The chakras are invisible energy centers in and above the body, which act as the interface between the physical and subtle worlds. The meridians of chakras channel vital energies. If the flow is in balance, you are in general healthy and you have a positive outlook towards life. Any blocks in any of the chakras will show as physical discomfort or illness, or any kind of emotional, mental or spiritual discomfort. Healthy chakras= healthy human being.

1. The Root Chakra/

Muladhara Chakra (Sanskrit: The

Foundation Wheel), the portal to Earth 1. Location: the base of the spine, between the anus and the genitals. 2. Body aspects: legs, feet, muscles, the lungs, skin, large intestine, rectum. 3. Glands: adrenals.

4. Instinct: survival, procreation. 5. Seeds: kundalini, abundance. 6. Color: red. 7. Expressions: healthy and happy in your physical body, concerns of getting the basic needs met, physical and emotional balance. 8. Gemstones: jasper, ruby, bloodstone. 9. Element: earth. 10. Oils: patchouli, cypress, vetivert. Kundalini, the life force energy, is awakened, when the first chakra is cleared. In many cases kundalini reaches only the second chakra. For full vitality all chakras need to be in balance. Free flow of kundalini, the life force energy is very important. When kundalini reaches the Crown Chakra, you will have higher awareness and you are able to see the big picture, also deeper than the surface. The Root chakra unbalanced: - Problems of the lower abdominal area, e.g. constipation, diarrhea, kidney problems, lower back pain, sciatica, fertility problems, gynecological problems, muscle cramps/ spasms, knee problems. - Addictive behavior: alcoholism, drugs, sex, etc. - Lack of feeling grounded, living in a fantasy world, and feeling off- centre. - Going out of control easily, hard to contain feelings, difficulties in focusing. Unable to express feelings, self- centered, mindless violence, stubbornness. - A need to possess; shopaholic. Excessively materialistic, workaholic lifestyle, the masculine principle dominates. Unable to let go of things emotionally.Low self- esteem. The Root Chakra in balance: - Good general health for related organs and body parts. The adrenal glands healthy, not exhausted from over stimulation (stress, etc).

General lack of creativity. . Seeds: creativity. unpredictability. 3. bladder problems. adrenaline. assimilation and integration of knowledge. The Sacral Chakra unbalanced: .Unable to release negative emotions ® creates toxins in the body. urinary systems. sexually transmitted diseases. reproductive and circulatory systems. ylangylang. kidneys. . .Difficult to give and receive materially or emotionally ® obesity. . clinging on. menstrual pain. sexual potency. 2.. An ability to focus. anxiety. sandalwood. positive and constructive approach. 6. ovaries. . 4. . 8. pleasure. . Expressions: love and trust in self. Color: orange. Body aspects: reproductive systems. Nurturing abilities. 9. relationships. 2. loss of appetite. Oils: clary sage. low energy. Guilt. responsibility to oneself.The feminine and the masculine side in balance. Glands: testes. compassion. family.Affects the urinary. orange calcite. anger. Element: water. jasmine. fear. 10. Instinct: sexuality. Location: the lower abdomen between the navel and the genitals. Gemstones: carnelian.Ready to meet challenges as opportunities.Impotence/frigidity. rose. amber. 5. 7.Difficult to separate your own feelings from those of others. The Sacral Chakra/ place of the self) Svadhistana Chakra (Sanskrit: Dwelling 1.

7. You have ability to see other people¶s point of view. spleen. Instinct: power. 3.Comfortable with your sexuality.realized and in one¶s total power. pancreas.Sexually cold or too much sexual desire. 8. Content within yourself. storing and releasing energy.Positive outlook. different approaches and attitudes as richness. individuation.Body parts and organs connected to this chakra are healthy. Color: yellow. enjoying life. Body aspects: the digestive system and related organs (liver. . turning to gold when a person is clear and self. 9. You are willing to develop yourself and grow. energetic. Seeds: autonomy. and alter your path if necessary. gall bladder. fulfillment of dreams. 6. 3. 5. patient. Addicted to sensual pleasures. Location: between the navel and the breastbone. organs of excretion). . Solar Plexus/ Jewels-wheel) Manipura Chakra (Sanskrit: The Palace of 1.Outgoing. good sense of humor.Creative problem solving. longevity. stomach. Expressions: full of vitality. selfless service. Outrageous flirting is typical in order to gain sexual attention. . 2. gold when you are fully cleared and all chakras in balance. fully in your power.You go with the flow. Glands: pancreas. 4. A high level of vitality. Gemstones: citrine. Element: fire. .. The Sacral Chakra in balance: . .

