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Studi Kasus: (Terminal Geudong Kabupaten Aceh Utara)

By : Muajir
Nim : 110160030
Supervisor : Muhammad Iqbal, ST., M.Sc


Transportation is an important aspect in regional development,

transportation system is a container movement between areas involving people,
goods and services as the main purpose of the movement. Terminal is a
transportation infrastructure that serves as a place that provides ease of movement
of transportation, and has an important role in the development of a region.
Geudong terminal is a regional transportation terminal that was inaugurated in
2009 but until now the utilization of the terminal has not functioned optimally.
This study aims to identify the cause of the malfunction of the terminal and to
identify the appropriate policy strategy for the government or the terminal
management in optimizing the function of C Geudong public transport terminal.
Viewed from the spatial aspects of the area, the location of public transport
terminal type C Geudong already meet the requirements of terminal development
but the condition of the terminal service facilities currently do not have an orderly
and orderly service standards. There needs to be strict enforcement of regulations
that can have a positive impact on the feasibility of terminal service facilities by
taking into account social, cultural, economic and psychological factors of society
as terminal users.

Keywords: service facility, terminal, terminal type c.