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Fiat starts production of Linea at its Ranjangaon Plant
o Commercial launch for the mid-sized sedan slated for next month o The body shop, assembly shop and the state-of-the-art powertrain plant have commenced operations o Export of Palio also initiated
Ranjangaon, November 21, 2008: Fiat India Automobiles Ltd, one of country’s leading car makers, today commenced the production of Linea at its Ranjangaon plant located near Pune in Maharashtra. Linea, the much-awaited sedan from Fiat’s stable will grace the Indian roads shortly. The start of production of the flagship car also signifies the progress of Fiat’s facility which is an industrial Joint Venture with Tata Motors Ltd. The 200 acre facility now has a completely equipped body shop, assembly line, a paint shop which is to be commissioned shortly and the Powertrain Plant.

Linea is a C plus segment sedan which was launched internationally in May 2007 in Istanbul, after which it met with great success in all markets where it is present. An elegantly functional car, with a strong Italian imprint, it will be equipped with features found in higher segment cars. The launch of Linea will be followed by the Grande Punto, a successful hatchback from Fiat’s stable, which will also be manufactured from the Ranjangaon facility. The Grande Punto is a top seller in Europe and has an annual sales of about 3, 50,000.

The company, Fiat India Automobiles Ltd, recently signed a MoU with the Government of Maharashtra to enhance the capacities at the plant. Apart from manufacturing of Fiat and Tata cars, the facility will also produce powertrain engines. The plant, which falls in taluka Shirur, district Pune, in its full capacity will produce up to 2, 00,000 cars, 3, 00,000 engines and 3, 00,000 parts & accessories.

“The start of production of Linea is an important milestone for us and is a significant step in fulfilling the promise we had made to at the Auto Expo in New Delhi earlier this year. The plant has made progress as planned and all the facilities are set to move into top gear from hereon. .2 Palio petrol both the AC and non-AC variants have commenced. Rajeev Kapoor.2 Palio petrol is being exported to South Africa and the company will look at prospective right hand drive markets for export of other products. PLC (which uses Ethernet) is used in a master-slave arrangement for effective implementation of the manufacturing process. Front and rear suspensions are supplied through conveyor and marriage to car is done on the decking conveyor. seats. rear suspension. The products exported from the Ranjangaon plant will include versions of the Palio.17 robots The shop has a WBS (white body storage) with a capacity of 96 bodies. etc are done separately and assembled on to the cars.” Exports of the 1. These 18 robots are utilized for: o o Spot welding. While two of these robots are Nachi make.1 robots The plant is also equipped with a suspension shop adjoining to the body shop. tyres and fuel tanks.6 robots Spot welding.10 robots Tucker pin welding – 2 robots Body handling. Suspension shop has 18 robots. The 1. vehicle specific components are fitted and complete powertrains are delivered on JIT basis to the customers. Brake & roller machine and DSA make Electrical Diagnosis machine. Assembly Shop: The assembly shop is designed to assemble Linea. The cars are also checked for water leakage. The facility uses roller skid mechanism for body transfer and has 19 robots in all. The assembly line is installed by Genix Automation from Korea.Mr. Linea and Grande Punto. Seats and tyres are supplied to the main line on conveyors. Painted bodies are received on Skid Conveyors from paint shop and assembled on slat and power & free conveyors. bumpers. Engines and transmissions are coupled in the trimming plant. all of which are ABB make. We have also commenced export activity from the plant and would continue to do so to utilise the capacities at the plant. Fiat India Automobiles Ltd added. CEO. Grande Punto and Tata X1 sedan. Update on facilities at the plant: Body Shop: All variants of Linea and Grande Punto are planned to be manufactured from the body shop.1 robot Arc welding. Manipulators are used for assembling dashboard. the rest are ABB. The 19 robots are utilized for: o o o o Hemming. End of line machines include BEP make Wheel alignment machine. FIAL also supplies automobile components to other Fiat facilities. Glass sealant application is by ABB robots. Doors are dismantled and assembled on P&F conveyors. Sub-Assemblies like front suspension. dashboards.

Automation of all operations that have direct impact on quality and ergonomics. fuel pressure. Through subsidiaries and associate companies. by leak test benches and final cold/hot test cells. The facility also manufactures Fiat’s successful 1. FIRE 16V (1368 cc ) and C510 (5 speed 210 Nm) The key features of powertrain plant are: • Flexibility in product and in volume. with revenues of US$ 8..Fiat Automobiles.000 engines. the facility will also produce Tata passenger and next generation cars.000 cars and 300. The definitive agreement of the Joint Venture was signed in October 11. Alfa Romeo and Lancia besides the Fiat branded cars.3 litre Multijet diesel engines and 1.6 models. The board of directors for this company comprises of five nominees each from Fiat and Tata. Maserati. Apart from Fiat cars.00. The plant is expected to provide direct and indirect employment to more than 4. Thailand and Spain.2 & 1. Among them is Jaguar Land Rover. frictions and many others. which is owned by FIAL is capable of producing 200. which holds a 50% stake in the Company.000 parts & accessories. With over 4 million Tata vehicles plying in India. FIRE 8V (Petrol 1172 cc / 1368 cc ). 2007. The state-of-the-art facility at Ranjangaon. The technology of cold test allows verifying in an environmentally friendly way (the engine is put in rotation by an electrical motor) the characteristics that influence engine performance as intake and exhaust pressure.1 and 1. the makers of renowned cars such as the Ferrari. Engine quality is ensured by automatic in process verification stations. timing and electrical connections. Tata Motors has operations in the UK. It . p. 1997. Assembly line has in process controls with automatic stations and sophisticated noise test equipment. About Fiat India Automobiles Ltd: Fiat India Automobiles Limited (FIAL) is a 50-50 Industrial Joint Venture between Fiat Group Automobiles S. a business comprising the two iconic British brands.000 people. The company employs about 1900 blue & white collar employees and is located at Ranjangaon in the Pune District of Maharashtra. The deep usage of CNC machinery (~ 100%) and the specific design of the layout and building of the facility were focused to ensure possible future production increases. transmissions and trimming plants. the other partner to the Joint Venture. Currently manufacturing the Palio Stile 1.8 billion in 2007-08. (Fiat) and Tata Motors Limited (Tata) originally incorporated on January 02. Tata Motors is the country’s market leader in commercial vehicles and among the top three in passenger vehicles. South Korea. is India's largest automobile company. A. Transmission plant has machining of shafts and gears with a facility for the heat treatment.4 litre Fire gasoline engine. Lancia Automobiles. besides 3. Abarth and Fiat Light Commercial Vehicles. Fiat. Tata Motors Limited. Alfa Romeo Automobiles. The products from the plant will include SDE (Diesel 1248 cc 16 V ). • Powertrain division includes engines.Powertrain Division: The powertrain division has the capacity to produce FPT – Fiat Powertrain Technologies products. also owns and controls five internationally renowned brands:. It also has a strategic alliance with Fiat. premium Fiat cars such as the Linea and Grande Punto are expected to roll out soon in the C plus and B segment from the facility within 2008 and beginning of 2009 respectively.

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