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Thales Camesi Tossi

C/o Lola Camesi
Aeschenbrunnmattstrasse 81A
3047 Bremgarten bei Bern
Mobile: 076 249 8786

My name is Thales Camesi Tossi, I am 24 years old and I was born in Brazil. I have citizenship in both
Switzerland and Brazil.
The will to develop my mind towards a scientific path has followed me since my early days at school
in Brazil. I did show excellence in all study fields during my primary and secondary education, but
mostly in Physics, Chemistry and Math. My ease of learning such matters was evident, and I developed
a particular interest in mechanical physics during high school, which led me to choose my next step,
starting my academic life at the Mechanical Engineering course of the Universidade Federal do Ceará
(Federal University of Ceará), in Brazil.
During my years as an undergraduate student I had the opportunity to be in touch with many engineering
subjects. This gave me a clear vision of the range of paths I could follow and the many ways I could
shape my career as a mechanical engineer. My commitment to the studies was noticeable, and my efforts
were reflected in my good grades. I had a particular taste for subjects involving applied mechanics and
thermodynamics. It was always a pleasure for me to learn more about it.
I had a two-year scholarship as teaching assistant of the Dynamics of Mechanical Systems course,
earned due to the good grades I had in it. My job was to give weekly support lessons to students who
found the course hard to understand, and to do hours at the Laboratory of Vibrations of the university.
At the Laboratory of Vibrations, I did research in the field of mechanical vibrations, which gave me the
opportunity to learn in practice how to measure and analyse vibrations. According to my teachers’
support and the knowledge I earned during these two years at the laboratory, I decided to make my
bachelor’s thesis addressing the subject of mechanical vibrations. I had grade 10 in my thesis, which is
the maximum grade in Brazil.
Aiming to apply my knowledge of applied mechanics and thermodynamics to a field of expertise that
increasingly needs professionals, I intend to continue my education applying for a Master of Science in
Engineering’s degree with specialization in Energy and Environment. My research interests during
my master’s degree are: Energy systems; Production, storage and transportation of energy; Energy
efficiency; Optimization of renewable energy systems; Thermo-fluid dynamics of renewable energy
systems; Renewable energy applied to aviation. The Master Research Units I’m interested are:
 Institute of Energy Systems and Fluid Engineering (IEFE)
 Institute of Mechanical Systems (IMES)
 Institute of Sustainable Development (INE)
 Institute of Computational Physics (ICP)
 Institute of Applied Mathematics and Physics (IAMP)
 Institute of Materials and Process Engineering (IMPE)
 Centre for Aviation (ZAV)
Having my master’s degree in Switzerland would open many doors for me towards a successful
professional life in this country, in which I truly desire to be integrated and be part of its evolution.

Thales Camesi Tossi