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Special Evaluations

You may have noticed on the first

page of the evaluation in the e-
performance system that there are
multiple ‘types’ of evaluations you
can select from, depending on the
situation. The types include:

 Preplanning
 Midterm
 End-of Term
 Special
While the first three choices are
straight forward, many supervisors
have questions about when to
utilize the ‘special’ option. Special
evaluations are generally used for
occurrences outside of the normal
evaluation cycle.
Here are a few examples of when a supervisor would utilize a ‘special’ evaluation:
• Situation 1 -- An employee gets promoted less than 90 days prior to the
normal end-of-term evaluation cycle. As they are now on conditional probation due
to their promotion, they are now on a 6 month probation cycle and the normal end
of term is not required to be completed. But when merit increases are forthcoming
an evaluation is needed in order to consider the employee for a merit increase. In a
case like this HR requests that you complete a “special” evaluation that covers the
period up to the day before the promotion was effective. Then we will have a
recent evaluation on file in order to properly consider any potential merit increase.
• Situation 2 -- Unclassified midterms. As Unclassified employees are not
required to complete midterms, the “midterm” option is not available on their form.
Therefore, when a supervisor of an unclassified employee wishes to conduct a
midterm the “special” type of evaluation will be selected and in the pop up reason
box Midterm should be typed in.
• Situation 3 -- An employee is preparing to go out on an extended leave of
absence but there have been some performance concerns. A special evaluation
may be completed to properly document performance concerns prior to the
employee’s departure on LOA.

If you complete a ‘special’ Selecting ‘special’ as the

evaluation, when you click the evaluation type does not allow you
‘special’ box another box will open to indicate whether the employee
so that you can define the reason. successfully completed their
Please indicate the reasons that probationary period.
you are completing this type of
Generally, Human Resources will
notify supervisors of the need for a
Please note a ‘special’ evaluation ‘special’ evaluation. If you are
is not completed for employees preparing an evaluation and think
during their probationary period. it should be marked ’special’,
Even though most probationary please reach out to a member of
periods are for six months, the Talent Management team to
probationary evaluations include confirm this is the correct course
preplanning, midterm and end-of- of action.