Intranet strategy & execution

by Toby Ward on Thu 04 Jun 2009 01:00 PM PDT | Permanent Link | Cosmos

Like any business, an intranet without a strategy is an intranet looking to die. Although an over-arching business strategy should be highly complex that takes into account many external factors and variables (e.g. competitive assessment), an intranet strategy is not as complex nor time-consuming.

An intranet strategy has definition, is well documented and shared by all stakeholders, and has key performance indicators (KPIs) or metrics. The strategy provides direction for executable actions (in the context of this article, we will treat strategy as synonymous with plan, though a strategy in the broader definition might contain many plans). For an intranet, a typical strategy would include the following elements: • • • • • • • • Vision Mission Target audience definition / segmentation Governance Goals Objectives Action plans KPIs (or CSIs)


When looking at strategy at it relates to the process of developing or redesigning an intranet, strategy encompasses the first two phases of Prescient Digital Media's Intranet Project Methodology © 2009, Assessment & Planning.

Marketing – communications. “In the realm of information technology. plan. specification and realization. algorithm. change management. and promotion Execution “A very general definition of the term “implementation” is execution of an idea.Assessment – understanding the needs and requirements for the intranet 2. The key words being. model.1.” . plan. or policy.Planning – strategy development including the governance model and design 3. design.” writes Prescient Digital Media's Cathy Mcknight in Implementing your intranet plan and other dastardly deeds. an implementation is the realization of a technical specification as some type of computer related system or applications. standard.Technology – where execution begins with the selection of the technology 4 – Implementation – “the rubber hits-the-road” execution of the strategy 5.

not merely an IT project. that requires a detailed strategy (plans) to ensure all work in tandem. No complex system such as an intranet can adequately support a company and a workforce without a thorough strategy. The intranet is not just a piece of technology. all technology projects hit barriers and are challenged by problems (technology is imperfect. nor is it a communications vehicle or channel. To overcome these problems and challenges requires the aforementioned detailed plans. . and many parts people and process. even the best plans and projects have hiccups. the intranet is a business system that should represent and support all areas of the business. almost as imperfect as the people implementing the technology). Of course. the schedule. the intranet is one part technology.In short. then execution is relatively straight-forward: everyone knows their job. and the budget. and a strong project manager or three that has experience steering intranet projects. This of course is easier said than done and requires strong project management to ensure that all plans are executed as directed. if your plans are sound. In fact.