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Harvard) Hon. but what is more relevant is that we are unique in several respects. indeed his/her entire life. 1 Dr. have attracted your attention. backed by rich values and integrity.Dean's Message Dear MBA Aspirant. and is not merely placement as an end in itself.a concern for ends. the best in Mumbai. Getting into the right B-school is paramount. It is possible that superior placement. administration. Hence selection has a lot to do with interviews. Our endeavour is to ensure that the SPJIMR experience is a significant long-term value addition to an individual's career. M. This is a constant ongoing exercise and that's what the SPJIMR experience is all about. n Co-existence of collaborative and competitive modes . This Institute is what it is today because of students as much as anything else. more so is a curious and sensitive one. Good luck for your future plans. on work experience. let us explore the possibility of being together. Not that these facts are not important. n A synthesis of western values of efficiency . and not merely on IQ or for that matter. n Commitment to material advancement . Our selection process depends to a large extent on the softer skills of a person. and eastern values and ethos – an equal concern for means.striving for individual excellence and yet reinforcing the 'group culture' through daily activities. If you concur with the above. Shrikant (DBA. Dean . Thank you for considering SPJIMR for this vital milestone of your life. besides “CAT scores” and other facts sought inspire through application forms. Finally the Institute is an integrated human organism of faculty. This more lasting objective calls for resolving three contradictions that we believe we have successfully addressed. To us while a sharp mind is important. let me share with you the fundamentals that make SPJIMR what it is. and student participants actively involved in administration and developing the Institute towards attaining higher levels of excellence. It is likely that you have selected SPJIMR because of its consistent rank amongst the top ten B-schools in India in every poll.with sensitivity to distributive-justice. L. While this Brochure will provide you with enough information about SPJIMR.

” . pedagogic innovations and pioneering programmers in socially under managed sectors was a beginning of its journey to achieve the mandate it has given itself in terms of unique innovative and distinct path in management education SPJIMR recognizes its twin roles as a responsible member of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and responsive member of the Indian society at large and looks at itself in a wider context 'beyond MBA' institution by engaging itself in socially relevant segments of the Indian society. thus acquiring recognition as an influential member in Indian society in the field of management education.M. which was founded in 1938 by the then Kulpati Dr. Munshi and 53 other eminent professionals. SPJIMR is an autonomous management institute with entrepreneurial agility that has made it totally self-financing.About SPJIMR S. It is a trust of repute and eminence and is universally recognized for its educational as well as cultural activities. structure and processes “A hundred times everyday I remind myself that my inner and outer life depend on the labors of other men.Albert Einstein 2 . It has also made its presence felt in global arena and has truly become a larger than B-school. K. it has continued to retain this position with ease during the last decade. And that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure that I have received and am still receiving. The bold move to disaffiliate SPJIMR from the then Bombay University to have freedom in course curriculum. personal freedom with professional accountability and corporatized culture. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 and the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950. SPJIMR emphasizes the twin objectives of 'Influencing practice'' and 'Promoting value-based growth''. SPJIMR grew rapidly in eminence from one of the three B-schools in the country in 1981 to one of the top ten B-schools in the country by 19941995. living and dead. constituent unit of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. SPJIMR has to its credit five centers with multifarious activities. In all its activities. Today. SPJIMR will attempt to influence organizations through its participants from various programs / activities. two-year full time post graduate diploma in Management and a few continuing executive education programmes. Since then.P Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) is a .

you must do for yourself.” .with which to build your organism. What is really essential in your development.material or spiritual. and some stimulus to spur you to activity.Alfred North Whitehead 3 .Philosophical Pillars “The essential spring of all growth is within you. All that you can get from without is some food .

