Trend research, analysis & forecasting in the apparel sector 2011 and beyond

demographic and psychographic make up of the country. Surge in popularity of Indowestern garments Indianisation : Spread of Indian influences beyond India proper . these directly and indirectly have an impact on fashion Emergence of India as a source of inspiration for Indian & International designers. economic.THE FASHION INDUSTRY TODAY Indian street fashion today A Mélange of influences due to globalisation and the more recent ‘Indianisation’ resulting in a shift in the sociocultural.

THE FASHION INDUSTRY TODAY Consumers and designers In the Birth of a new breed of experimental designers with no qualms about any mode of self expression. A complex fashion language driven by established and new designers Rise of new target groups across the diverse sub-continent Increased awareness of fashion accelerated by advances in technology and media proliferation self-expressive mode Fashion is in an era of change driven by designers. consumers and brands Young designer Shilpa Chavan's latest exhibit titled Mumbadevi fashioned from everyday objects found in Mumbai .

A HIGH POTENTIAL MARKET…BUT WHAT’S MISSING?? THERE IS… a shallow awareness of diverse target segments THERE ISN’T… an in-depth understanding to identify diverse requirements & new segments an ability to forecast fashion adaptations across a diverse map an ability to predict the effect of regular media influences on existing target groups. and shoppers along with traditional consumer research a cohesive design and business strategy that is borne out of trend. consumer & shopper research Snapshots from fashion across India . consumer-research based approach to design & strategy mostly independent design and business strategies a dynamic approach driven by an understanding of trends . dependence on western trend adaptations a traditional static.

consumer and shopper research Elaborate existing and Identify potential target groups Propose and align strategies with research findings Forecast style. colour and texture trends Snapshots from fashion across India .WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE? Explore the Indian fashion landscape in detail using a combination of trend.

complex fashion landscape in India based on trend.THE INSIGHT INSTORE PROPOSAL A first of its kind study to explore the potential. consumer and shopper research Titled ‘The future of Indian Fashion .Trend research. analysis & forecasting in the apparel sector .2011 and beyond’ Will offer the brand • In-depth information on the Indian fashion industry • Trends and forecasts for range design and planning • Insights towards creating or revising business and communication strategies The report will be the brand’s strategy and design guide for 2011 The study will commence in January 2010 and end in May 2010 .

Colour. taking Indian seasonal variations into consideration. Forecasting . Research B. Textile This study will focus on the women’s segment and forecast for Autumn/Winter 2011-2012. .THE SCOPE A.Style. Analysis C. Strategy Creation D.

based on the trickle down and trickle up theories Sociocultural / economic/ technology trends that influence fashion Target group Consumer and shopper behaviour studies .e. Nature i. Research History Evolution of Fashion in India. Niche and Mass fashion Trends Fashion specific trends .THE SCOPE A. Drivers of change Industry Current scenario – Size. Projected figures.

Analysis Gap analysis Insights from market. consumer and shopper research help spot the current market gaps Future scenario creation This involves using insights derived out of research to define segments and sketch out possible future scenarios One of the indicative graphs for gap analysis . trend.THE SCOPE B.

THE SCOPE C. helps test the strategies for robustness and resiliency and helps to further refine them One of a set of sample storyboards depicting a scenario . Strategy Creation Scenarios created are indicative roadmaps for each segment. with strategies being borne out of them An analysis post-scenario creation.

colour and styling trends. these combined with effective marketing strategies dictates the success of designs An analysis of the history of fashion will help identify elements influencing change and extrapolations will aid forecasting future trends An example of forecast moodboard on colour . Forecasting .THE SCOPE D.Style. Colour. Textile Used as a means of giving designers and brands new ideas of color/fabric/theme/mood and yarn developments for different product types and levels Forecasting includes fabric.

METHODOLOGY . Primary research • Shopper research – Shopper observation & interviews • Consumer research – Focus group interviews • Trendspotting B. Secondary research • Online research • Publications • Fashion Events – Shows. trade fairs and more . A.Research The methodology will consist of both primary and secondary research.

Forecasting Style. Colour and textile forecasts are based on primary and secondary research insights Forecasting is done through scenario creation using a combination of logic and intuition. Scenarios are created by applying historical and current trends to fashion frameworks and then interpreting them in a future context .METHODOLOGY .

insightinstore. Sheetal is a Master in Business Design from Domus Academy. Nisha is a Consumer and Shopper Behavior expert with insightful work experience across The shopper and consumer research aspects will be driven by Nisha Abdulla . check the People section at www.Head of research & Design at Insight Instore. a leading global design school. She has an in-depth understanding of the Indian shopper and working knowledge of effective marketing programs. She has over ten years of experience across brand and retail sectors. Our trend researchers include current and experienced students from India’s No:1 Fashion School The National Institute of Fashion Technology The expert panel includes leading names from the apparel and fashion sector and the designer community in India .Senior Associate. For a detailed profile. Milan.PROJECT TEAM This project would be headed by Sheetal Jayaraj . Tesco HSC & Hewlett-Packard.

000.90. OPTION 3 .45.000.50.STANDARD PURCHASE The research report will be retailed online from June 2010 at a price of Rs. 2. . Your exclusive report will cost Rs.EARLY BIRDS Advance Bookings will be eligible for a special price of Rs.000. These reports will not be customised and will be based on the scope as outlined here in.EXCLUSIVE PARTNER Fully customised research report In addition to the scope outlined.YOUR INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY OPTION 1 . the research will be customised to suit your requirement. OPTION 2 .

Ahmedabad Insight Instore conducts syndicated studies in various sectors. Targets.A research compilation Kids Trends in India 2009 . Trends & Tips Interior design trends in India 2009 .Research.ABOUT INSIGHT INSTORE Insight Instore is a trend and shopper research consultancy We conduct research on emerging trends in various fields and publish our findings in the form of trend reports Some of our most popular reports: • • • • • • • In the Lap of Luxury . Targets. Trends & Tips in the Indian Apparel & Accessory sectors Design Trends . with the scope of work defined based on client requirements .Sociocultural trend research 2009 Unplanned Buying at Traditional Retail in India An ongoing shopper study is in collaboration with the Centre of Retailing at IIM.Global & Indian & their Implications on key sectors The Indian Fashion Scenario .Triggers. Analysis and Implications on key sectors The Face of New India .Triggers. SPEAK TO US Project Head: Sheetal Jayaraj Mobile :+91 97399 74069 Email : www. OMBR Layout. Bangalore 560 043 India Phone :+91 80 25454229 Email : reports@insightinstore. 385.CONTACT US GENERAL ENQUIRIES Insight Instore * Images used in this presentation are only indicative of the project process and will not be used for any sort of commercial benefit .

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