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EQUI-PARCO CONSTRUCTION COMPANY General Engineering * General Building 5 Ambangen, Ambo aan Ci gsi del Non SPECIFIC GRAVITY AND ABSORPTION TEST AGHTO Designation'T 05-13" Project Dayster Sand and Gravel Cabadbaran City, Agusan del Nore Contractor: ‘Gesar Michael A Alcantara Kinds of Material: “Boulders Basali Rock ‘Specs Tom No. = Sample 1.0. WA Sampled at ‘Cabadbaran River, Brgy. Pulling Bato, Cabadbaran Oly Agusan del Nore: Original Source Brgy. Pulling Bato, Cabadbaran City. Agusan del Norte Sampled by: ‘Michael A. Alcantare ‘Owner Om “ame & Designation) ‘(Orficey Date) Tested by: AM, Sevilla HM. Torayno EPCC Materials Testing Lab, 23-06-15 (Nome & Designation) (Offcey Date) Tab Ne. TSI 7 weraue 13255 | 16496 | 14,870.50 13250 | 16.475 | 1486250 417 | 1045 | 9,381.00 JW. Of Saturated Surface dry Sample in air (gm. WI It. OF Oven Dry Sample in air (gm.), W2 It. OF Saturated Sample in water (gm.), WS |AasORPTION 0.04 0.07 0.08, leuLK SPECIFIC GRAVITY (S80) 2m 2.68 an [BULK SPECIFIC GRAVITY (Ory) = = 2m 2.68 an | JAPPARENT SPECIFIC GRAVT 27m | 260 an REMARKS: As per sample rec cape ve. LaBoratory Pechnician EPCC Materials Testing Laboratory Checked by A> nennortel ston ME _/AQC Department ME~ ACC #: 3931 , ME- AGC #3207 Eco. EPoC