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Nadi Nakshatras Analysis System:

This gives such powerful declaration and understanding - and can be used as a sure foundation for
healing and empowerment work:

Janma – The Nakshatra occupied by Moon in our Vedic birth chart. Nadi Nakshatras count from
Janma inclusively:
1. Jati 4th Our Community, Creed, family well-being.
2. Matru 8th Mother Issues.
3. Karma 10th Our Career Issues. Awareness of work, power and position.
4. Sanghatika 16th Close associations that often challenge or hurt.
5. Samudaya 18th Indication of our manifestation of positive karma from past life. Final Result.
6. Aadhana 19TH Creativity and Father issues. Reasons for rebirth, guru, dharma issues.
7. Vinasha 23rd Ruin, annihilation and destruction. dissolution, final karma, finishing things.
8. Manasa 25th Our Default State of Consciousness. mentality, mental strengths, obsessions.
9. Abhishekha 27th Power and Achievement. Coronation.

Transport industry, Athletes and all sports related jobs like physiotherapists, druggists and surgeons, chemists,
all types of healing professions, botanical and agriculture related professions, trainers at health clubs or
gymnasium, marriage counselors and child birth specialists,racing professions like motor sports, adventure
sports, stunt men, jewellers especially goldsmiths and those involved in promotional & motivational jobs and
campaigns etc.
All careers related to birth and death – fertility clinics, gynecologists, midwives, morticians,morgue and funerals
home workers, coffin makers, obituary writers, officials handling birth and death records ,all jobs connected with
nurturing and caring for children- baby sitters, nannies, nursery school teachers & careers connected with
amusement connected to theme parks, children’s toys etc.Careers related to tobacco, tea and coffee industry,
cooks.chefs, caterer, hoteliers, film & entertainment industry, photographers & photography studios, models,
biologists and microbiologists, seed and fertilizer industries and last but not the least careers related to exotic
night clubs.
Lawyers, judges, surgeons, swordsmen, fencers, blacksmiths, makers of swords, knives and other sharp
instruments ,working with fire like fire dancers or people who make fire sacrifices, professional dart players or
archers; creative arts involving the use of fire based processes, jewellers and glassmakers.critics, managers,
generals, people in authoritative positions and all military careers, police, fire fighters, explosive experts.
Careers connected with rehabilitation of addicts of all kinds whether it is related to drug addiction, smoking,
alcoholism, weight problems. Professions involved in promoting methods & techniques for self-improvement or
self assertiveness. Barbers & Hairdressers, tailors, work involving use of needles like embroiderers or
vaccinators, gold diggers & miners and cooks of all types. People who make clay objects like bricks for building
houses or ceramic objects, furnace makers and those who make cooking utensils or trade tools ,
All professions relating to growing, processing and handling food, farming, agriculturists of all types, botanists,
herbalists, artists, musicians, entertainment and leisure industries, fashion & cosmetic Industry,beauticians and
sex therapists, jewellers, gemstone dealers, interior decorators, bankers and financiers, transportation and
business person. Careers related to tourism industry, automobile industry, oil & petroleum industry, textile
industry, & shipping industry,food production, packaging & distribution industry, all professions connected with
aquatic products and liquids of all types.
Those related with travelers & explorers, psychics and astrologers, teachers especially those dealing with
beginners, clerks and commentators ,artisans of all types, singers & musicians, poets, linguists, romantic
novelists, writers, thinkers and seekers,gemstone dealers, dealers in earth related products; those involved in the
textile & garment industry, fashion designers & trendsetters; veterinarians; all professions dealing with animals as
pets. salespersons of all kinds, advertising agencies; administrators, landscapers, farmers & gardeners, forestry
workers, real estate developers, map makes & navigators.
