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Column by Kevin Abdulrahman
The Man Inspiring Millions, as he is known around the globe, Kevin Abdulrahman is a sought after Motivational and Inspirational Speaker who will be writing regularly for OBTAINER WORLDWIDE from now on. Kevin Abdulrahman is regularly invited by the most varied companies to speak to, train and conduct workshops with Direct Selling Teams across five continents. He is the Author of a series of books which are used by leading Direct Selling Teams as part of their fundamental Development, Learning and Mind Training to create a form of Leadership that is much needed especially in Today’s Testing Times: “Leadership from within.” The OBTAINER Editorial Team is very pleased to be able to welcome Kevin Abdulrahman to our circle of columnists.





within your reach

I’ve created countless training programs for a multitude of industries, but I always say that there is no industry that gets me as excited as the Network Marketing Game does. So much so, that I created an entire DVD packed with social proof and reasons why everyone (both people in the game half-heartedly and those just looking) ought to know about this booming industry.

In the program, I talked about a certain power that is within everyone’s reach. There is a power that this industry holds which I found is often missed by many and only ever understood by a few. I believe that the lack of this crucial fact is the reason why most people never get to really understand the level of success they can actually attain from having a successful profitable and long-term Networking Marketing Business. It is no wonder why the few that truly get this power, are the ones who develop the thick skin to get through the tough times, the many challenges we all face, not just in business but also in life, to ultimately enjoy the real rewards of being successful in this industry. What power am I talking about? I am talking about the power that is understood and truly utilized by those who are successful: Those living the lives of their dreams. I am talking about a power that is a core to those who are rich. I am talking about the Power of Leverage.

Leverage is Power. Leverage is an Edge. Leverage is actually more than that; it is a True and Absolute Advantage. The great thing is that this industry makes it an equal playing field for every single person to utilize this advantage – if you get it that is. Leverage, to describe it simply, is the ability to increase your output ratio in relation to your input. It is like a lever that allows you to exert a small amount of pressure on one end, allowing you to lift a much heavier object on the other end. Note to Editor: – Any generic photo of a lever would be good here

results. You have heard that successful people make the most of the knowledge that is available around them. Instead of them having to know everything, they surround themselves with winning team members, whom they can call upon and use as support for one another. This industry fundamentally relies on the leverage of knowledge that is available, and more importantly the experiences that team members, sponsors and uplines can share. Yes, you don’t have to experience hitting the wall on your own every time. You can use the benefit of others who have been there before you. You can also gain leverage of knowledge through home study programs, books, audio programs, attending seminars, workshops and trainings. All this gives you an invaluable amount of experience

Successful people from all walks of life understand leverage. There is leverage in the form of knowledge, which comes from attending seminars, learning about how others have done it before you. It comes from having team members, who have their own set of skills, which when combined, could bring about winning

that will shave years of having to make all the mistakes yourself, thus allowing you to grow faster, smarter, sharper and smoother. The second form of leverage takes the form of money. The simplest and best example of this is being able to control



In the real world, when you work for an h
I was paid for that week alright, but it made me realize two things. 1. 2. I made a fraction of what the business owner made. I was trading my hours for dollars on a one to one basis. And this model was always going to be limited to the numbers of hours I could work in any given week. a piece of property for the fraction of the investment using your deposit and the balance being what is referred to in successful circles as OPM (other people’s money – usually being the banks). But I want to quickly move on to the third and most exciting of all leverages. The leverage that is in the form of human capital, more specifically time- human hours- productivity, effectiveness, or, in this instance, we will refer to it as output. This is where the magic happens. This is where those who understand the leverage of productivity and output, witness the long-term and real rewards of this game. In the real world, when you work for an hour, you only get the output of an hour. Let’s call it one human hour. When you work 60 hours, you get the output of 60 human hours. That’s your productivity ratio. A ratio of 1:1 I put in 87 hours and got 87 human If you want to make more money, you can do what I did when I was younger working at a supermarket for trading my hourly rate for $5.05 and then upgrading to an hourly rate of $8.49 an hour at McDonalds. I even reached a week where I worked 87 hours, and literally could not fit any more into the week. Not only was I exhausted, but I had also worked the stores’ maximum hours of operation. They couldn’t give me any more hours to work. hours worth of value. The owner had put 40 hours in that week, but he achieved a total of 1500 human hours and generated massive income from his restaurant. Sure, the owner was paying his employees, but for the sake of this example, I want you to focus on the difference between human hours output, and how the owner understood and was using the power of leverage. Leveraging your time is the ability to work for an hour, and get an output that is far greater In my situation, the owner of McDonalds might have worked a forty hour week, but because he had 40 employees working in his store, he was benefiting from the total number of human hours coming from each one of his employees - and I was one of them. In this business if you are able to speak to say two people, three people, or four people and they too want to do the business with you, you are able to enhance your rate of productivity by adding human hours to your business. For the sake of example, we will say that everyone is only doing this business on a parttime basis and is putting in 10 hours a week. If you, being only one person, put in 10 hours, your output is going to be 10 hours. Let’s be conservative and say that you bring in one person to join you in business and every person from there on does the same, just one person joins All you have to do is make a choice and utilize the power of leverage. If you trade your time for money, you will remain poor, because the vehicle you are using is akin to that of a donkey. And if you are riding a donkey as your vehicle, it will take you a lifetime to get to your destination -that is if you’re lucky enough to get there at all, which most people are not. The bottom line is this: You can work a donkey as hard as you like, but it will only ever move at a certain pace. And I can hear you say, oh, that’s unfair. Yes, it is an unfair advantage, but it’s all too common in life that some people seem to have an unfair advantage. Then again, as I stated earlier, the beauty about this industry is that it’s not really an unfair advantage for the lucky few, it’s an absolute advantage that anyone can have if they see it and get it. This helped me gain clarity of the reality of this brutal world. Why? You had the leverage of not just one person, but the power of 500 horses when the pedal hit the metal. There was no way I stood a chance. Exactly! You. When the whistle is blown, if you were to take a wild guess, who do you think would be first to cross the finish line? than this. Think of it this way. Imagine we are both at the starting line of a race. I’m standing there by the start line, and you are there too. Only you are sitting in a sports car that has a 500 horsepower engine.