revive record of recognizing the needs of the society. quickly and aptly Duration PGDM is a two-year full-time residential programme. It aims at promoting an inquiring & analytical mind. full time. here and now and promoting value based growth. the commercial capital of the country. acquires the appropriate skills and promotes the right attitude to develop capabilities needed to manage enterprises in the twenty-first century. The Institute has an enviable track responding by offering high quality relevant programmes. Total number of seats were 180) Ranked among the top ten in the country. SPJIMR also has entrepreneurial agility that has made it the only self-financed institute to be among the top ten in the country. approved by AICTE. Eligibility Bachelor's Degree (10+2+3) or equivalent from a recognized University in any Discipline. The areas of specializations for the programme are: n Finance n Manufacturing & operations n Marketing n Information management (For the batch 2009-11. The guiding philosophy of SPJIMR is influencing practice.About PGDM The Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is a two-year. SPJIMR has the location advantage of being in Mumbai. the emphasis is to develop in the candidate the ability to translate theory into practice. SPJIMR is not affiliated to any university and is completely autonomous. which proactively seeks the right knowledge. Candidates studying in their final year can also apply. And. to cap it all. residential programme. 4 . This status has given the institute the ability to utilize academic freedom to develop trend-setting educational programmes and pedagogic processes with long-term benefits for all stakeholders.

the minimum score required to get the final offer is 85 percentile in CAT2009/XAT2010 or a score of 680 in GMAT taken in 2009.1200 and can be paid by Credit Card.000 35. Candidates who clear the first round will appear for a second round on the same day. 2009 Short List to be released : Around Mid Jan 2010 Interviews to be Scheduled : Between Jan 2010 to Mar 2010 Fee Structure Following is the fee structure for PGDM 2009 .000 25. 5 such claimants to our notice for strict action. Centres of IMS Learning Resources Private Limited (Selected Branches)* 2. : This year SPJIMR will have the interview process scheduled during Jan 2010 through March 2010. versatility in extra-curricular activities and relevant work experience. Net Banking or Demand Draft favouring 'S. Mess charges to be directly paid to the contractor.50.000 3.11 batch* 1st Year Fees Admission Fee 20. .10. Cerebral Heights (All Branches)* 25. Allotment is on first come first serve basis. Please bring * The fees given is of last year (2009-11) batch and is subject to revision. Mumbai.P Jain Institute of Management & Research' payable at .000 2nd Year Fees -- Selection Process Exams Considered: CAT 2009 or XAT 2010 or GMAT (taken in 2009).Application Procedure Applications are to be filled online only.)* Course Material Placement Fees Development fee Total Hostel fee / accommodation (triple sharing) # Including Maintenance & Security of Hostel (boarding and utility) 2. the short listing for the first round of interview will be on the basis of academic performance. 17.000 3. Ltd. Career Forum (All Branches) 4. Since the interviews commence before the Tuition Fees (Inclusive of Library.asp Important Dates Opening of Online application portal : Sep 15. Payment can also be made in the form of cash at the following cash collection counters: 1.000 35. # A limited number of rooms are available on twin sharing basis on payment of additional Rs.000 2.50. Internet. However. Please note: All admissions to SPJIMR are strictly on merit basis. Time Pvt.000 25. DO NOT PAY ANY MONEY to people promising you admission at SPJIMR. There is a contractor-run mess in the campus.000 lead CAT2009/XAT2010 results are declared.500 per person. *The list of selected branches and other details regarding the same can be obtained from the institute website: http://spjimr. The draft should be addressed to the Admissions Coordinator.000 – 25. The entire admission process is on qualification basis and no intervention is possible. The Application processing fee is Rs. : There is no management quota. 2009 Last date of submitting online applications : Dec 15. SPJIMR.000 10. Locations for the interview process will be announced in due course of time. Outbound activity and events etc.

