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​Semester One Reflection  

Name:  可爱的小cici  Grade:   
This is a self reflection that will appear on your report card. Your parents, other schools and 
universities will read this at some stage, therefore ​it is important to make yourself look good​​. 
Check your spelling, check your grammar, make sure you have capital letters in the right 
place. ​Proofread your work several times. 
Describe something you feel you have done well with in this subject so far this year. Give a 
specific example (formative/summative assessment tasks) as evidence. 

在这漫长的半年我们在中文课上阅读了两本著名的长篇小说.它们分别是 "山羊不吃天堂草”和“穆斯林的葬礼” 我
Sentence starters: 
I feel I am good at ……………….. .  
One of our summative tasks was to ………………… . 
To complete the task I had to ………… . 
I believe I did well because ………….. . 
One of my strengths this semester has been ….. I have shown this during my 
(formative/summative) by ……. 
State an area in which you need to improve over the second semester. Explain ​how you will 
do this. 

可是我觉得还还需要ji xu nv li
I would like to work on  -being better organised for class 
- communicating my ideas more effectively in Mathematics 
- completing my homework on time 
- improving my critical thinking skills 
- improving my communication skills 
- improving my collaborative skills 
- putting more effort into my formative tasks 
- better organising my time so I can meet deadlines 
- improving my achievement level in Criterion ………. 
- participating more in class discussions 
- building up my vocabulary 
- improving my level of fitness 

I can do this by  - spending more time revising my class notes and vocabulary 
at home 
- asking questions when I am unsure about something 
- focusing on teacher instruction and making sure I’m 
communicating if I’m unsure about the task or assessment. 
- participating better in group work by listening to my peer’s 
ideas and offering my thoughts 
- making sure I am using clear and logical lines or reasoning 
- making sure my notes are clear and well organised 
- making sure my research includes a wide range of different 
resources, that I have effectively evaluated