geranium. .Your life purpose becomes clear.A well balanced chakra gives a great deal of energy. anorexia. feeling bright. . . . alcoholism.Clear thinking.Ulcers.Family and interpersonal relationships become stable.You feel too hot or too cold. e.Naturally aware of your responsibilities. frustration. . the power of unification.More easily swayed by the opinions of other people. violent passions. assertive.A tight hard belly. . pro. ginger. .10. . might show up as fast metabolism -> a warm body.Enthusiasm for development and transformation in your life. juniper. Solar Plexus unbalanced: . black pepper. and you can align yourself to it. .Obsessive or addictive.Uncontrolled extreme emotions. confident. confusion. .esteem. upset stomach.Effective communication. quick tempered.Powerless.A sense of personal power. It helps us recognize that with effort and action we can achieve what we want. extroverted. diabetes. .Doubts. . large belly or sunken diaphragm.A healthy will and autonomy. overly critical to yourself.g. The production and storage of energy that allows us to live our lives effectively. ability to bring things together.Constructive use of power. Oils: rosemary. . . One has a tendency to manipulate others. jealousy. Solar Plexus in balance: . . . fear. low self. . hypoglycemia. healthy selfesteem.

Expressions: truth. Body aspects: the heart. Seeds: selfless love. 5.A sense of abundance in your life. unconditional love. jade. immune problems. aventurine. chest and shoulders. 6. The fourth chakra brings together the forces of the first three chakras. pink (love between lovers). loving yourself and others unconditionally. 7. The heart chakra= the transition point between the grounding lower chakras and the spiritual higher chakras. mimosa. They can be then transformed into energies to achieve higher goals. . rose quartz. immune deficiencies. high blood pressure. a commitment to. The Heart Chakra in balance: .. Color: green (unconditional universal love). rose. Gemstones.An inner strength that allows you to perform actions with ease and grace. rhodocrosite. Location: between the centre of the chest. 8. The Heart Chakra/ Anahata Chakra (Sanskrit: Unbound Wheel) 1. 10. Knowing who you are and self. Element: air. Instinct: love. marigold. asthma.Heart conditions. arthritis of the arms. emerald. forgiveness. asthma. . the circulatory and respiratory systems. 4.acceptance. 9. neroli. 2. the breasts.Feeling conditional type of love. 4. Glands: thymus. . The Heart Chakra unbalanced: .Sense of loneliness. Oils: jasmine. 3.

It affects our speech and how we express ourselves. . Location: the base of the throat. loss of voice.Knowing that you have all you need within you.Sleep disorders. .Balanced and harmonious relationships. . blue quartz. .active thyroid. parathyroid. Element: light. truth. headaches from neck muscle tension. able to love unconditionally. Color: sky blue 7. . 8. faith.Sore throats. Body aspects: the neck. airway of the throat). clairsentience. willing and able to live without fear.or over. Seeds: personal power. communication with the spirit.Open. 6. turquoise.An under. The Throat Chakra/ Visuddha Chakra (Sanskrit: Purity wheel) 1. The Throat Chakra unbalanced: .The related organs and immune system are healthy. lapis lazuli. helps to form our future. Instinct: psychic expression 5. sandalwood. blue lace agate. responsible for clairvoyance. 9. will. 3. communication.. 10. the organs of the neck (e. and telepathic communication. Oils: frankincense. Gemstones: diamond. Glands: thyroid. It connects our feelings and intuition with our thoughts. 4. chamomile. 2. neck and throat conditions. It is linked to truth and honesty. Verbal expression of all the thoughts and feelings are encompassed by the lower chakras.g. . 5. the voice box. Expressions open to the spirit. This is a psychic center. clairaudience. aquamarine.

