERRI R. CARTER Clerk, by oo Deputy (ech (Seoraaro) edie) Geer atl am Rae aeTeemes roo {Para pruebe a erivega cs esa cation lise el frmiaro Prot of Serie of Summons, (POS-010)) NOTICE TO THE PERSON SERVED: You ae served 1. Ejescen naiidual defendant 2 Glee the person sued under the fetus nameiofpedty}: 3. Don behat a spec: under: [] CCP.416.10 (comoration) Cccp 416.60 (minor) {cop 416.20 (dene corporation cop 416.70 conservates) Cccp 416.40 (association or partratsip) E} CC? 416.90 (authorized person D other (spacity): 4. Ly personal deivery on (ate: ee amnoNe SS rare eae res tat ee SHEPPARD, MULLIN, RICHTER & HAMPTON Lie Saiey A Limited Liability Partnership. vet fncluding Professional Corporstions MARTIN D, RATZ, Cal. Bar No. 110681 OCT 22 2018 Bees, py a (CE, Cal. Bar No. 258896 ‘Shortt R. Cartar, Executive Oflicer/Clerk dpe By: Charla. Coleman, Duty ‘venue of the Stars, Suite 1600 is eles, California 90067-6035. Telept shane’ 310.228 3700 Facsimile: 3102283701 Attortieys for Plaintifi’ ABRAMS ARTISTS AGENCY SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES ABRAMS ARTISTS AGENCY, a caseno. A18STCVO2112 California corporation, PLAINTIFF ABRAM ARTISTS Plaintifi, AGENCY'S COMPLAINT FOR: v. (1) BREACH OF CONTRACT; . @) BREACH OF THE IMPLIED DEAN PANARO, an individual; VENANT OF GOOD FAITH. KAZARIAN/MEASURES/RUSKIN & AND FAIR DEALING: ASSOCIATES, INC., a California corporation; and DOES I through 10, || (3) TORTIOUS INDUCEMENT OF BREACH OF CONTRACT; /—_——_——Deféndants.______ (4) INTENTIONAL INTERFERENCE, WITH CONTRACTUAL RELATIONS; (©) INTENTIONAL INTERFERENCE, WITH PROSPECTIVE ECONOMIC ADVANTAGE; © NEGLIGENT INTERFERENCE, WITH PROSPECTIVE ECONOMIC ADVANTAGE; (7) DECLARATORY RELIEF; AND (8) ACCOUNTING JURY TRIAL DEMANDED, - ae aT COMPLAINT Cer an een 10 IL 12 B 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Plaintiff Abrams Artists Agency (“AAA”) hereby alleges and pleads as follows: SUMMARY OF ACTION 1. AAA is a leading talent and literary agency, operating since 1977, with a particular focus on television, theater and voiceover work, This lawsuit is the result of: (a) ‘Defendant Dean Panaro’s (‘“Panaro”) material breaches of his employment agreement with ‘AAA (the “Agent Agreement”), pursuant to which he agreed to render his exclusive services as a talent agent to AAA during the term of the agreement (the “Exclusivity Provision”) and to not solicit any of AAA’s clients following the end of his employment (the “Non-Solicitation Provision”); and (b) the conduct of Panaro, Defendant Kazarian/Measures/Ruskin & Associates, Inc.’s (“KMR”) - one of AAA’s direct competitors ~ and DOES 1-10 (collectively with Panaro and KMR, the “Defendants”) to unlawfully interfere with AAA’s business. 2. Panaro rendered services to AAA as a talent agent under the Agent ‘Agreement from in or about September 2015 through July 13, 2018, when, prior to the expiration of the term of that agreement, Panaro resigned (which was, itself a breach of the ‘Agent Agreement). Prior to or shortly after Panaro resigned, he accepted employment as a talent agent with KMR in further violation of the Agent Agreement, including the Exclusivity Provision, Further, in violation of the Agent Agreement, including the Non- Solicitation Provision, and in concert with KMR and DOES 1-10, Panaro solicited AAA's clients (collectively, the “Talent Clients”), diverted certain Talent Clients to KMR and otherwise unlawfully interfered with AAA’s ongoing business. Panaro, KMR and DOES 1-10 also directed certain Talent Clients to stop paying commissions to AAA (and, instead, to pay those commissions directly to Panaro and/or KMR). By virtue of their wrongful conduct alleged herein and such other wrongful conduct that AAA may discover throughout this proceeding, Defendants have caused AAA to suffer hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. SaRASATATOIOT - COMPLAINT