Electrical engineers and electricians, electronic & computer industry, computer software developers, sound
engineers & technicians, musicians, especially those involved in electronic music.Linguists especially English
language experts, profound thinkers & philosophers, writers & novelists, especially of the science fiction genre,
photographers, special effects people in the film industry, computer game designers & sci fi buffs, 3D & virtual
reality experts. Those involved in mental sports like chess, scrabble, and bridge etc.Physicists, mathematicians &
researchers, scientists, surgeons, homeopaths, allopathic doctors, those working in nuclear power plants, eye &
brain specialists & surgeons, psychoanalysts & psychotherapists, those specializing in healing or curing brain &
head disorders.Food Processing places which produce canned, frozen & junk food; thieves; legal & illegal drug
dealers, sales people adept at lying and double talk, biotechnologists, chemotherapists, politicians &
manipulators,morticians, chemical & fertilizer industry, pharmaceutical industry, professions involving handling
poisons of any type, investigators, detectives & mystery solvers, analysts of all types, lighting experts, and x-ray
Fairy tale writers, writers dealing with astrology & other esoteric subjects, and visionaries. All careerss related to
travel & tourism; trades & sales people of all types; and recycling experts.Careers related to hotel & restaurant
industry; transport industry; house construction companies, civil engineers and architects. Teachers in schools,
colleges & universities; psychologists; philosophers; priests, monks & gurus; preachers involved with self-
enhancement techniques.Importers & exporters; historians; antique dealers; farmers; cattle & sheep farmers; All
professions requiring an innovative approach;communications jobs; radio & telephone industry; courier
companies; postal service, newspaper industry; mail order & home delivery business; landlords; keepers of
temples, churches and other religious buildings; home maintenance services.Work related to archery & target
shooting, All sports involving use of hands; patriots; aviators; astronauts & all space/ satellite professions.
All those connected with the dairy industry, food and drink, caterers and hoteliers, all those in the restaurant
business and merchants of all types.Politicians, rulers & aristocrats; clergy, nuns, priests, gurus, spiritual
teachers; psychologists, counselors and psychotherapists; managers; those associated with charitable
organizations, professional hosts & hostesses. Those who earn out of orthodoxy, traditionalism and religious
bigotry.River and Lake related jobs; teachers and education experts; child care professionals; mothers, all care
professions; artisans; those business and creative activities requiring finesses; real estate agents; farmers &
All professions dealing with poisons, petroleum industry, chemical engineers, cigarette industry, legal and illegal
drug dealers; drug pushers; self serving politicians; behind the scenes manipulators; psychologists; con artists;
thieves; swindlers; pornography industry; prostitutes.Careers involving reptiles, snake charmers allopathic
doctors & surgeons, pet snake & pet cat owners, poachers, secret service agents, spies and lawyers.Baseball
players, Yoga teachers, Tantrics, hypnotists, psychologists, psychiatrists, spirit mediums,psychics etc, false
gurus and cult leaders.
Administrators, managers, those in direct touch with royalty, and those who bestow (or receive) honors, super
achievers. Those in high positions in Government, people at the top of their chosen professions; entrepreneurs,
legends, bureaucrats, aristocrats, officials, chairmen (those in a position of authority).Lawyers, advocates,
judges, referees, magistrates and the like; politicians, historians, librarians, orators, dramatists & performers,
upholders of traditions, professions relating to museums of all types; occultists, black magicians, exorcists,
astrologers, dealers in antiques of all types; archaeologists, genetic engineering experts, professions related to
using and researching ancient knowledge, monuments etc.
Dealers in products related to women, gemstone industry, entertainers and beauticians,make up artists, models,
photographers, event managers, art gallery managers, singers mostly of the romantic type, musicians and
creative artists.Teaching profession in general, physical fitness trainers, interior decorators and designers . All
careers connected with marriages, marriage ceremonies & childbirths, nannies, doctors (both naturopaths and
allopath), sex-therapists, sleep therapist and masseurs.Those involved in dating agencies, biologists, leisure and
tourism industry, people connected with production & distribution of incenses, business of toiletries and related
products, goldsmiths & jewellers, wool, cotton and silk industry, secretarial jobs etc. Animal trainers, dye makers,
government officials, executives and diplomats .
Creative artists, musicians, entertainers, superstars & media & entertainment industry.Managers, leaders of all
types & public figures like sports superstars, those in high positions and held in esteem by others.Priests, heads
of organizations, mafia dons, teachers & preachers, philanthropists, astrologers, marriage counselors, sex
therapists.Professions connected with the United Nations, international diplomats, founding fathers and other
patriotic figures, bankers & creditors, social workers, and professional advisors in all fields.