non. Glands: pituitary. 4. quartz. tactless. dyslexia. lies. One has a tendency to dominate conversations or discussions.The freedom of infinite possibilities. intuition. and it is responsible for metabolism.Holding back your opinion or showing your thoughts or feelings. Color: indigo. compassionate. . Gemstones: diamond. sodalite.You are able to envision possible futures and to act on your vision. clear and pleasant voice.judgmental. 5.insomnia. . The Third Eye/ The Brow Chakra/ power) AjnaChakra( Sanskrit: Unlimited 1. amethyst. .Honest. 3. 6. Location: between and just above the eyebrows. eyes. deafness. pineal. insomnia. wisdom. The Throat Chakra in balance: . even cancer. Expression: insight and knowledge. bulimia. 8. . tactful. inspirational. . 6. .Creative. mature. . lapis lazuli. deceitful. constant dieting -> thyroid gland situated in the throat area. 2.Sense of serenity and devotion. black opal. . 7. . mind function. sapphire. flu. Seeds: enlightenment.The throat area is physically healthy. gossiping.Any difficulty in expression or communication.Anorexia. nervous system. self. Body aspects: brain. .Critical. . Instinct: truth.Effective expression and clear communication.realization.

nervous disorder -> physical pain. The Crown Chakra/ Sahasrara Chakra (Sanskrit: Emptiness Wheel). Good level of direction. 7. .realization. visualization. The Third Eye Chakra unbalanced: . imagination. This chakra is linked to the brain and nervous system. . at the µsoft spot¶ that is the anterior fontanel. .You have a feeling of oneness and unity within yourself. .You are able to determine what will enrich you. .9. devotion and high ideals. sinus conditions.Organs and glands related are healthy. confusion. sandalwood. the portal to Heaven 1. you experience self. nose. Location: on top of the head. negativity. Oils: frankincense. The hormonal system is affected by the sixth chakra. insomnia. . . lack of direction. Element: pure light.Your inner vision enables you to bring spirit down to earth. The Third Eye Chakra in balance: . through pituitary gland. Intuition is the link between intellectual and psychic abilities. This chakra is involved in the capacity for intuition. .Problems focusing and concentrating. ear. .When the sixth chakra is fully awakened.Depression. intellectual stagnation. 10. It is a powerful psychic center. . migraines.Eye. it is a link to the force greater than us. clairvoyance. inadequacy.You are able to observe thoughts and feelings without becoming overly attached to them.Headaches.Hormonal imbalances.

. When kundalini energy is fully awakened. gold.You are not overly influenced by opinion of other people. it grounds you and keeps you connected to the higher realms.You have knowledge born of wisdom and enlightenment.You will follow your own ethical ideas. 4. The Crown Chakra balanced: . valerian.2. Expression: truth. illumination. 8. 9. the pineal gland.A sense of isolation from the world.Paralysis. Instinct: universal ethics. Gemstones: amethyst. bliss. selenite. 3. Color: violet. Body aspects: the brain. cerebral tumors. clear quartz. pearl. Alzheimer¶s disease. sleeping disorders. fatigue. feeling low during cold time of the year of less daylight. hormonal balance. One lacks spiritual direction. the crown acts as an exit point. closed mind. low energy levels. 5. . Glands: pineal. .Psychoses. . depression. 10. you feel peaceful and whole. Element: pure energy. 7. Seeds: transcendence. . diamond. neuroses. increased pressure in the skull.A loss of direction. MS. While the root chakra acts as an entry point of human life. emptiness. Oils: lavender.SADS (Seasonal Affective Disorder Syndrome). bay laurel. Jun 07 .You have a sense of unity with other people whilst being aware of your individuality. . The Crown Chakra unbalanced: . the whole nervous system. . knowledge. 6.

