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Lesson Plane

Name of Student Teacher : Nouf Ali Alshehhi School : Rak Academy BC

Planning an Inquiry Based Lesson/Activity/Project Name:

Solar system
Professional Development Plan

(What do YOU need to work on in order to grow professionally?)

1. Goal: cover the lesson learning objective and build the students knowledge.

2. Strategies Used: plan well for the lesson.

3. Evidence: lesson plane, students assessment at the end of the lesson.

Grade Level: Subject: Learning Outcome (ADEC code and words):

Grade 6 Science -

Title of Lesson: A brief description of my Lesson in my own words:

 Movement of the plants.  In this part of lesson students will be discover how the earth and other plants
spin around

The problem that students are trying to solve or investigate (in my own The outcome or product of the students’ investigation (i.e. what will the students be
words): expected to produce at the end of their investigation)

 Student will try to find how dose the earth and sun spin into  To see how the plants, moves in the solar system.
each other.

Essential Question: Guided Questions:

 How does of the earth and other planets , moves to the sun in -what is this picture is shown?
the solar system? -What are the plants on the solar system?
- How do you think that the plants move in the solar system?
- Who do you thinks is on the center?
-Who spin around the other ?
- From the animation who is spin around who?
-How long does it take the earth to complete one revolution around the sun?
- how long does it take the moon to complete one revolution around the earth?

Learning Outcomes (including strand and substrand)

 Students will be able to describe movement of the earth and other planets , relative to the sun in the solar system.
 Students will be able to explain day and night and the apparent movement.

-The stages that the students will use to investigate the problem:

Stage Aim of this section teacher role Students role Questions (according to Process skills Literacy skills
Bloom’ taxonomy level)
 Engage the Teacher will start the lesson with Students will listen to the Remembering: Predicting: Speaking :

students. showing the students a gif picture teacher while she introduce -what is this picture is -Making guess -through the
shows the solar system the lesson. shown? based on previous discussion between

knowledge. teacher and the

 Link to prior a brief introduction about the solar Answering that the picture is -What are the plants on the students.
knowledge. system. about the solar system. solar system? Classifying:
-Classify the name
Giving students worksheet in groups Students will collaborate in - How do you think that the of the planets on the
to fill the planets in the solar system groups to cut and paste the plants move A3 paper.
that link to their prior knowledge. plants name in the black in In the solar system?
the worksheet.

 Design and Teacher will ask the students How do Students will thinks about Analyzing: Communication: Speaking when they
conduct you think that the plants move In the teacher question. Then Who do you thinks is on the When they discuss discuss and
investigations. solar system? Students will line up. center? the question and act communicate.
Three students will do this how the three
she will tell them to find this answer activity each one will hold a Who spin around the other ? planets spin in the
we must go out and act how does for one ball and describe to the Creative: solar system?
example the : sun , earth , moon and teacher who spin around Plane and discuss about

spin in the solar system. who. how the earth and moon
moving around the sun.
Teacher going to ask the students to

line up to go out.
Then she will ask to make group of
three students.

And she will ask them : how does

these three planets is moving in the
solar system?

 Discuses with Teacher will show a short animation Students will collaborate Understand: Communication: Speaking:
the students. about how the sun , earth and moon with teacher to answer her From the animation who is Between students When they discuss.

spin in the solar system and give the question and understand the spin around who? and teacher through
student a minute to think about it then lesson. explaining.
If they are ready raise their hand to how long does it take the Also teaching the
answer. earth to complete one students about how
revolution around the sun? the planets move in
the solar system.
Then she will say the explain part how long does it take the
about animation. moon to complete one
revolution around the earth?
Then she will ask about how does it
take the sun and earth and sun to take
a full revolution?

She will explain what cause day and


 Exchanging The students will have a two piece of Students will create a Analyzing and create: Communication: Writing when do
knowledge paper and they have to write any question from the lesson and When students use today Writing questions. the question.
between the question of today lesson and they write a wrong answer and information to create Speaking throw
students. should write the answer but wrong and they should write the right questions. discussing about the
the right answer on the other paper. in the other paper they have question.

Then they will switch the question then they will switch the
paper with other group and the other question to the other group
group have to answer the question in and the have to write the
the same paper when they finish all of correct answer.
the group should raise their hand.

Then each group will say the question

they have and answer it and check if
the real group write the correct
 Make sure the Teacher will hand the students Students will do the Evaluating : Communication : Writing when write
students know worksheet they have to circle the right worksheets. When students use today their learned on the worksheet.

the lesson. answer. information to do the information.

Group 1
Your question:
_____________________________________ ?
the wrong answer is ____________________
The correct answer is _________________ group ____

Group 1
The right answer is

Solar system Name:

Circle the correct answer :

1. How many planets in the solar system?
9 8 10 13

2. how many days take the moon to complete one revolution around the earth?

27 72 70 56

3. how long does it take the earth to complete one revolution around the sun?

365 356 500 350

4. What causes day and night?

Identify and fill the names of the

Earth Pluto
Neptune Mars
Jupiter y