What Is Really Happening in Iran?

Arthur Smith
Quite likely the reader expects us to launch right into an analysis of Iranian politics, and discuss the merits and demerits of the Iranian electoral and governmental system, which somehow seems to be subordinated to and Islamic religious dictatorship. But we are not going to. Because we want to look first at the Western copper kettles who are calling the Iranian pot black. For example, here is the current verdict in the UK Sunday Express by an exWestminster MP on the current British New Labour government:

“BRITAIN has ceased to be a working democracy. Our Parliament is no longer “fit for purpose”
Seventy-five per cent of our laws are made by unelected Eurocrats in Brussels and Westminster just rubberstamps them. The Commons meets on average for only two days a week and the Government completely controls its business. MPs are herded through the lobbies by the whips to vote for or against laws that have often hardly been discussed. Most people now believe elections make little difference to their lives. They change nothing but the personnel enjoying the limos, the jaunts abroad and other perks of office. As a democratic institution, the Commons is virtually dead. Watchdog of the constitution? You must be joking. It’s as ineffective as a chihuahua. The Chamber is empty for most debates because nobody is listening. Ministers go through the motions but largely ignore what is said. I know – I used to be one. Our legislators are now so unemployed they put their creative skills into inventing ever more preposterous expenses claims. When unelected judges of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg or the Court of Justice in Luxembourg hand down ridiculous judgments, politicians are powerless to alter or reverse them. Hence, hard-pressed taxpayers have to accommodate and pay for bogus asylum seekers for ever.”

This rant however, which is also not party political, because the writer, though an ex-Conservative MP pointed out as have we, that the Conservative party under David Cameron would likely be no better, in view for example of their weak and undemocratic offer to give the British people a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty (yet another recession of national power to the European parliament) only if Ireland once again rejected it. In fact, the UK Conservative party we are going to point out quickly in passing is full of contradictions. Whilst its leader Mr Cameron appears to oppose more integration with Europe, his “shadow Chancellor” Kenneth Clarke (the man who will be the main economic and financial power if the Conservatives form government) is very pro-Europe. And we have already witnessed, that bowing to feminist pressure, he has put some very young and not very balanced looking women into candidate positions, who will then become MPs and ministers in the next government, so it will be almost indistinguishable from the current feminist Labour government, about which one comment to the above article said:


paid him a monthly ALLOWANCE and let him sit on the bench in court as he presided over TRIALS.” Then. alcohol and tobacco addiction. the terrible crime with people getting shot or stabbed or beaten to death by psychotic 2 . there is a TV debate going on as to if British women are ever responsible for being raped. without looking too hard amongst the other Sunday papers we find another article about a senior judge engaged in a secret affair with a young homosexual prostitute detailed in the British gutter press paper The News of the World: “A SENIOR married judge had a secret nine-month fling with a £250-a-night RENT BOY. she is in no way responsible if when she wakes up in the morning. and is most probably equally or even more drunk. and one commented in the following way: “ Why live in Britain ? What is the point ? A near police state. common decency. Judge Gerald Price QC. it’s the death of morals. with an all women panel of mostly overt feminists all claiming that even if a woman gets drunk. children carry weapons to defend themselves. and fully entitled to shout “rape” and ruin the man’s life. takes off all her clothes and gets into bed with a man who was quite possibly a total stranger to her until only a few hours before.“It’s not just the death of democracy under labour. 60. many commenters indicating that the situation was much the same in – feminist you see – Europe. the News of the World can reveal. largely on the say-so of ‘experts'. no wonder a pig looks good next to one and not as greedy. They believe the common person the likes of me and you have no right to a vote on anything. the list is endless.” And as we write.” Then we find further evidence of just how wonderful British democracy is in The Times regarding the almost Nazi powers of social workers and courts to take away children from their parents: “Family justice: the secret state that steals our children Every year thousands of children are taken from their parents. families stay together by the grace of God rather than guaranteed laws. men are second class citizens. We could of course go on to mention the awful drug. and the never ending sleaze from a party bereft of any sense of wrong doing. any belief in fair play. Canada and America. all we are there for is to keep them in luxuries while the rest of the country roughs it. It is a secret and sometimes unjust process and the system must change” This article was supported by numerous aggrieved parents who have been victims of this system. we are surveilled 24 hrs a day and expected to pay for it. was so besotted with 25-year-old Christopher Williams he set him up with a FLAT. she believes she did not invite sex.