Artisans, manual laborers, all professions requiring dexterity of hand, mechanics, jewellry makers, origami
experts,acrobats, gymnasts and circus performers, writers of fairy tales, stage magicians and swindlers,
professional comedians, satirical novelists, radio & television commentators, speech therapists, newsreaders,
martial artists, writers, inventors in general, publishing & printing industry.Pickpockets, stock market dealers,
casino dealers, toy makers, carpenters, professional gamblers and bookies.Clerks, bankers, accountants, typists,
cleaners, housekeepers, servants, masseurs, doctors, physiotherapists, chemical & toiletry industry, textile
industry, tarot decorators, gardeners, farmers & agriculturalists, all professions connected with food production,
processing and distribution industries.Barbers, hairdressers & stylists, sculptors, masons, those connected with
amusement parks, sales persons in all fields, forgers, thieves, robbers dealing with opening safes.
All professions requiring special abilities and versatility, business expert, interior designers, jewellery makers, all
types of craftsmen and artisans, sculptors, architects, designers, fashion designers, models, fashion industry,
cosmetic industry, plastic surgeons, surgeons in general, photographers, graphic artists, composers, orators,
compeers and broadcasters.Vaastu /Fengshul experts, all Professions involving invention and production of all
kinds of machinery, builders of all kinds, landscapers, painters, screenplay writers, novelists, production and set
designers, art directors, those associated with theatre or theatre groups; stage managers, performers of all kinds,
jazz musicians, musicians with an original and out of ordinary approach and advertising industry.
Businessmen and trades people of all types, wrestlers, all sports, especially those relying on breath control,
singers, musicians playing wind instruments like horns & organ, researchers, inventors, technology experts,
independent enterprises.Government related service professions, socialites, aeronautical industry, pilots, and
careers connected with the aviation industry and transportation industry.Professions involving use of speech like
newsreaders etc., computer & software industry and professions requiring flexibility & quick ingenuity, kite
makers.Adventure sports people like skydivers, balloonists etc., educators, teachers, lawyers, judges, politicians,
trade-union & working class leaders, diplomats, and hosts & hostesses.
Bartenders, alcohol & liquor industry and manual laborers.Fashion models & actresses, all professions involving
use of speech like TV & radio broadcasts, politicians, marching bands, sports persons especially sports requiring
herculean efforts, cults & other types of ideological fanatics, religious fundamentalists, professional agitators,
soldiers, dancers, critics, criminals & mafia, custom & immigration officials, guards and prostitution & militant
Hypnotists & psychic mediums, occultists, institution & organization heads, astrologers and spying .All
occupations involving night duty, photographers, cinema related professions in general, musicians, artists,
managers, industrialists, promoters, counselors, psychologists, scientists, numerologists, statisticians,
mathematicians, explorers, miners, factory workers, diplomats, all professions connected with dealing with
foreign countries, travel and foreigners and all careers requiring group activity.
All policing professions, government officials, administrative posts of all types,reporters, radio & television
commentators, newsreaders, talk show hosts, actors, orators,
firemen, trade unionists, occultists (mainly black magicians), detectives, mafia, politicians, bureaucrats, naval
professions, forest rangers, military professions in general, salvation army and other such caring for the aged
professions, surgeons, manual labourers, athletes -especially sprinters, telecommunication industry related
professions, air traffic controllers and radar experts.
Shaman, medicine men, healers, doctors and other such people who administer poisons, shots and vaccines,
dentists,ministers, preachers, police officers, detectives and investigators, judges, soldiers, researchers-
especially in the fields of microbiology & genetics,astronomers, morticians and those who perform autopsies,
orators & public speakers,all professions involving oratorical ability like mass leaders, rock musicians etc,
debaters & contrarians, selling herbs, roots & root vegetables like carrots, potatoes etc.,bodyguards, wrestlers,
homicide squads, politicians, those practicing Tantra (especially Aghoras), black magicians, nuclear physicists,
mathematicians, professional agitators, gold diggers & treasure hunters, horse trainers & all those involved in
equine sports,psychotherapists, astrologers, ascetics, mining, coal & petroleum industry and all professions
involving investigation of any kind and professions involving destructive activities.
Sailors, navy personnel, marine life experts, shipping industry, fishing professions, professional hosts &
hostesses, entertainment industry, rock stars, professional ,motivators and inspirers, teachers & preachers of
motivational philosophies, managers of all types, poets, writers, artists, painters, all industries processing raw
materials especially liquids, refineries, war strategists & weapons experts, costume designers, fashion experts,
hair dressers, beauticians and herbalists,para jumpers, hot air balloonists, flying especially in regards to civilian
transport, hypnotists & psychic mediums, those working in amusement parks, all careers associated with water
and liquids in all its forms.
