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GIS Steve, ‘Thanks for the time this afternoon. | certainly understand the issues and the reservations you have as to how to proceed with Tom's application for membership in ARBCA. By way of review, here are a few thoughts: 1. In taking with Tom and reflecting upon the past, I believe Tom has done everything he was asked to do. He joined another ARBCA church, sought and received biblical counseling, this from a CCEF counselor, and did not reenter the ministry until such time as those responsible for him signed off. 2. As to repentance, Tom did go to each of the families he had offended as instructed by the MVBC elders. In addition, he went as required by the elders to all of the Miller Valley families to show repentance and contrition. In fact, this happened even before the counselors arrived to sort out the problem. As to subsequent repentance, nothing more surfaced under the counseling work of the CCEF counselor and the church Tom joined. Both church and counselor testified that they believed Tom already had confessed to all his guilt. ‘There is a young man living in the Boston area who called Tom several times and asked for further resolution. The last time he called, I was part of a phone conversation with both, in which Tom asked for this man's forgiveness. It was granted. 3. The following documents are in the ARBCA archives: a. The document signed by the elders, Tom Chantry (plus the various families), and the ‘counselors. This is a sealed document and is not to surface unless Tom is charged with the same or similar sins inthe future. Since this has not happen, itis not available, and neither Miller Valley nor Tom is authorized to publish it. Everyone agreed to that by way of signature. b. The document signed by the elders, Tom, and myself, charting a way forward. Tom was to join an ARBCA church, seek counseling from a biblical counselor, and not to reenter the ‘ministry until his church agreed he was ready. All three counselors asserted their belief that Tom ‘was unusually gifted, and in time could regain his life and ministry. If further sins surfaced through counseling, he was to contact MVBC and confess them. Nothing further surfaced, but ‘Tom was helped enormously through this process. This document too has limited viewing and is not available by common consent. c. The letter sent by the AC to all the churches. This can be read by the appropriate committees. d. The letter written by the CCEF counselor, stating that Tom has fulfilled what he agreed to do. ‘The limits of his guilt are expressed. ce. The letter from the church Tom joined, also stating that Tom has fulfilled what he agreed to do. The church signed off on him after a year or more in that context. £. At Earl Blackbum's request, I wrote a report of what occurred during the council between Tom and MVBC. All of these documents are on file in the ARBCA office. As noted, some are sealed and others are available in a limited fashion. 4. It does not seem that there is more to do, so I believe it is appropriate to receive Tom's application for membership in ARBCA. As suggested, it seems wise to talk with John G. to make sure he is aware of all this and also to discover what, if anything, MVBC decides to do by way of protest, Hopefully, this helps. Let me know if I can be of further help. Don