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For Immediate Release Karen Montoya

December 14, 2018 Communications Director

Doug Vincent-Lang Appoints Three to Key Leadership Roles at the ADF&G
(Anchorage)—Acting Alaska Department of Fish & Game (ADF&G) Commissioner Douglas Vincent-Lang
today announced three key appointments to his staff.

Vincent-Lang has appointed Benjamin J. Mulligan Deputy Commissioner effective Jan. 3. Also appointed
are Edward K. Grasser Director of the Division of Wildlife Conservation effective Dec. 26 and Rick Green
Special Assistant to the Commissioner who will begin work Dec. 17.

“These are talented individuals who will play integral roles as the department renews its focus on
putting food on the plates of Alaskans, protecting and maintaining the state’s management authority,
building dialogue and trust, and ensuring that the department is contributing to the economy and well-
being of our citizens,” said Vincent-Lang.

As deputy commissioner, Mulligan will be responsible for overseeing statewide fisheries and wildlife
regulatory and management issues. He will also act as chief of staff to the commissioner.

Mulligan brings to his new role a long, successful history in the business community, working closely
with lawmakers and on fisheries-related issues. He acted as special assistant and legislative liaison for
ADF&G from 2010 to 2015 before joining the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce where he currently
serves as vice-president. Prior to his five years at the department, he worked for Rep. Bill Stoltze in a
variety of positions including chief of staff. He earned his B.S. in biology with a fisheries emphasis from
the University of Wyoming.

“I have appreciated the complexity and importance of fish and wildlife issues in Alaska since I started
work at my first fisheries technician job in Bristol Bay,” said Mulligan. “The department is full of Alaskans
who love their jobs and the resource they help manage. I look forward to working on those issues with
them once again on behalf of the commissioner and all Alaskans.”

Rick Green, who is perhaps best known as top-rated radio talk show host Rick Rydell, will be charged
with outreach to user groups as special assistant to the commissioner.

ADF&G announces three new key staff members
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Green will work closely with the state’s hunters and fishers to improve communication and build trust.
Green has hosted the popular Rick Rydell radio show focused on local and statewide politics since 2001.
An accomplished outdoorsman, Green has written two books. He is a lifelong member of the National
Rifle Association, a member of the Outdoor Council and a former hunting and fishing guide. He served
on the Fish and Game Advisory Council for three years.

“Fish and Game in Alaska has always been my passion,” said Green. “I’m thrilled to work under Gov.
Dunleavy and Commissioner Vincent-Lang to work to restore trust in the department, build
communication and serve the public.”

Incoming director of the Division of Wildlife Conservation Edward K. Grasser has worked on issues and
activities related to wildlife and wildlife conservation for more than 50 years. He spent five years as chief
of staff for the Alaska State Legislature House Resources Committee before opening Grassroots
Strategies, a consulting firm specializing in natural resources advocacy work. Grasser has been vice-
president of Safari Club International since 2013. He has played active roles with the Alaska Outdoor
Council, the Alaska Fish and Wildlife Federation and other outdoor groups. In addition to his long history
advocating for wildlife conservation, Grasser acted as special assistant to the commissioner of ADF&G
from 2005 to 2006.

“I look forward to working with everyone and helping the division provide stronger conservation
measures that will benefit all Alaskans,” said Grasser.


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