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1- In what company did you do your last training cours ?

I did pass my last training cours in Casablanca hay mohamadi at Grand Service
maintenance industriel ONCF that respective to repair mechanical locomotive
E1200 and E1300 and E1400 , That’s company have 6 departement everyone
has specialist to repair a part from locomotive ( the candle power or moteur or
the Wheel axle) and Every departement had the boss and 4 or 5 technicien . For
me i had pass my training in departement of The Wheel axle .

2- How long the training course last ?

My training last for 9 weeks . from 6 Avril until 7 juin 2017

3- Who arranged this course for you ,did the company has a record offering
training course to students ?

My uncle twisted my arm to go at this company because it’s present a good

expertise and for the company it’s accept just 20 training offer per Mounth and
it’s destribut them by its service

4- What did you do there ? describe your activities ? your Objectif ? the
number of people working with you and you acheivements ?

I did pass that training te prepare my end of study project , My objectif was
figure out some maintenance technical and be aware the mode of operation of
the locomotive. i had working with the technicien of my training service hmm
they was 5 and the leader give me all the technical documents .

5- Were you give a special project to do ? if yes describe it at length . describe if

you encountred some problem ? if you had a tutor ? state if your project was
successfully completed ?

My project had to do a study of the E1250 locomotive axle to increase the

bearing efficiency by decrease the degree of secouse wheel but i didn’t finish
this project because i had just a few weeks to complete the project , my tutor is
the leader of the service , he gave me everyyhing i needed.

6- What hardware e software did you use during the training course ?

During my training i used my computer with a Solid Works software

7- How did your collegues treat you during the training course ?

They was treat me very good and gave me everything i needed like information
or documentary etc…
8- Did you use any english during the training course ?

No ! i didn’t use it because all the technical documentary has on frensh .

9- Did the company offer to take you on permantely ?

No no ! that’s not happened . beacause to take job in ONCF i must to pass a

contest with the people but that’s training give me more chance to success in this

10- Would you say that the training course was a usefull experience ? give you
critical impression.

The training in ONCF company with a good technicien and ingenieur was a
usefull experience for me , it’s give me a chance for knwledge everything about
the locomotive

Prepared by : Elouajid Abdelkarim