like centers that µsuck¶ energy into the body from universal energy field (UEF). sound and vibration are all interconnected. comes from Greek language (avra) which means ³breeze´. Each color resonates on a different frequency. This system transforms vital energy to the body via meridians. meaning µthe wheel¶.Auric fields can be heard. and all living things. An auric field consists of 7 layers. as the chakras are vortex. mental.The auric field: It can be described as an energetic skin that holds all inner energy bodies and outer body of a human being. The different colors of auric fields are called harmonics. seen and felt. and the meridians. They are in constant energy . together. The subtle body consists of three parts that are the auric field. Interestingly. emotional and spiritual levels of being. It is a zone of 18´ to 3 feet from the body. so they all represent a means of observing the frequency of energy in the auric field. as this luminous egg shaped field is also called.The chakra system: The word chakra comes from Sanskrit language. the chakra system.The Subtle Bodies SHANMUKHA SHANKU1 comments The Subtle Bodies The subtle bodies of a human being are the layers of bio-magnetic sheath that relate to the physical. the name µaura¶. Aura color.

The Meridian system: This system passes on vital energy throughout fine channels near the skin surface. circumnavigating to the South Pole.The chakras originate at the level of the etheric body. body. being one with the light of creation.The 7 layers of HEF are of different color. if a person leads sedentary life style. A person¶s life style . and a grounding chakra between the feet that connect us to earth. This is possible because each layer vibrates at a different innate frequency. density. such as mind.The HEF is electromagnetic. which connect us to the whole universe.g. running down along the with the UEF. and this energy will always exist. The ancient traditions mention 88000 chakras. according to ancient scriptures of the Tibetans. Meridians can become blocked e.HEF is a mirror of the earth¶s electromagnetic field. Virtually every pore of a human being¶s skin absorbs and secretes life force energy. emotions. penetrating into the earth about 12´. There are 12 main meridians in the body.The universal energy or UEF maintains our entire existence. Being a microcosm. HEF. it travels with the speed of light joining us to the luminous web of the whole universe. and several chakras outside the body. comes back to enter the body again through the feet. in the human the flux lines enter through the top of the head (the crown chakra). it flows out of the North Pole. weakening in strength rapidly. oval shape about the width of one¶s outstretched arms. The HEF. occupying the same space in harmony.layers µoverlap¶ each other. spiritual existence. It forms a luminous. There are 7 main chakras and 122 secondary chakras in the body. density. The meridians contain acupressure points. Still. This is a continuous circulation of electromagnetic energy. doesn¶t eat well. and it surrounds the whole earth like a sheath. the Human Energy Field HEF or Human Energy Field is made up of universal bioenergy that has existed. and in general doesn¶t look after himself/herself. form and function. and there it enters again to the earth. the Indians and the Chinese. since the beginning of time. in a circle. Manipulating these points improves the subtle energy flow in the body which balances and improves a person¶s wellbeing and vitality. sound.

When emotional body is healthy. The color of this layer is seen as light blue or grey. this manifests as physical disease. it forms the blueprint for the physical matter of the body tissues. our relationships with other people are on a healthy base and we don¶t have problems in expressing our emotions.Emotional body which is the lower emotional aspect. appropriate nutrition including sufficient amount of liquids. We feel emotions around where the second chakra. If etheric body is whole. yoga. tissues. The colors of this layer vary between yellow to subdued. extending ¼´. to mention a few. and adequate amount of sleep. meditation.and living area has an influence to his/her HEF.2´ beyond the physical body. various holistic healing methods. It extends 1´. Etheric body is our perfect double. It carries data for growth and repair for the adult organism.3´ around the physical body. exercise (e. It is a copy of the physical body including all its organs and anatomical parts.20 cycles per minute. If a person is not healthy. proper breathing. The physical body depends on the etheric body.Mental body . also penetrating it. physical health is good. Pilates). It vibrates at 15.g. Human beings are connected to every other thing in the world through this electromagnetic field. It follows the lines of human body without duplicating it.Living beings are networks of compound energy fields that interface with every part of physical bodies (organs. When emotional body is healthy we can separate our feelings from those of others. As the name signifies. If etheric body becomes for some reason distorted. The Seven Subtle Bodies There are 7 subtle bodies in human energy field. all the cells of the body). One could say that we are an energetic charge. dark colors. Being a vital energy field. the Sacral chakra is. this body is associated with feelings. this indicates a poor flow of HEF in one¶s body. There are ways to balance the electromagnetic flow in the body. They are:Etheric body which is the lower etheric aspect.