Business Development Dalal Samish BCom. Corporate Finance and Accounting Atish PGDM(IISW&BM). B.E. Prof. n Das. Knowledge Management Director B. FICWA. Management Consulting A...E. n Dr. Dr.Tech. LLB.B. L. ACA. Prof. PhD Logistics and Supply Chain Management. MIS Dhir. Intellectual Property Rights. Taxation on electronic transactions Prof n Dr... n Prof. Emotional Intelligence. Prof. Nilanjan PGDBA.S. n Anandan. ACMA (UK). n George.S. PGDIISc.A.A. Business Policy. (Finance) Cornell. Quantitative Techniques Dr. MBA.S. MMM Information Management. Dr. M. Sesha R.Tech..Tech. start-up mentoring Umesh BSc Engg.B. Jyoti BSc. B. PGDBM Open Innovation. General Management Suranjan MSc. (Psychology). PhD Quantitative and econometric modelling. n Prof. PhD Supply Chain Management. n George. PhD Corporate strategy. Prem BCom. Group Dynamics Organizational Gabula. Dean D. PhD (Economics) Monetary and International Economics Sajeev Abraham B. Rushi BCom. Prof. Human Resource. S. n Dr. BSc (Tech). PGDCA. MBA. MCA Project Management. MBA Marketing Preeta M. n Dr. PhD. Finance. n D'Souza. Business Environment & Research. Vanita BCom. Information Management. Creativity. M. n Prof.Phil. Technology Management. M. FICWA Operations management. M. Oscar J MSc. Innovation clusters. ADF Business in the Networked economy. n Chattopadhyay. Shrikant. Rao BSc Engg. MBA Finance. Marketing Strategies for SMEs Chattopadhyay.The Esteemed Gurus Dr. n 6 . n Iyer. n Bahadur. Consultancy assignments and executive development programs Bhoola. Abbasali S. M. Prof.. Marketing Management. PGDBM. (Psychology) Organizational Commitment. Production & Operations Management Jagasia.. PhD Shopper Marketing. Manufacturing Planning and Control. AICWA. Lata Vidyut M.A. M. Information Management Chandrani.A. (Mech). CISA (USA) Business Policy. Hon. Harvard. M.

Rao.. M. B. n Narain. n Prof. Parimal BCom. (Honors). n Dr. n Joshi.E. Nirja Masters in Social Work (MSW) CSR. Consumer Behavior. Grad.K BSc. MMS (Marketing) Customer Acquisition and Management. n Prof. Brand Management M..I. n Prof. Jiban K. MBA Family managed businesses.). n Prof. (Electrical). PhD. in Economics Macro and Micro-economics Research Murti V.A. n Mayank Prof.B Financial Markets. Lit). International Business & General Management Kulkarni. MSc. M.A. K. Financial Accounting Palekar. n Prof. Renuka BSc (Hons. Competition and Change Management Nair. n Dr. M. Prof. n Sharma. MCom. PGDMS Customers. PhD Consumer Behaviour. AICWA Financial Management & Capital Market Pallavi M. MBA International Marketing Prof. MMS Cost Management. (Eng.A. Brand Management Lalwani. AICWA Corporate Finance. DMS Costing. n Prof. Virendra MA (PM & IR) TISS International Human Resources Management. Suresh B. Dipl in PM & IR. Capital Markets. PGDMM.. Latha BCom. M. PGM (Marketing) Kshirsagar.Prof.E. S. Capital Markets..Tech. Dr. Suresh G. Strategic Marketing Ashita Aggarwal B.Phil. n Niranjan. Prof. Strategy Uma M. Strategy. PGDBA Entrepreneurship. M. n Sood. Quantitative Modeling Mattoo.Phil. Corporate Finance and Capital Markets Prof. Organisational Behaviour and Development Sivaraman. PhD Derivatives. n Dr.CWA.A.A.. n Prof.. MSc. Supply chain.Phil. Suraj BPharm. Anil B.. S. n Mukhopadhyay. MCom. n Mody MBA Business Policy. HRM. PGDBM. Vasant Prof. Equity Markets Mohan. BGL. Integrated Marketing Communications Shukla. BCom. HR consulting Prof. Social Audit. n Dr. PhD Macroeconomic Issues affecting India. n 7 . D.. Governance Joshipura B.A. MBA.I. n Dr.A. PGDM Marketing. n Malik. Undertaking socially relevant activities Kamath. PGDIA Business Environment. Portfolio Management Merchant. Fund Management Debasis PhD (Environmental Economics) Environmental Economics. PhD in Contemporary Drama Indu BCom. Harsh B. C. Rukaiya MCom. Banking.

