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Module 7 Plans 1-4:

Increasing Children’s Physical Activity in General Education Classrooms During Math,

ELA, Science, and Social Studies Instruction


Science: 5.P.5: The student will demonstrate an understanding of the factors that
affect the motion of an object.


Describe how physical activity will be integrated throughout the lessons:

Science: In this lesson, the students will have to get up out of their seats to try an
experiment. The force of air on a piece of paper and the how weight applied to the top of the
paper changes it.


The first thing the teacher will do to get the students’ attention is show the students what
the experiment will look like and have them guess (1) How many pennies can be stacked on
the paper before one student cannot blow it off the table and (2) how many pennies can be
stacked before all the students in the group cannot blow the paper off the table working
together. The teacher will have a timer counting down to show how much time they have to
figure it out.

The students are expected to keep an appropriate noise level and to pay attention and be
fully involved in the task. If a student becomes disruptive and will not listen to a warning,
then they will be asked to sit down. The students will be expected to clean up the pennies
off the ground and not play with them.

After the experiments are over, the teacher will have them return to their seats to hear the
results of the experiment.


At the beginning, the teacher will explain the two parts of the experiment, explain the rules,
and show an example. The teacher will also ask the students to repeat parts of the
instruction to the teacher to ensure it is understood.


List at least 6 references you used to learn about the academic content, teach the
academic content, and/or integrate physical activity with the academic content:



Please have a teacher at the school sign below to verify that you have implemented the
above plan.

Teacher/Supervisor Verification

My signature below can be used to verify that _______________________ (USC student’s name)
implemented the above plans to integrate physical activity during 4 academic lessons (math,
ELA, science, and social studies) at my school.

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