Preachers, priests, counselors, astrologers, lawyers (of an ethical nature), judges, government officials,
psychologists, military professions, equine professions, pioneers, explorers, wrestlers, sword fighters and other
combat sports, athletes, and elephant trainers,business executives, organizers, defense industry, authority
figures of all types, teachers, guards, high class servants, bird watchers & enthusiasts, body guards, security
personnel, rangers, hunters, construction industry, cricketers, holistic physicians, politicians,all professions
requiring a sense of responsibility and ethics.
Teachers, preachers and educators in all fields, scholars, students and all those associated with universities,
linguists, language translators and interpreters, story tellers and narrators, comedians, those involved in the
music business and recording industry mainly producers and sound technicians, telephone operators and all
those earning their livelihood by some kind of phone job, those involved in the preservation of ancient traditions
and those pursing classical studies, those involved in organizational capacities in big and small
corporations,gossip columnists, news broadcasters, talk show hosts and others involved in the radio/television
business, counselors, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts and psychologists, radio operators in different fields (even
those who are involved in catching signals from other civilizations in the galaxy!), travel agents and all those
involved in the transportation and tourism industry, those working in the hotel/restaurant business, on a higher
level healers and practitioners of holistic medicine and on a lower level those involved with allopathy, hospitals
and the medical profession in general, those connected with charitable organizations, clubs and societies.
Musicians, dancers and performers, drummers and those involved in the rhythm sections of bands and
orchestras, makers of musical instruments,all those involved in the management side of the entertainment
industry, creative artists of all types, those involved in military bands and other types of marching bands,
gemstones and precious metal dealers, athletes and other sports persons, group coordinators in all fields, those
in the real estate business, landscape artists, those who deal in financial transactions, scientists and physicists,
computer professions, warriors and military people, poets, songwriters and reciters of rhythmical incantations,
vocalists with more emphasis on delivery than melody, astrologers and divinatory works, psychic & mediums, on
a higher level those involved in holistic healing through Kundalini Yoga, on a lower level surgeons and medical
practitioners, professions involving high tech devices and electronic equipment.
Those working in the drug & pharmaceutical industry, physicians & surgeons, herbalist, professions connected
with the production & distribution of alcohol, drug dealers, pushers, waste disposal & recycling industry, and
pimps & prostitutes.
Morticians and all professions relating to death or the death process like coffin makers, cemetary keepers etc,
surgeons and contemporary medical practitioners (basically those who administer poisons as remedies),
fundamentalists, radicals, fanatics, terrorists etc,horror, mystery and sci-fi writers, psychiatrists , the dark side of
entertainment industry, the dark side of the ruling elite, pornographic industry, weapon makers and users,
occultists dealing with the dark side, black magicians, perpetuators of dark technologies, leather industry,
extreme ascetics involved in self mortification (like the famous Aghoras), police departments particularly homicide
squads, solders, metal industry, all professions involving the use of fire and high temperatures, those who deal
with toxic substances and highly polluting waste products, environmental activists, and pharmaceutical industry.
Yoga and meditation experts; counselors & therapists of all types, shamen, healers, practitioners of Tantra and
other occult sciences, divination, renunciates, monks, hermits, those working in charity organizations,
researchers, philosophers, poets, writers, musicians and artists, those working in professions requiring
extraordinary abilities, whether it be patience, insight, erudition or awareness, jobs involving little movement like
shop clerks, night watchmen, doormen, historians, librarians. The independently wealthy who live off
inheritances, legacies or sometimes those who live off the charity of others.
Hypnotists & psychic mediums, creative artists of all kinds including painters, musicians etc., actors, entertainers
& comedians, linguists, conjurors, illusionists, magicians, watchmakers, road planners and those working in rail &
road construction business, time keepers, calendar/ephemeris makers, astrologers,managers, professional hosts
& hostesses especially air hostesses, ship stewards etc.Gemstone dealers, those involved in the pearl industry,
shipping and marine industry, those involved with foster homes & orphanages, driving or transport
professions,those involved with religious institutions, air traffic controllers, traffic cops, light house workers, those
involved with road safety, and driving instructors.

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