motivate Classrooms All classrooms in the Institute are air-conditioned and have ceiling mounted LCDs. which is open 15 hrs a day.500 books. library. An on-duty doctor is available everyday on the campus.Infrastructure Library The SPJIMR library offers more than 20. virtual community that extends participatory and interactive learning beyond the classroom. audio-video cassettes and CD-ROMs. The library is fully computerized with all facilities available online from every workstation in the institute. Hostels are provided with facilities like water filter & cooler. the hostels also have a TV set and a TT table. IT Infrastructure The Campus network is based on Fiber Optics Back bone and has more than 2300 nodes which connect every corner of the institute. via leased line. provides further access to information for research. Classrooms have an amphitheater seating and have LAN connectivity at each seat. In addition. vibrant. coffee vending machines and washing machine. Hostel facilities have been recently upgraded and expanded to provide participants with a homely atmosphere that strengthens the feeling of belonging. American Resource Center. Prowess etc. . more than 150 foreign and Indian business journals and periodicals. Hostels / Apartments Living on campus is one of the key contributors to an intensive and effective learning experience. EBSCO Premier. The participants are thus citizens of a bustling. Other Facilities 8 The Institute provides medical facility to its students. Inter-library arrangements with British Council Library. 24 hour Internet connection is available in lecture rooms. It also has a reference section and a reading room facility. reading rooms and hostel. The institute also has a provision for quick and effective support for laptops. All hostel rooms are networked having 24 hours Internet access. World Trade Centre library and availability of databases like CRISIL. canteen.

each subject seeks to fulfill a certain objective with respect to the student being groomed for management. the placement process and many more. we even get hands on experience by being a part of the institute's processes be it admissions. strategic marketing. they give an exact feel of the business environment. A wide array of subjects leads to the student becoming proficient in not only his/her specialization but also other areas of importance. this is what forms the foundation of all our students. Honing of not only the administrative and managerial skills is undertaken but equal emphasis is also laid on soft skills. further refining his managerial capabilities. Through projects students get to have a live experience into the workings of the government functionalities.Curriculum par excellence The course curriculum has been designed keeping in mind the latest standards of the industry and taking the candidate a long way ahead of others in their personal and professional life. Proper communication and behavioural tendencies are groomed through open discussions and working in groups. The 1st year being common to all aims to build the fundamentals of the above mentioned areas. setting of course structures. We start off with a one month foundation course which deals with some basic fundamentals of subjects taken up in the subsequent months. win 9 . Quite a few subjects bring out clear relevance in today's scenario where there is cut throat competition. information technology catering to the business environment. operations and management. International standards have been kept in mind. organising competitions. under the aegis of the commissioner of BMC. The 2nd year then puts across the challenges to the student in his interest area. entrepreneurship. Subjects like ADMAP is all about learning administration. It is reviewed and upgraded every year by our esteemed Dean and other faculty for practical relevance and theoretical intensity. Simulations form a major part of the curriculum. The areas include finance. Various case studies from the best B schools like Harvard are taken up for discussions giving a realistic picture to the theoretical inputs from different subjects. This is spread over 3 trimesters. Great emphasis has been laid on business ethics. creating the college website. Management by objectives is the central key to all learnings. instilling entrepreneurial instincts. Subjects aim to give an overall picture of the inside organization economics relevance and that on a global scale.


