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‘The State Bar of California EXPENSE REPORS @&D Wiscateneos 5 ‘cron o ‘rio Frame wh ot haa aan yh al Po FORMSI70 Fev HOR [fg Hose, FENTON IW JONES & APPEL, INC. no | Sere Nou Cai ee 5 mgt ovens CEIVED May 5, 2010 RECE! MAY 6 2000 Robert Hewley i oe etree ‘Assan Erecive Dizor fies de boot Sante Be of Coma 180 Howard St San Faancieo, CA 94105-1639 Re: Chief Teil Counsel loterview Receipts Dear Bob: ‘ewas good to see you agua in Los Angles on Monday. As requested, Iam enclorng ny seceipts for my tp to Los Angeles. Sony the siline receipt isso hard to tead, but this be summary of all hte teceps: Southwest Aistnes $203.40 2. Taxis two ways 110.00 Tou $993.40 Lett know if ou nce a copy of yee card a west Aine receipt. Ifyou ‘eed my Social Secuity number for aarment is appreciate your malin your mailing payment to my home address Thank you. Thope you are doing well Best personal regards ‘Yours truly, HOGE, FENTON, JONES & APPEL, IN¢ James E. Towery JET: jet Snore Ofer | 60Sauh Mare Seat Se MS, Catre 51132386 \ersarewepsia yeas doe hone 082879801 Se MER2ET2E2 waatoqeton con Towery, samen sunject: JET out Location: Lx-Cont aczvea Start: ‘Mon 51312010 8:00 AM End: ‘Mon 81212010 5:00 PM Recurrence: (cone) SWA 2176 NW. 9:15-ar 1030 ae has er 80 Cera Ou oc2veq (eee eeeeecaty Sa a (Ome