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EWM change the source HU by means of RFUI

Oct 17 at 09:19 AM | 81 Views

Dear experts,
In order to do the picking I need the system to suggest the HU for the tasks. In order to do so the
configuration that I have is:
Level of Aval. Qty = Highest-Level HU
Storage Behavior = Standard Warehouse
By requirement it’s necessary to be able to change the source HU at the time of executing the
picking. It’s possible that in the storage bin there are several different HU and that the client in some
cases wants to change.
In the community forum I’ve seen that it’s possible to do so by means of the exception CHHU but
only to change the destination HU and not the source HU.
How can I change the source HU by means of RFUI with the configuration that I have?
Thanks in advance for your help,
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shailesh mishra

Oct 18 at 06:26 AM

You need to change the storage type settings.
o Keep level of Available quantity as 1 Bin level. This will help to create Warehouse task without
any reference of Handling unit, and you can pick the desired Handling unit from Stock. So, you
can pick the Source HU of your requirement.
o If you keep Level of quantity as Highest HU, system will always create a Warehouse task picking
handling unit as source HU, and you cannot change this.
You can do F1 and read SAP documentation.

Best regards
Shailesh Mishra

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Daniel Pose
Oct 19 at 07:37 PM
Hi Shailesh
Thanks for your response.
However, if I do as you say it will make it so that SAP stops suggesting a source HU. What I
want is for SAP to suggest the source HU but that by means of a field in the RFUI, the operator
has the option to change the source HU and pick another one.