1.1 Introduction:1.1.

1 Importance of Punchlines and When They are Used:It is very difficult to find out the right Punchline. Marketers have to select right words to form that sentences which can correctly express the positioning strategy of the brand. A bad Punchline can kill a good 'ad'. For example the recent global ad of McDonalds, the ad line is " I'm lovin it" sung by N-sync guy Justin Timberlake. Critics are simply asking the relationship between Positioning and Communication. When a Marketer launches any new brand, the general idea is that initially he has to increase the awareness among the consumers by differentiating it from the offerings of the existing competitors or differentiating it from the same need fulfilling products. For that he has to convey his USP in its Positioning. The most basic job of a Punchline is to carry this USP along with it. Consumers must be able to figure out the USP from the Punchlines. 1.1.2 Brand Image And Punchlines:Brand image can be defined as the characteristics and attributes perceived of a brand by a customer. Different consumers may have different brand images for a same brand. Brand image includes all the properties of the brand. Brand personality and brand image are more or less similar but the only difference is that brand personality is much more oriented towards the emotional aspect of the brand. Brand image helps the customer to personify a brand. Consumers always perceives brand as a human being, which has certain values, beliefs, attitudes and characteristics apart from its functional and non-functional benefits. 1.1.3 Brand Positioning & Punchlines:Little did our Beloved "NETAJI" Subhash chandra Bose knew that when he requested his followers 'Tum Mujhe Khoon Do, Main Tumhe Azaadi Doonga", he was actually marketing a product that is'FREEDOM' with this Punchline. In the process an old women donated all the jewellery she had for the cause of freedom even when she had lost her only child in the battle of freedom, to 'Netaji' only due to the powerful oratory of the great leader. Such is the impact of words.


[2] . And consumers will be watching more television as technology. Google video advertising is much more likely to replicate the role that below the line investment . headlines. including broadband and mobile. Although the Punchline as a marketing tool comes under Advertising which itself comes under the 'Promotion' of Marketing Mix. Third. is a cracking combination. sentences.attribute the effect to the response-generating end of the activity.4 Advertising:First.5 Audio-Visual Advertising:Advertising copy is the reading matter or spoken materials or text to be shown on TV. Second. 1.is the medium that offers advertisers the most effective and persuasive way to talk to consumers and is what they most aspire to use. search. or iTV.1. As I know from advertisers I have worked with recently. figures in an Advertisement. the "experts" quoted in the article failed to point out that push and pull media fulfil different roles within the creation.1. But there is a strong need of paying special attention to these One-liners or Punchlines or Ad slogans. adoption and purchasing cycle of brands. mobile. but it's dangerously easy to over. etc fulfils. please don't assume broadcast TV will necessarily be challenged by it. makes it available wherever they want it.audio-visual content . direct mail.point of sale. It includes the words. just because it's another form of telly. 1.term. be it online. broadcast plus any interactive format. the launch confirms that television .Marketers also know the importance of powerful words and use them as 'Punchlines'for their product/brand endorsements. I'm sure you'd prefer that I didn't keep writing letters like this to you. and that to fund the latter from the former is a rash move unless your only horizon is very short. there are loads of emerging technologies which will deliver television in new and exciting ways but. subheads.

1.1.” [3] .6 Introduction to Research Study:- Hence the title of the Research study is “Impact of Punchlines used in Audio-Visual Advertising of Health-Care Product Categories on Women Customers.

2 Problem Definition:Audio-visual advertising has widely affects the buying behavior of a consumer. To evaluate the impact of punchline used in advertising regarding working women's & house wives as the customers of Health Care Products.3 Research objectives:The objectives are designed as follows: 1. [4] .” 1. Now a day’s different companies have come up with aggressive advertising though Radio. To put suggest and recommendation to advertisers and marketers. whether advertising increase the sales of product. Hence the title of the Research study is “Impact of Punchlines used in Audio-Visual Advertising of Health-Care Product Categories on Women Customers. The study will be carried out to find how these Audio-Visual advertising affect in customers mind and audience.1. To study the punchlines used Audio-Visual advertisements of Health Care Product. 3. Television and press media. 2.

Toilet Soap and Face creams. The primary data will be collected with the help of questionnaires. 1.4 Rationale of Research Study:This project is useful for the better understanding of the consumer behaviour.V. The project encompasses the effect on customers for particular advertisings using punchlines. The methodology includes the overall research design. The advertisement sample of 50 advertisement from T.1.5 Research methodology :Research methodology is a methodology for collected all sorts of information & data pertaining to the subject in question. [5] . The questionnaire drafted & presented by the researcher himself. The methodology used in the study will be consisted of sample survey using both primary & secondary data. will be recorded for the analysis of Health Care products categories as Shampoo. sampling procedure & fieldwork done & finally the analysis procedure. The objective is to examine all the issues involved & conducted situational analysis.

The researcher will carry out research to follow women to a particular advertising. The researcher will collect the sample from Amravati city. Phase-III: Collection of data:In order to have an authentic data the researcher will have to visit the reliable sources for data collection. [6] . The researcher will have to put the data in graphical form to analyse and establish the relationship between the data. Phase-IV: Analyzing the Interpretation data:Once the data has been collected from the authentic sources. The sample design constitutes the selection of working women’s and house wives. Phase-II: Determining the sample design:Since the purview of the study is Amravati city. The researcher will have to design an appropriate technique to acquire the authentic data.5.1 Phases of Research Plan:Following are the phases of research methodology: Phase-I : Formulating the research problem:The research study is about understanding the preference of women towards various punchlines used in Audio-Visual Advertising.1.

3. popularly known as the “Research design”. 1.5.5. “A Research design is the arrangement of condition for collection with economy in procedure”.2 Research design:The formidable problem that follows the task of defining the research problem is the preparation of the design of the research project.2 Sampling Technique:To do sampling. 1.3.3 Sample Size:- Sample size will be 4oo respondents. convience sampling technique will be used.5. 1.5.1 Sampling Universe:The sampling universe will be all Middle class Women customers in Amravati city. Here researcher will divide the population into Working Women and House wives from middle class.5.3 Sampling:1.1. [7] . Researcher will use Descriptive Research Design.3.

web sites.5. books.1. ideas and opinions related to Punchlines used in Audio-visual Advertising. The Researcher will also collected 50 Audio-Visual Advertisements for Health care product. b. Primary Data:- The primary data will be collected with the help of questionnaire as well as personal observations.5 Data Analysis:After data collection.6 Data Interpretation:Interpretation of data will be done by using statistical tools like Pie diagrams. 1. Toilet Soap and Face Creams. 1. Secondary Data: The secondary data will be collected from journals. researcher will be able to analyze customer’s views.Shampoo.5.5. Interview with the working women & house wives in Amravati City. [8] . Bar graphs and also using quantitative techniques (by using these techniques) Accurate information is obtained. Categories as:. Data Collection:Data will be collected as follows:a.4.

 All the analysis and suggestions will be based on the analysis of the both primary and secondary data. c. [9] . b.1 Scope of Research Study:The geographical scope of the study will be restricted to Amravati city only with sample size of 400 people.2 Limitations of Research Study:Limitations for the research study are: a. The tentative time period for the research study is very short. Researcher has to rely upon the information given by respondent which may not be true always. Study is limited to the area of Amravati city. Scope and Limitations of Research Study:1.

III. V. Conclusions and Suggestions. Audio-visual advertising and its impact on customers: A Study. II. Health care product categories and its Profile.1. [10] . Data Analysis. Research Methodology. IV. Presentation & Interpretation.7 Chapterization: Chapterization will be as follows:I.

[11] .

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