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PRACTICE QUESTIONS 1. Consider the following ingredients used in molding. 1. Drysilica sand 2 Clay 3, Phenol formaldehyde 4. Sodium silicate Those used for shell mould casting include @ 1,2and4 (&) 2,3and4 45) tand3 (OF 1,2,3and4 2. A sand casting mould assembly is shown in the given figure. The elements marked A and E respectively. | (@) Sprue and riser (b) , Ingate and riser “A (©) Drag and runner AG) Riser and runner 3. Hardness of green sand mould increases with (a)_ Increase in moisture content beyond 6 percent. 8 (b) Increase in permeability se} Decrease in permeability (d) Increase in both moisture content and permeability. 4. In solidification of metal during casting, compensation during solid contraction is: 48) Provided by the oversize pattern (b) Achieved by properly placed risers (©) Obtained by promoting directions solidifications (4) Made by providing chills 5. Match List (Moulding process) with List-ll (Binding agent) and select the correct answer u the codes given below the lists: List Lis A. Greensand — 1. Silicate _ B. Cores sand 2. Organic ™. ©. Shell moulding —__ ™3, Clay * D. Carbondioxide process ~ 4. Plaster of paris “0 hy « 5. Plastic Codes: \ A B CGC DN @®@ 3 2 6 14 . $Bja8 57125 ase 3 N GP Biel gs str te d@ 2 3 4 5 3 6. In which of the following are metal moulds used? \ (a) Green sand mould (bo) Dry sand mould = (& Die casting process (d) Loam moulding 7. Gray cast iron blocks 200 x 100 x 10 mm are to be cast in sand moulds. Shrinkage allowance pattern making is 1% . The ratio of the volume of pattern to that of the casting will be @ 097 (b) 0.99 (©) 1.01 (@) 1.03 168 | Production Engineering ‘Ys 8. Which one of the following is the correct statements? Gate is provided in moulds to g feed the casting at constant rate (b) give passage to gases (c)_ compensate for shrinkage (0) avoid cavities 9. Volume of a cube of side ‘i’ and volume of a sphere of radius ‘r’ are equal. Both the sphere are solid and of same material. They are being cast. The ratio of the solidi the cube to the same of sphere is x 3 7,46 2 4n) (1 4n)(¢ é # (J oF ty, 2 3 2 4 Ox, JZ any (tr an) (r CG) s# (3) (i) gq 10. The pattern adopted for those casting where there are some portions which are structura and are likely to break by the force of ramming are called: (@)_ Loose piece pattern r) Follow board pattern — (©) Skeleton pattern (d)_ Single piece Pattern 413)In a sand casting operation, the total liquid head is maintained constant such that itis equ mould height. The time taken to fil the mould with a top gates is t,. If the same mould is fi a bottom gate, then the time taken is t, Ignore the time required to fill the runner and { effects. Assume atmospheric pressure at the top molten metal surfaces. The relation be and tis Zz @) tp=v2ty Apy tz = 2b, a S (0) ty = Jey Y 12, Plastic bottles are made using We Sake? (ef Blow moulding (b)_ Injection moutding, os (©) Preform moulding (d) Slush casting 2 Ag @ While cooling, a cubical casting of side 40 mm undergoes 3%, 4% and 5% volume during the liquid state, phase transition and solid state, respectively. The volume « compensated from the riser is (@) 2% 8) 7% (c) 8% (d) 9% G44) it the metting ratio of a copula is 10:1, then the coke requirement for one ton met will be “ (@ 0.1 ton (b) 10 tons ©, (©) tten (@) 11 tons GB. Consider the following statements: Assertion(A): Steel can be melted in hot blast cupola. Reason(R): In hot blast cupola, the flue gases are used to preheat the air blast to the c that the temperature in the furnace is considerably higher than that in a conventional cur (8) Both A and R are individually true and R is the correct explanation of A. (b) Both A and R are individually true and R is not the correct explanation of A. ©) Ais true but Ris false (@) Ais false but Ris true Casting | 16 6. Which of the following are in the requirements of an ideal gating system? 1. The molten metal should enter the mould cavity with as high a velocity as possible, 2. It should facilitate complete filling of the mould cavity 3. Itshould be able to prevent the absorption of air or gases from the surroundings on the molte metal while flowing through it. Select the correct answer using the codes given below: (@ 1,2and3 (b) 1and3 _4e) 2and3 (a) tand3 7. Assertion(A): The rate of flow metal through sprue is NOT a function of the cross-sectional area ~ sprue, runner and gate. Reason(R): If respective cross-sectional areas of sprue , runner and gate are in the ratio of 1: the system is known as unpressurised gating system. (@) Both A and R are individually true and R is the correct explanation of A. (b) Both A and R are true and R is not the correct explanation of A. (©) Ais true but Ris false (@¥ Ais false but R is true 18. In gating system design, which one of the following is the correct sequence in which choke are: pouring time, pouring basin and sprue sizes are calculated? 4@) Choke area- pouring time-pouring basin- sprue (b) Pouring basin-sprue-choke area-pouring time (©) Choke area- sprue-pouring basin- pouring time (d) Pouring basin- pouring time-Choke area-sprue, 19. A gating ratio of 1:2:4 is used to design the gating system for magnesium alloy casting. Th gating ratio refers to the cross- section areas of the various gating elements as given below: 1, Downsprue 2. Runner bar 3. Ingates ‘The correct sequence of the above elements in the ratio 1:2:4 is: @) 1,2and3 (o) 1,3and2 (©) 2,3and1 (d) 3,1and2 20. A mould has down sprue whose length is 20 cm and the cross sectional area at the base of t down sprue is tom?. The down sprue feeds a horizontal runner leading into the mould cavity volume 1000cm®. The time required to fill the mould cavity will be + @) 405s (b) 5.058 (©) 6.05s (@) 7.258 21. Bottom gating system is some times preferred in casting because (a) Itenables rapid filling of mould cavity (b) It is easier to provide in the mould (c)_Itprovides cleaner metal (@_ Itreduces splashing and turbulence 22, A 200mm long down sprue has an area of cross-section of 650 mm? where the pouring bas meets the down sprue (i.e. at the beginning of the down sprue). A constant head of molten me! flow rate is 6.5 x 10 mms, considering the end of down sprue to be open to atmosphere and acceleration due to gravity of 10mm/s?, the area of the down sprue in mmPat its end (avoidit aspiration effect) should be (a) 650.0 (b) 350.0 (0) 2907 @ 1900