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Location Recce

Please produce a location recce for EVERY location used

Type of room/area: A
tunnel/subway under the
railway track

Location Address:
Pangbourne, Reading RG8

Sat Nav details (Post code):


Nearest Train Station:

Pangbourne Station

Nearest Bus stop: Pangbourne

(Next to the town hall)

Lighting Information: Solutions:

There are bright lights on the wall within the I will be using my light which goes on my
subway, they are very yellow toned and can be camera, with a lighter and softer look. This will
very harsh when shooting. There is not much then counter act the harsh yellow lights that
natural light within the tunnel due to it being are on the walls in the area.
Sound Information: Solutions:
Due to the area being in a train station and I will make sure that we stop recording and
under the railway tracks, every fifteen minutes wait every time there is noise within the train
or so there will be noises caused due to the station whilst filming. I will also re-shoot scenes
trains and announcements over the radio which have the noise in them. This is to make
intercom thing. This can cause problems whilst sure my scene sound and look better overall.
filming because I don’t want the noise to be
heard in my footage.
Power Information: Solutions:
We will be using no cables or anything, so I Nothing to say on the power information
don’t need to think about this as an issue. because we aren’t using anything.
Hazards Solutions:
Hazards could include tripping over on the We must make sure to map out our movement
cobbled floor due to it being bumpy and for when filming in order to stop tripping over
unstable. Also, there might be issue in bumping and every time a train comes in, we need to get
into people who just of the train whilst filming. out of the way of pedestrian walking.