P Jain where the participants choose for either an institute committee or a BMC project to work on during . ADMAP (Assessment and Development of Managerial Abilities & Potential) This is an indigenously developed initiative of S. The outcome is a rich learning experience of managing people. It is learning administration by doing. workshops and publications. It is our belief at the institute that development of future leaders having character and integrity can be achieved by facilitating in them the “right attitudes” and sensitizing participants to poverty. It acts as a laboratory to test the theories. It also helps the NGO sector to strengthen their management by improving effectiveness and efficiency through seminars. healthcare. Our aim is to inculcate attitudes and values in future managers by sensitizing the participants to the realities of the under-privileged. the Government of India schemes. We as mentors play the role of a catalyst to fully realize the potential of the 'Sitaras'. 11 . This process of mentoring not only helps develop competencies required for further career development. as we call our mentees. resources and systems. Every participant takes up mentorship of a bright student from the economically weaker section to help them reach greater heights in their career and help to their community and family in return. for a period of 6 weeks at the end of first year. the first year of their program. transform Abhyudaya (Growing Together) Is a pedagogic innovation to provide a non classroom experiential learning experience to PGDM participants during their management program. Participants are expected to undertake a project with any organization working in the social sector. but also enables one to evolve as a complete individual. Development of Corporate Citizenship (DOCC) DOCC was initiated at SPJIMR with a view to bring management education closer to reality in the Indian context. for ex. moral dilemmas and unstructured environment. by getting things done.Beyond Class Room Learning A proactive and formally planned programme for developing attitudes and skills-completing the troika of management capability development has been firmly institutionalized within SPJIMR's beyond classroom curriculum through a variety of vehicles. Projects over the years have spanned sectors like primary education. information systems in rural areas etc. This presupposes working in a team with people of varying individual goals but working towards a common organizational purpose. NGOs.

CHARACTER BUILDING (Beyond Classroom Learning) DOCC Gita Shibir • Self management & development • Character building • Value for values • Developing empathy & sensitivity • Developing ability to work in a very unstructured/ambigu ous environment • Hardships • Character building ADMAP PG Lab • Awareness of Self • Team building • Getting things done • Listening and Observing • Networking • Strengthening skills ABHYUDAYA (Mentoring School Children) • Concern for ‘Contribution’ • Mentoring • Learning by Doing • Giving Feedback 12 .

Anandwan (The Age of Innocence) Anandwan is a noble initiative. Today it is not just a shelter for these patients. to treat and rehabilitate leprosy victims from the disadvantaged sections of society. team building games. drawing parallels between management theory and practice. The participants learn how the concept of dharma can be applied to our daily lives as well as the corporate world. Year after year. the candidates work on live projects with the corporate for a period of 8 weeks during the 2nd year after completing one trimester of their specialization.Autumn Project The second year curriculum provides a sharper focus. their strengths. All they need from outside is oil. SPJIMR conducts the Personal Growth Lab (PG Lab) that strives for experiential and lifelong learning for the PGDM participants. It is through these unique initiatives taken up by the Institute that makes SPJIMR a premier Management School. Under this concept. allowing customization to an individual's specific career aspirations through the concept of autumn projects. serving the blind. attitudes and personality through various activities. It is a self-sufficient village with people engaged in more than 100 different occupations. group tasks. deaf and dumb. .. PG Lab (Personal Growth) Believing in innovative pedagogical innovations. petrol. Gita Shibir (Management by Gita) This is another unique experience at SPJIMR. Anandwan has been inviting the students of SPJIMR. embedded with discourses from renowned gurus. The PG Lab is designed to make participants understand themselves. that includes ice-breaker events. but serves the livelihood of 3500 people. gained from the rigorous curriculum and experiential learning process. armed with the maturity and experience. It's a course in which participants and faculty conducts a series of discussions on religious scriptures and their relevance with the current management thinking. Such discussions. trekking etc. Our participants. have richly contributed to the organizations in terms of conceptual inputs. broaden the vision of participants and enables them to appreciate 13 eastern ethos. It gives them an exposure to real life organizational situations. salt and sugar. silently though. The autumn project includes domestic as well as international internships. so as to make the participants appreciate team dynamics thereby learn the skills needed for effective and synergetic team work. It also helps them to select a specific industry or sector to work with in the future. through the special bonding both the organizations fondly share. started by Baba Amte.

38.62% 2-3 Yrs. 58. 10. 34. 15.0 % 2-3 Yrs.0% 0 Yrs. 37. 16.0% Mfg.34% 1-2 Yrs. 6.Batch Profile (2009-11) Following is the division of the batch of 2009-11 on the basis of work experience: Finance : Work-Ex 2-3 Yrs.78% Marketing : Work-Ex 0 Yrs.29% 0-1 Yr. 18. 12. 25. & Operations : Work-Ex diversity >3 Yrs.0 % 1-2 Yrs.98% 2-3 Yrs.95% 1-2 Yr.0 % 14 . 60.0% 0-1 Yr. 31. 10.0% >3 Yrs.03% Information Management : Work-Ex >3 Yrs. 26% 1-2 Yrs.

