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All this while MASC has not introduced any theme. So it will be a new inclusion if a theme is set
for MASC 2017.
Proposed theme:

The definition of the suggested theme is the ‘everlasting; unfading; infinite; endless’. This means
that Malaysian Accounting Students Convention (MASC) 2017 will be a great platform for all
Accounting students in Malaysia to many great professional opportunities which will create
many unfading moments and memories. MASC 2017 opens the door for Accounting students all
over Malaysia to eternal experiences in meeting new people, getting exposure to a new and
professional environment, building networks with people from the professional accounting
environment and many other endless exposures that they will be able to obtain throughout.
Besides, they will be able to obtain everlasting tips and knowledge regarding the accounting
My expectations towards MASC 2017:

Information regarding the event to be spread more vigorously and involve more accounting
students from almost all universities, all over Malaysia.

Programs held in MASC 2017 must leave a great unfading impact on all potential participants.

Maintain and increase the reputation of University of Malaya Accounting Club (UMAC) by
providing quality programs and activities, besides creating a better perspective for our main
sponsors, accounting firms and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

My responsibilities in MASC 2017

To assist the Director of MASC 2017 besides leading and managing the entire organizing team
of MASC 2017.

Plan the best programs and activities to achieve my expectations towards MASC 2017.

Ensure the members of the entire team put in equal efforts to make MASC 2017 a huge success.

Utilize existing emcee skills possessed to train and develop the future batch who will be part of
MASC 2017.
Practice and inspire others to work professionally and attain professional skills.

Highlighted Events Suggested

Plenary sessions



Detective game

Investment game

Convention dinner

Night tour

Career booth

Charity program: Together We Love

Charity program: Together We Love

MASC all this while have invited children from the orphanage to be part of this program. This
time, I have a suggestion to change the concept of this session. The idea is to conduct a charity
run (for example: a charity run to support children with autism) involving our participants, our
sponsors and other NGOs. The aim is to increase awareness among all of us regarding the
increased cases of autism among children and give them enormous support. We can also invite
the public for the run by allowing them to register for the run. We can also include the corporate
influences. The main objective is to get this program into the Malaysian Book of Records. This
will largely increase the network of UMAC and the perception towards UMAC.