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LECTURE 5 5.12.2018


1.What do you call the knob you turn to get water in a sink?

- tap

2. Telling the time. It is 11:40. Please write in words what you would say.

-eleven forty/twenty to twelve

3. Please write in words what you would say when you read the number 107 (as in “107

4. Which do you say? Where is the

a. toilet; b. rest room; c. washroom?

5.Compare the following two dialogues. Which of the two is closer to your way of speaking

Dialogue A:

Dan: Hi, George. How are you?

George: Fine. How about you?

Dan: OK. Going downtown?

George: Yeah. How about coming along?

Dan: Fine.Let’s go.

Dialogue B:

Hello,George.How are you?

Fine.What about you?

All right. Going to town?

LECTURE 5 5.12.2018
Yes.Like to come with me?

Fine.Let’s go.


Pronunciation, Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar (and usage).


1.Do these change in time?

-Yes, they do change in time.

2.Which of the four above change(s) more slowly and which change(s) faster?

-Grammar and spelling change slowly; Vocabulary and pronunciation change faster.


1. “I knowed you wasn’t Oklahoma folks.”

2. “Womenfolks, mostly. All the grown women around my way look just the same. They all big –
stout. They got big bosoms and big hips and fat legs, and they always wearing runover house shoes
and them shapeless, flowered numbers with the buttoms down the front. ‘Cept on Sunday.Sunday
morning they all turn into glamour girls, in them big hats and long gloves, with they skinny high
heels and they skinny selves in them tight girdles-wouldn’t nobody ever know what they look like
the rest of the time.”

3. He beat me like he beat the children. Cept he don’t never hardly beat them. He say, Celie, git
the belt. The children be outside the room peeking through the cracks. It all I can do not to cry. I
make myself wood. I say to myself, Celie, you a tree. That’s how I come I know trees fear man.

MOTHER TONGUE by Richard Armour:

Oh, to be in England If only ‘arf a mo’

LECTURE 5 5.12.2018
Where, when they speak of wireless,

They mean the radio,

Where a cracker is a biscuit

And a trifle is dessert

And bloody is a curse word

And ad is an advert,

Where gasoline is petrol

And a stone is fourteen pound

And motorcars have bonnets

And you take the underground,

Where holding up your trousers

It’s braces that you use

And a truck is called a lorry

And boots are really shoes,

Where a druggist is a chemist

And the movies are the flicks

And you queue up on the pavement

For a stall at three and six...

There is no language barrier

The tourist needs to dread

As long as he knows English

From A to Z.