How to file return for IT india

For the NRI who are living outside India and having FD's in Indian Banks ... Banks send Form 16 A to all NRI having NRO or NRE account with them.. using them you can file return through internet on your own and get the refund (if you are applicable) 1. Register with India Income tax e-filing website (you must have your valid PAN number .and keep details safe because now onwards you can file return from this site ) 2. Download income tax return preparation software(in xls form) from (you can trust this site.) 3. This software is actually formulas embedded excel file ... when you will open for first time you have to select disable macros when the dialog box appears....if dialog box don’t come then to disable macros and to make it work . Open the xls file -- > Tools -- > Macro-->Security set security level to low. save and close file. again open it In Excel 2007 and up , the system will prompt a Security Warning “Some active content has been disabled” -- .> Enable content Press the enable content tab. 4. Now fill out only the green highlighted part. DO NOT USE CUT AND PASTE TEXT. fill all part on your own by typing. Don’t fill in any other part otherwise their formulas will go wrong. # In General sheet Tab: After filing all personal information. fill 2b with the interest amount that all banks have given you for that year , it will come in 2c 3,5 and 7. # In General 2 sheet tab fill bank details and verification details only. rest all will be filled once you are done with TDS tab. for MICR code of the Bank ... you can take cheque book of that account and the last 9 digits are the MICR code of the bank. you can also get them by RBI site # In TDS sheet tab fill in tab 22 with TAN number of deductor, UTN number are not provided to all banks so you can leave that blank.

fill name of deductor, address, city code ,total amount credited etc. you can add up all interest coming from same TAN in one line. after filling all info.. you can save excel and now validate it by pressing "Validate" button in Mid top of each sheet . if you will have any error filling the sheet t will highlight it ...otherwise ti will prompt that the Sheet is ok. Now press on "Generate XML " tab it will generate an XML file and a sheet named "Pre XML check " will be created . It willl have a tab "Save XML". press it to save XML at the same location where this excel file is saved . this is the file which you have to upload on website . 5. Goto login the website -> on Left hand side .. there is a tab "Submit Return" ->select AY 201011. upload your xml file and select no or digital signature(if u dont have it) it will send you the acknowledgement/ITR-V(Income tax return verification) on email address in pdf form. download that pdf and the password to open acknowledgement pdf is your PAN number followed by ddmmyyyy all in small. take the printout of this ITR-V sign it and send it to address mentioned in the acknowledgement in Banglore by ordinary USPS which will cost you 97 cents. now after 7-10 days check your status by logging in on site and going to My account-> e filing processing status. put the e filing acknowledgement number from ITR-V and check your status. so your total tax return /refund have been done in 1 buck.. Similarly you can file the revised return (in case you need it). In the General tab , In filing status , in place of ORIGINAL choose REVISED and fill the acknowledgement receipt number and date of filing previous IT Return .

Now you can online find the tax which govt of India is deducting from all your accounts in India. ( Accounts with form 15g or 15h filled are not listed ). Form 26 AS : Form 26AS is a consolidated tax statement issued under Rule 31 AB of Income Tax Rules to PAN holders. This statement, with respect to a financial year, will include

details of: a) tax deducted at source (TDS); b) tax collected at source (TCS); and c) advance tax/self assessment tax/regular assessment tax etc., deposited in the bank by the taxpayers (PAN holders). Form 26AS will be prepared only with respect to Financial Year 05-06 onwards. d) Paid refund received during the financial year.

Your Refund amount on ITR should match the amount in the form 26 AS . In layman’s language , the refund which you are requesting from govt of India should match the tax amount which Indian govt have deducted from your accounts. How to apply for Form 26 AS ? 1. Apply on nsdl website 2. Fill out the form. Either you visit verification office with 15/- charge or TIN authorized personnel will come to your Indian address with 117/- charge. 3. You need to sign on acknowledgement and fill out your login ID . Once you are registered , you will be knowing how much tax Indian govt is deducting from your accounts each year or month. 4. Previously registration was free. Now it comes with a little charge . For any other question regarding e-filing of Indian income tax and viewing of tax statement , email me at

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