10 lakhs per annum and highest being Rs. Current economic times notwithstanding. SPJIMR is creating a unique mark by crafting what seems like a perfect culmination of its PGDM course. While much has been speculated about the job scenario in today's turbulent times and its impact on the exalted histories of B-school placements. While the average salary offered was more than Rs. The institute has always stressed on quality roles and profiles for its participants.Placements 2009 Difficulty is an excuse history never accepts. the institute ensured a successful placement season for the PGDM class of 2009 garnering support from its influential alumni network and making use of its relationship with over 1200 companies. rule 15 . participants chose profiles that best fit their career interests. 25 lakhs per annum.

Some of the prominent names recruiting this year include TAS. Participants have a choice to take up entrepreneurship and then return after 2 years for normal placements if they wish. HUL. . Standard Chartered. Bosch. Deloitte. Traditional sectors such as FMCG. market research. Tata Capital. The placement season also saw participants bagging foreign offers in the areas of consulting and general management. Microsoft. Telecom and IT accounted for 29% of the total offers made. Telecom. regulatory bodies. HP Novartis. Asian Paints. P&G. contributed 23% to the total offers made. The institute has supported entrepreneurship by providing incubation to start-ups at the campus. 27 pre-placement offers were made to the participants on account of the Autumns Internships. etc. The institute believes that a diversified participant profile ensured by its unique admission process provides rich talent for companies to recruit at lateral as well as entry level managerial positions. Cadbury.Sector Wise Breakup 23% 33% Financial Services FMCG. but the support that SPJIMR has seen from the corporate world is overwhelming. CTS. Barclays. IT Consulting 15% Others 29% Financial Services dominated the placements with nearly 33% offers. Protiviti. The institute believes that this has been due to its focus on influencing management practice and promoting value-based growth through its various pedagogic innovations. TSMG. educational services. GE. Deutsche Bank. pharmaceutical. Consulting firms contributed to 15% of total offers while sectors unexplored in the past like PSUs. which attracts and produces the finest managerial talent. IBM. etc. 16 . The Entrepreneurship Cell at SPJIMR also has tie ups with organizations like TiE and NEN. Economic conditions have led to slowdown in industry on the whole.

partners. emerge 17 . Here are a few events which SPJIMR offers: 1) OJAS . a the Operations event includes many an events that would enlighten any individual interested in manufacturing and operations through case analysis. n KHOJ .OJAS is an integrated Business festival that brings together the worlds of Finance. Operations and Information Management by uniting the four flagship events of each specialization Khoj. Shrinkhla and Buzz-aaR. n Buzz-aaR . n Shrinkhala. comprises of marketing events that challenge students and puts their creativity R to test. a from the Information Management (IM) is an annual IT conclave providing a common platform for Corporate. and also giving them a chance to apply their conceptual thoughts at the right place. Marketing. BhavITva. n BhavITva. panel discussions and simulation games. the annual equity research festival of SPJIMR is conceptualized as an annual event J to encourage Business school students to prepare themselves for careers in capital markets.Events A B School is not just about the educational architecture but also what it offers to the students as its extracurricular extravaganza. KHOJ has rapidly become the premier equity research competition in India. industry analysts and young minds. It is an event that brings together the best of the IT discussing about India's future and quite a good learning experience for the participants.