If.” Because Iran is comparatively speaking a closed society. day or night. The demonstrations we have seen are not representing the views of the majority of Iranian people. who is calling the elections in Iran “undemocratic”. or whatever. and enslaved in masses of debt and in fear of losing our jobs and homes and even our children. in order that women should get the right to vote in elections. but only some of the “Westernized intellectuals” who live in Teheran and other big cities. because feminist ideas have made the sexes into mutual enemies. and often putting children into more abuse rather than relieving it. and thus transform it from being a Muslim country into a “liberal Western democracy. can only be seen as suicidal. and every government candidate therefore ever since would have to chase the women’s vote. and destroyed children in the crossfire. The protestors are gripped by a madness which parallels that of the suffragettes who went on hunger strike and even in cases threw themselves in front of race horses and were killed. such as mistreatment of women in marriage. which if they get it. because the cunning thinkers behind this campaign. the Iranians get this freedom.individuals or gangs of youths on a daily or weekly basis. they will end up just like ourselves – all drug addicted. with a lack of freedom for foreign journalists to investigate. do they even know if the elections have been fair or not? How can they know? For example. one very widely respected and influential British ex-Defence Minister. the rapists and the murderers. and in particular between the sexes. because it has destroyed and corrupted human relationships in general. are the Iranian protestors obsessed – practically drugged – with this thing they call “freedom”. But this does not seem to be the “official view” of the media or government. Note that the suffragettes were not complaining about specific issues. belittling the spiritual leader and Mr Ahmedinejad. gambling addicted. Michael Portillo. like most of its other Western allies. Likewise. the teen thugs. said on a BBC politics show that he believed the elections were probably fair and representative. that would lead directly to the current situation. but about the right to vote. and there are all kinds of mocking cartoons in the newspapers to this effect. which is the cause of the total chaos and human misery in every so called “Western democratic country” that we now see. sex addicted. the terrible debt and unemployment which is resulting in thousands of people losing their homes every week. with lots of “comedians” merely making childish fun of his name. and a fraud. in which women do whatever they like and bear almost no responsibility for any of their actions. most of whom are without any real evidence calling the Iranian elections a sham. will culminate in them ending up in a society like ours. for fear of the muggers. warning those who oppose the – as he sees it – democratically elected government with the severest penalties. So we will give our guess based on the general world state of affairs about what we think is going on. Their behaviour. 3 . after even the Ayatollah has given a universally witnessed speech. or more likely when. Britain. knew that because women outnumbered men. leaving the mostly unaccountable social workers and courts to clean up the mess of failed families. or the awful human misery of the unprecedented millions of people who are without a partner in their lives. So this is the country. in which neither a man nor woman hardly dares walk the streets unaccompanied. and declaring open support for those who want to overturn the government in Iran.