hour, you only get the output of an hour.
them to also do business with them. When your business grows to two people, you are still putting in 10 hours but your output is now 20 hours. You have doubled your productivity already.. When two becomes four, which is each person bringing a new associate, distributor or partner into the business, now for every ten hours you are doing a week; you are now getting 40 hours productivity. Suddenly, what you are doing in 10 hours, equates to the productivity in terms of human hours of an average full time worker in your average job for a week. Here is what it will look like, using you as the focal point bringing in a person to join you in business. Another context is that if you were to work out the average of 40 hours a week WOW… that’s just crazy crazy crazy productivity. Talk about achieving more and stressing less. In this industry, the people you work with are in business. They are all business owners, looking to build something for themselves and it so happens to benefit you too. In essence, you have business partners who share the same vision, and want to achieve their goals and dreams using a common vehicle. If you make use of the amazing POWER I will say it again because it’s actually frightening, but in a great way. Your ten hours per week input, suddenly becomes equivalent to 19.5 years of output of an average person working a 40 hour trading their hours one at a time for dollars. Have a hard think about what I have just shared with you. If you need to, re-read the entire section again. I assure you that Remember you are still only doing ten hours a week, but at this point now, for every ten hours that you are doing, you are getting 40, 960 human hours. That’s multiplying the people in your network (4096) by 10 hours of work that they would each do to build their own busiMy friend, what we are talking about is not just a little jump. It’s a LEAP. It is the DIFFERENCE between Rich People Enter code “vision” to receive your full free e-copy courtesy of Kevin Abdurlahman and Obtainer Magazine. for years, I have gone over this, and every time I do, the excitement continues to drive me off the wall. Receive Kevin Abdulrahman’s free book “What Ever You’re Into” by going to www.kevinabdulrahman.com/thegift This absolute advantage will see you rise exponentially to new heights. The Power is Within Your Reach. Have a Winning Month. of leverage, then your life will never be the same again. How can it ever be, now that you know what you know? If I was to simply put the 40,960 into context. This is the equivalent of 1024 people working for you full-time in your business doing 40 hours a week. Can you imagine having a traditional business where by you had over 1000 employees all over the world doing that many hours? In the direct selling and network marketing game, the cherry on top of the power of leverage is that YOU have all the upside of benefiting from the human hours without the downside of having to “babysit” employees. Your 10 Hours Input = 40, 960 Hours Output ness and, in turn, help benefit yours simultaneously. and Poor People. The difference between those who are successful and those who are not. The difference between those that get it and hang in there through the challenges in this business for the real rewards, and those who quit because they never saw the power within their reach. This is the reason why the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the middle class are rapidly disappearing.

1 2 4 8 16 32 64 256 512 1024 2048

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2 4 8 16 32 64 128 512 1024 2048 4096

by a person working in the western world, the productivity you can have by putting in 10 hours a week is equivalent to over 19.5 years worth of their work And I haven’t even taken into account the holiday weeks and sick leaves.

So let’s continue and double this from four people in business to eight, and so on (as you can see in the chart). I will stop at 4096 before the math gets too complicated.



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