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Jet Airways Ref No: BOM/CCI/AR/121218/4706176

Jet Airways PNR: VFAQWN

Ticket number: 5892136104307

I, Mr Rajeev Kumar residing at

(as per the conversion rate at the date of the incident basis the currency opted by
you) from JET AIRWAYS (INDIA) LTD ("Jet Airways") in full and final settlement of any
and all claims of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising, whether now or in the future, in
this or any other jurisdiction, which I may have against Jet Airways, its parent companies,
subsidiaries, directors, servants, agents and insurers, or any one or more of them, in respect
of the delay to Flight 9W 115 from London to Mumbai on December 7, 2018 ("the

In consideration of the Settlement Amount, I acknowledge and confirm that I do not have any
claims which have not been satisfied and that I am no longer entitled to any action or remedy
whatsoever against any person or entity arising from the Incident.

I further warrant, confirm and acknowledge that my rights, actions and remedies have not
been assigned, transferred or subrogated for the benefit of anyone, and that there is no
person or entity who would have a right to make a claim in respect of the Incident or who
would have a lien over the Settlement Amount, or who could be subrogated in my rights and
remedies and undertake to indemnify and hold harmless Jet Airways and its parents
companies, subsidiaries, directors, servants, agents and insurers, from and against any such
claims or such rights up to the limit of the Settlement Amount.

I undertake that I will not publicize, communicate or disclose to any party who is not a
signatory to this Release and Discharge (unless required by law or further to the purpose of
taking legal advice) any information in respect of my claim or the Settlement Amount or any
other term of this Release and Discharge. I expressly agree that I will not contact and will not
cause anyone to contact the media in relation to this matter and that if asked I will say that
this matter has been resolved and nothing else.

I acknowledge that this Release and Discharge and payment of the Settlement Amount do
not in any way represent an admission of liability on the part of Jet Airways, its parents
companies, subsidiaries, directors, servants, agents and insurers.

Signed by

Mr Rajeev Kumar

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