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Level 2

Problem Solving

PLAN  Do  Review
PS2.1 Identify problem and ways of tackling it

What are you trying to achieve? (e.g. I want to get a suitable placement, I want to make a…., I want to get to….
I want to invite three teachers for an international meel.

What is the problem that is stopping you achieving this?

The problem that stopping me to achieving this is a small budget, decide when where to have it so that everyone can

What are the main features of this problem? (e.g. are there time limits? Is there a budget? How are other
people affected by it?)
time limite, we must do it whitin 3 weeks
budget, we only have £5
we need to make sure everyone can come to international meel.

How will you decide if the problem is “solved”? What methods have you been given to check this?
I wil know that the problem is solveed because we will have had 3 teachers, they will have eaten and all our groups will be
their within the time limited.

Option Description Resources Risks – What Points for & against this
needed – time, might go wrong? option
money, materials Health & Safety?

Lunch food hot not enough money nice sotial event

1 drinks soft not enough time inside school time
time(45mins) no table
Dinning table

Breakfast Food hot/cold Not enough money people don't want to come early.
2 drinks hot/cold Not enough time
time (30mins) No table
Dinning table

Tea Food hot/cold Hot water can be people might be able to go home
3 dangrous nice social event.

“I confirm the candidate has:

• Identified the problem, described its main features, and how to show success in solving it
• Considered how similar problems have been tackled
• Come up with different ways of tackling the problem.”

Witness/assessor (signature):      

Candidate Name:       Date:

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Level 2
Problem Solving

PLAN  DO  Review
PS2.2 Plan and try out one way of solving the problem

Which ONE of the options on your Plan have you chosen to use?
We have chosen tea.

Explain why you picked this option rather than one of the others?
We picked this option because of the time limit and also because we had limited money and the prepartion is the list.

Who has confirmed that this is OK? Name: Ms Winwright Role/job:Asdan teacher

Plan of what you need to do: (outline the steps, methods, materials, tools, information and support, you might make a separate time line
or Gantt chart)

Sequence of steps: Resources/help:

o We need to decide when and where to have it. • Groups decision

o Invite the quests

• Comeputer, papers and teachers

o Shopping with money • Teachers

o Prepartion foods, drinks, cups, glasses, plates,

• Kettle, cups, glasses, plates, tissues and paper
table and hot water.

o All students needs to host our guests. •      

What Health and Safety procedures do you have to follow?

Hot water should be poured into cups on the tabl. spillage must be cleaned

What difficulties do you think there might be, and how will you get round them? (e.g. how will you get more resources,
who will help you?)

“I confirm that the candidate agreed what they would do, and tried out their plan, getting support and revising the plan when needed”

Witness/assessor (signature):       Date:      

(e.g. tutor, supervisor, course leader)

Candidate Name:      

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Level 2
Problem Solving
Plan  Do  REVIEW
PS2.3 Check problem and review problem solving skills

Did you solve the problem? Yes Partly No

What support did you ask for when using your plan?

Did you change your original plan? Yes No If yes, what did you do?

Describe the method you were given to check if the problem had been solved. (e.g. did I get a placement? How did I
tell if I was fitter/eating better/presenting things well enough?)


For each stage of tackling the problem, describe the strengths and weaknesses of your approach to the
process of problem solving (i.e not only how well it turned out) :

In what ways can you improve your problem solving skills?


“I confirm the candidate checked that the problem had been solved, and has effectively reviewed their approach to problem solving.”

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(e.g. tutor, supervisor, course leader)

Candidate Name:      

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