and we would argue does not greatly matter. 4 .” They want to live outside of any fixed moral laws. Fathers will be evicted from their homes for disciplining their own children. at the expense of reality. Every problem we have got. sportsmen. It is merely the pursuit of pleasure and vanity. and so on.” And the Iranian authorities accuse the Western countries of stirring up this trouble. all they see is their counterparts in Western countries like America. of kind and honourable human relationships. that they will get. they want an easy life of luxuries. and possibly even imprisoned. to corrupt them. power and every other kind of pleasure in order to escape from the failure of meaningful relationships and any kind of meaning in life as a whole. Because everybody knows as regards the latter. This of course will happen at the expense of law and order. they want to have loads of sex whether gay or straight with any number of partners. and asking sex from their wives. money. Britain and Europe who seem to have so much of this wonderful thing called “freedom. how most child abuse takes place in institutions which are supposed to be for the protection of children. and nobody asks too hard about the reason why parents want to adopt children who are not their own. Please think again – why are these people out on the streets. with these Nazi like powers they now have. and children will be neglected as women demand the right to work and have extra-marital sex as they do in the West. and that is what the Western capitalist and feminist forces of propaganda have been doing for decades now. If you want to control people in this way. for expressing their views like in communist Russia or China? No. Whether they have done that directly or not we cannot know for sure. they will have too. this protest. risking their lives. drugs. left and centre. of a world in which writers. like the Emperor Nero who allegedly sang songs and played his lyre while his city burned and his people with it. Because the authorities are arresting them and torturing them right. So the Iranian protestors – many of them inexperience students no doubt – do not of course see this. they will end up living in a sick society that obsesses on sex. film and pop stars. all you have to do is take control of their minds. So what exactly is this “freedom” that the Iranian protestors want? They want the “freedom” to be “Western liberals. that is only because they haven’t tried it. because the greater influence is in the constant depiction of Western life by Hollywood and so on. delusions of grandeur about oneself.because some hostile neighbour or trouble causer reports us to the social workers and on a mere accusation they take our children away just in case while they “investigate”. and then their bodies will follow. It is the happiness only a deluded addicted. and business people can be millionaires while the rest of the people work very hard to make ends meet or struggle to survive at all. and if they think that is happiness. they want to live in a “sensual” world of fantasies of sex and delusions of vanity. and of sanity and justice in society as a whole. blind to the fact that the authorities will shoot them sooner or later and then their lives will be over? Because they are without food? No.

caring human relationship. rather than living decently. But as to whether women are being repressed in a major way in Iran it all depends how we define “repression” doesn’t it? Is when a child wants to stab its little brother or sister. now a professor of literature at John Hopkins university. when that otherwise results in her neglecting her own children. a piece of “faction. 5 . formerly a professor at Teheran university. like the Da Vinci Code. they have no lack of the basic necessities of life. Is it Harry Potter? Is it Shakespeare? Is it Tolstoy or Tolkien to deserve such incredible attention? No. to interfere with its desire “repression”? Is stopping a married woman getting a job.They have no basic human freedoms taken away from them. who wrote a book called “Reading Lolita in Teheran. and translated into 32 languages. Washington. They think that the meaning of life is the pursuit of grandeur. And then of course there is the old “chestnut” which fires up so many “liberal Westerners” and always gets brought up sooner or later in any debate regarding the regime change desire in Muslim countries by the West – womens’ rights. due to the widespread depiction of women of all ages and shapes primarily as sex objects. as well as repression of men both in Iran and the West.” This book is. of materiality. putting them in a nursery. called Azar Nafisi. it has been on the New York Times best seller list for over 100 weeks.” This authoress claims she was ejected from her role in Teheran university for refusing to wear the veil. moderately in a peaceful and secure society and enjoying good. she does not have to prove any of her thus “veiled” allegations. It is merely that they are gripped by the insanity of desire. we ought surely to first question very seriously about how “right” we are on these issues of right and wrong. in the Western societies we have created which obviously are not working properly in all kinds of ways. of unmitigated pleasure. because as this book seems neither clearly a novel or an autobiography. But actually there is an Iranian woman professor. Repression of women in the West? Well. they are even willing to die for it. decent women now are scared in many cases even to walk down a public street due to the constant ogling. and are frequently raped when they do not take care for their personal safety. of vanity. it is obviously just some more feminist anti-Muslim propaganda that some very powerful Westerners have decided is going to be a very big hit. but there is also repression of women in the West. mainstream TV and the porn industry. Her book is the usual feminist nonsense about repression and abuse of women and so on. due to the fact men have been allowed to have been sexually obsessed to a wholly unattural degree by Hollywood. We are not of course saying there is no repression of women in Iran. and maybe getting them child abused there – there are now two women in the UK accused of and on trial for systematic child sex abuse in the Plymouth nursery case – also “repression”? Or is it child protection? So before we start howling about “trendy issues” like “womens’ rights” in Muslim countries like Iran. luxury and vanity so badly. They want unbridled sex. but amazingly. whether that is true or not.