in the years to come.We recognize the pivotal role of entrepreneurship as a driver of growth in an open market economy. driven and executed entirely by students. GASP has become an expression of SPJIMR's creative and theatrical identity. Stock and Trade . As the years have progressed. This confluence of theatre and management is a platform where participants use theatre to put to use the various management and administrative principles they learn during the course. marketing management and also management of finance. 18 .2) Lock. operations management.kind stock investing game played by “investor” participants competing for building the most valuable business portfolio. by future leaders of corporate was a part of their learning of managing people. SPRINT has established itself as a behemoth to host the best of athletes of the premier B-schools in India have to offer. Initially conceptualized as a sporting event for leading B-schools in the western zone.SPRINT is the Annual National Inter B-School sporting extravaganza at SPJIMR showcases a grand show of best sporting activities at a national level. It is a mock IPO event where the investors (student participants) invest in the real life companies profiled by MBA students from SP Jain Institute of Management and Research. 4) SPRINT . This event is the only-one-of its. Planned. GASP (Guild of Actors @ SP) was initiated under the aegis of the ADMAP (Assessment and Development of Managerial and Administrative Potential) Program in the year 2003. 3) GASP - Started 6 years back as a voluntary non- classroom initiative it has almost become a way of life at SPJIMR today. it is an annual event where the new PGDM batch displays its mettle at conducting and acting in a full play staged at the SPJIMR auditorium for all its family members.

where it had good participation from different business schools vying to win the photography competition. BOOK READER'S CLUB The Book Club. John Clemens. 19 . It was an alternative means of relaxing in terms of photography. Last year it was even a part of the historic OJAS 2009. Executive Director of the Hartwick Leadership Institute. by conducting the book club sessions in association with Dr. This year the Book Club. They had a competition exclusively for the pictures snapped by the participants during their DOCC projects. leadership under different contexts. Uma Narain. Clemens. went one step further in its innovative attempts. one of the modalities under ADMAP uses classic literature to bring out different examples of . which were conducted over video conference.Life @ SPJIMR All said and done SPJIMR even adds a few more colours to its students' lives by giving them options to pursue other areas of interest: CANVAS CANVAS is a student initiative that caters to the common interest of participants in the field of fine arts. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB wisdom The Photography Club kick started last year blossoming from special interests of the students. The photography club has been successful in integrating its interests with DOCC project people. during which they discussed three books each dealing with different aspects of management and leadership. under the guidance of Prof. CANVAS provides a platform to the artistically inclined students to showcase their skills and talent and gives others an opportunity to identify and hone their creative skills through an interactive learning program. The club keeps itself involved with bi-monthly events. exchange ideas and learn through experimentation. It is a forum to interact with like minds. The members of the Book Club participated in 3 sessions with Dr.

to passion.P .I. sheer poetry in action . Participants can enroll for free yoga training under the able guidance of Dr. fluid. the campus has a 1. right next door to the college. Bistro The campus has a host of delicious options to satisfy the taste buds of foodies.combine and unite.classical and contemporary .R. Laasya is where we express our thoughts.feminine. 20 . Some of the other sporting facilities include 2 grounds for cricket and football. From Joy.LAASYA Laasya .4 km jogging track. Hansraj. Different styles . graceful . a volleyball court and basketball facilities. Apart from this participants are also encouraged to use the sporting facilities at Andheri Sports complex.M. Sports The lush green campus boasts of a yoga kutir set in the picturesque backdrop of a serene lake. to transport the artistes and the audience to another world. Keeping in mind the needs of fitness conscious people and marathon enthusiasts. to take them through the story unfolding before them.a dance of aesthetic delight. a professional yoga trainer. to devotion. The hostels have excellent night canteen facilities providing snacks and refreshments. The mess food is hygienic and prepared keeping in mind the health needs of young professionals. to sorrow. beliefs and ideas through the dynamic medium of dance.J.such is the talent and ambition of the Dance troop at S. at highly subsidized rates.