a bone touching a bone. Mental body extends beyond the emotional body.Etheric Template body contains the etheric template blueprint for the physical body. The word µkether¶ comes from Hebrew. and where a nerve plexus exist .vibrates at a very high rate. This body is an aspect of the physical. and all the chakras. Ketheric template body is the place of mergence with the All. The functions of the Chakra system The 7 physical chakras play a vital part in the physical body. studying. though light radiates from it like glow around the candle. In addition to 7 main chakras there are 122 secondary chakras that are present where there is a joint. a bridge between lower and higher aspects. 3´8´ from the physical body.the lower mental aspect. etc. being a level where the spiritual ecstasy is experienced. transmitting universal life force energy (ki in China. The Celestial body has no shape. Its color is gold. The color yellow becomes bright when a person is thinking. extending 1 ½ to 2 feet from the physical body. extending 2 ½ to 3 ½ feet from the body. Rosy pink color has a tendency to dominate.Astral body¶s aspect is astral plane. a color that indicates an elevated level of awareness. meaning µcrown¶. prana in India. This layer extends 6´ to one foot form the physical body. This layer appears as a bright yellow halo/light around the head and the shoulders. Unconditional love manifests at this level. organs and body form in a negative form. finding a solution to a problem. It doesn¶t have a fixed shape and it is composed of clusters of color that are alike the ones of the emotional body.Celestial body is said to be the emotional level of the spiritual plane. and ka in Egypt) into it.Ketheric Template (Causal) body the mental aspect. The shape of the etheric body is oval. Emotional feelings give a hint of other colors to basic yellow of the mental body. like a negative of a photograph. the Oneness.

throughout the body. The chakras are paired so that all seven chakras on the front the body have equal chakras on the back of the body. and as an imbalance in the whole chakra system. heart centre. brow and mental executive which is the counterpart of the brow centre).In order to have good mental health.The five senses of a human being are related with the chakras. The chakras and glands related determine the health and psychological gear of a human being. The chakras are like small vortices.The chakras channel energy between the different layers of the subtle body: each layer has a chakra in the certain layer that is joined with the chakra in the higher layer. and one in the lower layer. Jun 04 The Illuminated Chakras .A Visionary Voyage into Your Inner World DVD-Rip SHANMUKHA SHANKU3 comments . bringing in universal energy into the body through nadis that are threadlike subtle energy channels.and. Though these smaller chakras are called secondary. This universal energy nourishes and replenishes the physical body all the way to the cellular level. and seeing and touching with the brow chakra. any imbalance in any of these chakras will manifest as physical discomfort or illness.feeling centers ( throat centre. all chakras have to be balanced and the energy flow through them free. sacral centre. hands. between shoulder blades. hearing.. There are chakras also on the feet. The chakras can be divided into:. diaphragmatic centre. solar plexus and pubic centre).mental centers (crown. they play vital role. and fingers.will centers ( base of the neck.The locations of the chakras match the major nerve plexuses. tasting and smelling with the throat. and coccygeal center).




but also outrageously beautiful !!!Anodea's style of narration is just . Anodea Judith has dedicated her life to teaching about the chakras (the subtle energy centers in the body). Journey from base to crown in this fantastic sound and light extravaganza. as earth. This thrilling visionary voyage takes you on a multi-sensory journey into the transformational beauty of the inner world. who drives the vital force that awakens consciousness within each chakra. the feeling. the manner in which this is all presented is not only informative. sound. air. where you spend time experiencing the function. fire. the mystical serpent. water. and transcendent consciousness. Follow the path of Kundalini-Shakti. and experience the elemental reality of each chakra. However. light.The Illuminated Chakras: A Visionary Voyage into Your Inner World An Audio-Visual Tour of the Chakras Produced and directed by Anodea Judith WON BEST ANIMATION AT THE 2004 NEW YORK INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL! THE ILLUMINATED CHAKRAS makes it possible to see and experience the subtle energy that until now has only been described. In this video. and the essence of each of the 7 primary chakras. she takes you on a journey through the chakras.

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