but whose bread. And just consider how this has backfired on Britain. because of its alleged desire to make nuclear weapons. instead of living in their privileged ivory towers while the ordinary people do all the real work. which it regards as an illegal state? So then the West sees this election as a means to overthrow the mainly Muslim system in Iran. Mr Brown in particular has possibly brought more terrorism on the British people. that Iran has been painted as the new demon by the West. would the British. let America or other Western countries welcome all the dissidents. like that? Or let us be more sensible about it. because they can no longer persuade their own people once again to start a war with Iran. so due to the British media and government’s unwise and lacking in evidence condemnation of the Iran elections as a fraud. or even the majority will of the British people.” We suggest that they stop repressing the rioters and apportion a section of Iran. and convert it to a Western democracy. Let this “nation within a nation” then milk their own cows. The West has only one serious interest in the Middle East and everybody knows it is oil. and justify the Western media and government’s position that the elections are fraudulent and all the Iranians want “freedom” – who want to be “luxury loving and amoral Western liberals. which they are not remotely doing. with the current Ayatollah saying “death to the British” – we would ask him please to consider if he is not aware already. and put all the protestors who do not want to live in Islamic Iran there.And as to the political background to all this. some Islamist extremists may well consider this a license to commit terrorist acts on British soil again. They may find it is rather more less populated than they imagined. but rather building luxury “playground” homes there for rich Westerners. that the British government does not represent the entire will. They cannot merely be “Western intellectuals” who write irrelevant books on arts and literature and so on. as they have done with Afghanistan and Iraq. for interfering in an affair which was not his own. But they should understand. butter and other needs in life are taken care of by poorer and hard working people. But nevertheless. calling it “Western democratic Iran”. combined with its overt rejection of Israel. make their own cars. rather than trying to overthrow their own government. If it were about “human rights” or “women’s rights” as they claim. 6 . we would like the reader to consider whether those who think this is a “women’s rights” issue or “democracy” issue that is being taken up by the West are being naïve. For is it rather. and not our own. and in fact. or else there would be no Western soldiers there and Israel – then without the backing of American and Britain – would not ever have existed. then they would be attacking and condemning countries like Saudi Arabia. may not even now even have the military capacity to do so. maintain their own sewers. Let those in Iran use the existing democratic system to debate issues. Or if the West is so welcoming of them. and American and other European nations all upset about mass immigration now. We have a suggestion for the Iranian government therefore in the face of this likely minority – it only takes a few thousand or even hundred out of over seventy million Iranians to riot in Teheran. if they can persuade the other “freedom” loving Iranians to do that for them.

and showed the rest of the world that their way was better. would surely be terrified that their countries also might end up likely ours. instead of trying to overthrow a system that largely works. then no doubt the rest of the world nations would follow them without manipulation or force. 7 . If the West actually led by example. any clear seeing Muslim in any country. For in the absence of such an example. freedom and democracy in their own.For is there hunger. is there violent crime that they should be worried about? Is their really cruelty against women which is of course wrong and needs addressing? Let them get their priorities right first. with peaceful and happy citizens all living in harmony. whether that is just diplomatic or not – and instead focussing on creating true justice. were paragons of decent behaviour and justice. is there lack of health care. and thus it is on that basis that we believe that the Iran elections were quite likely almost entirely accurate in representing the vast majority of their people’s views. and let the Western governments stop bringing terrorism on their own people – we note President Obama wisely said he did not think it was right to interfere in other countries’ elections. created more human happiness and meaning in life.