"Educational institutions are like rivers. We believe that our alumni are the true ambassadors of S. mentor and guide. made me a better individual in every sense of the word. . TV and Digital Initiatives Mumbai Mantra (Mahindra & Mahindra) Ex-Sr. to look at businesses in a holistic manner ….” Viren Popli Head. Sesha Iyer.Local Corporates Standard Chartered Bank “SPJIMR provided me with the knowledge and leadership skills for the perfect start to my marketing career. said Dr. but the river flows in its own course. students come and go like water.P Jain Institute of ..” Neil George Country Head of Marketing. SPJIMR while speaking at “SP Jain is a place where you challenge all limits. Spandan 2008 offered the perfect setting for the Alumni of SPJIMR to reunite with their old friends and catch up on the past. Reckitt Benckiser – Netherlands intellectual reunion initiative. to all these batches down the line SPAN has reached a cumulative membership of almost 2300 today. I must say that I am very privileged to have got my MBA from SP Jain!” Juhi Jotwani Kumar IBM Corporation Program Director 21 Spandan 2008. beliefs and values that SPJIMR stands for. SPJain has a dedicated team in the form of Alumni Committee working to create a world class alumni network that maintains a symbiotic relationship between the alma mater and its alumni. an environment where the teacher is your friend. S P Jain Alumni Network literally 'spans' the Globe. Management & Research and that they are the epitome of the philosophy. as part of its annual Alumni Alumni Speak “I must say the best two years of my life…learnt lots of new things…Taught me the work-life balance. It taught that in business the same rules apply as they do in personal life. SPJIMR has a tradition of holding a 20 year Reunion every year in the month of December. If I could do it again. he internalises the purity and divineness of it so much that for the rest of the journey. All in all. “SP Jain reinforced the value that I learnt growing up. VP Star TV . Spandan. SPJIMR is like the Ganga of the educational institutes one passes through life.Our Alumni Today. one flows like the Ganga". Businesses are about people and one can never go wrong with being honest. ” Rakesh Bhutoria Managing Director Head .. Director. From the 'Batch of Origin' that passed out from the Institute in 1983.” Krishnagopal Mahindra British Telecom Group Head “The two years at SPJIMR taught me critical life skills …. Their success has done us proud as an institute. But once one merges into Ganga. I would. and most importantly.

7. accorded S. US has invited SPJIMR.P Jain Institute of Management & Research has been consistently rated among top 10 business schools in India. quality of management. awarding institution status.SPJIMR Achievements 1. BITS (Pilani) and IBAB (Bangalore). (AMBA) London. University of New South Wales (Australia) to receive this status. Based on SPJIMR reputation. 5. the only one from Asia. SPJIMR is one of the very few Management Institutions to have achieved the 'A' grade status of accreditation by the National Board of Accreditation in 2003. 4. SPJIMR is one of the five institutions selected by Wadhwani Foundation from 189 Indian Institutions to become the member of National Entrepreneurship Network along with IIM (A). along with other 12 global institutions to develop pedagogy for Teaching Improvement Programme (TIP) integrating CSR in the management curriculum. 22 . 6.P Jain Centre of Management a degree . S. 2. . Other programmes of SPJIMR that have received AMBA accreditation include PGDM and EMP The Association of MBAs. AIU (Association of Indian Universities) recognized our two-year full time Diploma Programme in Management as equivalent to a MBA degree. IIT (Mumbai). 3. QS Global Ranking : QS Global Top 200 Business Schools 2009: The Employer's Choice” survey has ranked SPJIMR as the 21st most favoured business school by the employers in Asia Pacific region and 37th most favoured in Operations Management area in the world. the Ministry of Education of the Singapore Government with whom SPJIMR has academic collaboration. Aspen Institute. education and infrastructure facilities. There are only three other institutes from INSEAD (France). AMBA accreditation for SPJIMR programmes : SPJIMR's eleven months PGPM programme is the first full-time post graduate programme in India to have received the MBA accreditation by AMBA. authority on postgraduate business education and represents the highest standard of achievement earned by the best programmes in the world after a rigorous assessment process. UK is an international impartial accrediting . Chicago Business School (USA) and unparalleled 6.

400 23 Design & Concept by: www. E-mail : admissions10@spjimr. India Tel.Contact us BHARTIYA VIDYA BHAVAN'S S.: +91-22-2623 0396 / 2401 / 7454 Fax : +91-22-2623 7042 Website : . JAIN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & RESEARCH Munshi Nagar.spjimr. Andheri (W). Mumbai .venturesadvertising. Dadabhai Road.

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